Minority report is a video blog on youtube that celebrates black owned businesses. This is your go to source for entrepreneurial interviews and very honest product reviews of black owned brands. If you are new to my channel, i definitely want you to go ahead and hit that subscribe. Button hit. The notification bell. Give this video a great big thumbs up before you even watch it because im telling you you will love everything that im getting ready to. Tell you if you are a faithful subscriber thank you for rocking with me for continuing to come back and watch my content for giving me support, showing me mad love like, of course, youre the mvp. So with all of that. Out of the way lets go ahead and get into this very honest product review. This is not a sponsored product review. I have been the proud owner of a figures – f3 cell phone for well over a year, and i decided you know what it is time to get on camera. Give you all the details so that you can go ahead and purchase one for yourself or for a loved one and the phone? Actually, let me unplug it because its been charging. It looks like this. It comes in this beautiful blue, like come on, like you cant be, you cannot beat this and i actually have the silicone case on it. It comes with the silicone case. Now you can get a better, better, much better image of the figures, f3 phone and yes believe it or not.

If you did not know if youve been living under a rock yes, this is a black owned business. Now the figures – f3 phone – it does run on the android operating system and it is also 5g compatible. Now, like i said, ive had this phone for well over a year, and this is the perfect very first phone for a child, and i bought this phone for my son. So this is his very first phone shout out to your parents that get out here and buy your kids iphones. I am not that parent, okay, i bought this phone for 320 uh regularly ‘9, but they were having like some kind of promo. So i said, let me go ahead and jump on top of that. Now it does come with uh two different purchasing packages. I will leave all of the links down below, so you can do a price comparison and decide. You know which package is best for you, but the regular package came clearly with this phone. It came with the charging cable and it looks like its frayed, but its really not. It is um like denim like it has like this denim um material wrapped around the core, and it also has the figures im going to show that to you there you go get into that. It has the figures branding right there on the data, cable or charging cable. So, along with the cable along with the phone um, it came with so much stuff um.

It came with this silicone the silicone case, and it came with these earbuds. As you can see there, let me go on to show you that all right wanted you to get into these earbuds again with the figures, logo and the branding there on the earbuds. The earbuds came in this great big box um, but there were so many different things that came with this phone and, like i said, i purchased the phone pay for it every month. I pay about 60 dollars, plus tax monthly, for the service and, like i said it comes 5g compatible, but we have 4g in in my area, so its unlimited 4g data talk and text again for sixty dollars a month plus tax, so its like 63 65 or Something around something around that number um, but its completely economical, totally affordable. Ive talked to my son on this phone ive texted him um back and forth on this phone. He loves it. He enjoys it. Theres never been a drop in service. Theres never been. You know a disconnect of any sort, it works perfectly fine. Now, like i said, i just got the regular plan but and thats the 60 plan, but there are various payment plans available and again theyre all affordable, whether youre local youre, a senior youre using the phone. You know barely or youre using it all the time or if youre, a globetrotter and youre going all around the world. Trust me, you can use this phone globally and not just the phone itself, but the service so youre, not just getting a phone youre youre getting service as well.

Like i said i pay for both the phone and the service. So with that all the specs and stuff again, i will go ahead and put all that information in a blog post im, not even going to bore you with all the technical stuff. You can read all that on your own time, but i will tell you the three things that i loved about the figures: f3 phone number, one, the packaging and the branding. Okay, i love that the logo is everywhere. I love seeing the logo on the box. I love seeing the logo on the phone. I love seeing the logo here on the earbuds love, seeing it on the charging cable, honey but thats. Nothing. Let me show you the box that this thing came in. Okay, it comes in this leather bot that this leather bound box. It has the figures, logo clearly on the box. You cannot miss it, but when you open it baby, you are in for a whole surprise. Okay, now i kept this box for over a year, because i knew that when i was gon na be ready to review it, you were listening me trying to explain it to you, wasnt gon na be enough. You had to see it for yourself, so im gon na go ahead and open it. Now i have a wonderful electronic convention. I want you to see down. I have a wonderful electronic invention. I want you to see, indeed its a whole tv screen in here.

Like that threw me off. I was not expecting that at all honey. No and then it has like this little port right here. You can charge it so that you can watch like this little promo video um. The phone clearly was here in this the center piece here. This is where the phone was and then, when you lift it up, um theres additional. Let me just show you theres additional boxes for all of your goodies, so all of the extra um components that come with it and im telling you theres so much stuff that came with it. Theres, your um sim card theres, the pin uh to put the sim card in and remove it and replace it and all that other kind of stuff. Then, like i said you had uh the charging cable, you had the adapter. There was so much stuff like all in all in this box, incredible like the packaging and the branding like that. I mean still like here. I am over a year later, having purchased this and im still just as like mesmerized in shock, and amazed at just how incredible this this this branding was like. I was just like whoa. I was not expecting that at all. When my son opened it, i wasnt even in the room, i was in another room and i heard i was like who is this strange man in my house talking baby? It was the damn box: honey, listen, okay, so that is the main thing that i really really love about: the figures: f3 phone, so the the branding, the packaging.

The other thing that i love so much about just this company, not only because its a black home, but because of the customer service, let me tell you anytime that ive ever had to call them on a phone for tech support uh for a billing issue. Of course, you know i just wanted to test it out, just to be able to report back to you how well the customer service is theyre, never been um. Unprofessional, theyve never been like ive never had to be on hold for longer than you know. Three or four minutes and they knew exactly what they were talking about. It was not like uh. I cant help you. Let me find somebody else. No, every person that ive ever talked to has been knowledgeable about the product, knowledgeable about the service im telling you if its five stars go ahead, give it five stars incredible customer service. Do i have some dislikes about the phone theyre, petty things, things that aint even really worth sharing but im gon na go ahead and share with yall, because we cool like that um. The one thing that drove me the crazy or drives me crazy, because im still a faithful customer of the figures, f3 phone. What drives me crazy about the phone is the fact that there is no figures app. Okay. Now i bought this phone for my son, so hes the user but, like i said, hes, never come to me and say: mom it uh it doesnt charge or it charges too slow or the apps dont run nothing.

I mean the phone is practically perfect. However, as the person who pays the bill for the phone, there is no app so every time that i need to make a payment. I have to go online and i cant its harder to navigate from from my phone its easier for me to make the payment online from my desktop again, you can always set up automatic payment, but again this whole show is about product review. So i have to tell you all the ins and outs i cant set it up and make it simple. So then i dont have nothing to report back now: thats my biggest pet peeve about the figures: f3 phone theres, no ad, freddy, mr freddy freddy figures. I know you, i know you watching this. I know youve seen it. Somebody go ahead, tap them on the shoulder. Let them know come on through to minority report holla at your girl, michelle smith, sir. I need you to develop an app if i need customer service. If i need tech support for any type of billing issues, i would like to have an app that i could go to that. I dont have to go to my desktop that i dont have to go to your website that i dont have to call that thats. My biggest pet peeve with the phone second, is that it only comes in this blue color. Now i have a phone. My own personal phone is a samsung phone and its black okay.

Most cell phones are black. However, if youre going to be dynamic with this blue, can you give me some other colors? Give me give me pink. Give me red. Give me some give me something else: okay, it just comes in this standard blue, which is dope because its really not like a its, not like plain blue, its like an iridescent blue okay. So i like um it like re its like a reflector. Its really i mean just dope dont, get me wrong, but if youre gon na provide color can i get a variety of color again, its just a personal preference, its not anything wrong with the phone or with the surface or with the company? Its just. You know, like i said something: petty, okay, the third thing that drove me crazy about the figures. F3 phone was trying to find a case for the phone now im. Gon na be honest with you, this aint my phone, just my sons phone. So i wasnt looking real hard for a case. However, when i did want to go and find another case, i didnt even try. I was just like whatever he dont need. No damn case he. It came with a silicone case. My phone has like the outer outer. Whatever that is so like, if i drop it or throw it or something it is completely safe, i would have liked to find a case something or similar along those lines for the figures.

F3 phone couldnt find anything like that. However, still a awesome product, economical, affordable, like i said, shout out to the parents, who buy your six and seven year olds iphones, i aint mad at you im simply not that parent. This is my sons, very first cell phone and im proud to say that my sons, first cell phone, is from a black owned business. Five star customer service, five star product. This is not a sponsor video theres, no affiliate link, i dont know im, have to reach out to them and see if theyll give me one if it is one and ill leave it down in the description box or ill put it on my website, and you Can go ahead and use my affiliate code, but theyre, not paying me to say this. I literally literally and thoroughly enjoy this phone. Like i said i dont even use it. My son uses it, but when i talk to him on it, it clears the bell as if i was using any of the you know, other major brands that were more familiar with get familiar with the figures: f3 cell phone and thats all i have for this Episode of minority report featuring black owned businesses again, if you enjoyed this product review, please give this video a great big thumbs up. Leave me a comment: if you have the figures, if you have the figures at f3 phone tell me what your experience is. Leave me a comment down below lets lets bust.

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