I do want to give a big thank you to blue smartphones for sending this product out and theyre very kind enough to include a mug and shirt in the packaging as well. So thank you very much to blue for making this video possible without any further ado. Guys lets get started with the video so before we start getting to the phone itself, i just want to give a quick overview of the whole unboxing experience, and so, as you can see, it obviously comes with the blue g91 pro smartphone, but also includes the areapods And aeropods plus, which are two of blues new, truly wireless earbuds that ill be reviewing in a later video. They also are kind enough to include, like i said, a mug, as well as a shirt and a nice handwritten card. So putting all that aside lets talk about the g91 pro itself and before we do get started with the embossing experience of the g91 pro. I do just want to quickly talk about pricing and also a couple limited time deals that blues doing with the launch of this device starting off. They are launching the device at 250 dollars and for a limited time, theyre actually offering 100 off. So you can get this phone for as little as 150. Additionally, the first 100 customers who buys this smartphone will also get their area plus for free, which retails for 30 dollars. So really nice gesture on blues part for the launch of the smartphone, and so, if you are interested in buying it after watching this review, then definitely check out the link below and be one of the first 100 customers.

So you get the free area, pods included. Okay, without the way lets get to the embossing experience and keep in mind that this phone is for only 250. I was pleasantly surprised. What comes in the box? You obviously start off with the phone itself. I will put that to a side real quick, because i just want to show the sheer amount of accessories that come with this product for 250 dollars. They have a fast charging, brick included, as well as the usb c cable, and they also include earphones, which i havent seen in a phone box forever. So its really nice to see that even at this price point blue is including earphones and all these other accessories. Such as fast charging, brick, it also comes with a case and screen protector, which i thought was a great addition to have, especially so you dont have to go hunting for cases yourself and a screen. Protector included in the box is also nice, although the phone does also come pre installed with a screen protector and honestly uh speaking about the case. You know im honestly, not a big fan of it, but it is very durable and it seems like it, protects the device very well its just a bit bulky for me and uh thats. Just why i dont like it as much, but still i really do appreciate that, especially for a product thats only 250 dollars blue does include this in the box.

Okay, so lets get to the phone itself. Picking this up for the first time it is made of all plastic, but it doesnt definitely doesnt. Look like it at first glance: its got a nice 6.7 inch, full hd plus display up front thats, very big and almost bezel less does have a bit of a chin here and also does have a hole, punch camera, but overall for 250. This looks like a very premium screen on a relatively budget phone on the sides. We have the volume rockers, as well as the power button and to the back. We have a quad camera setup with a macro, telephoto wide angle and main sensor, and we do also have a fingerprint scanner at the back. There is not one under the display and honestly at this price point, i really do prefer this placement anyways on the left side of the device. We actually have a really nice and useful button, which is the google assistant button. Now, as far as i can tell you, cant reprogram this to anything else, but i do still find it useful to just bring up the assistant quickly by just pressing this button. So i think that was a nice feature to include and finally, at the bottom we have a usbc port, a single firing speaker as well as a beloved headphone jack. So although this device is pretty big, i would still say it feels relatively premium. I know that is all plastic, but the screen really makes it feel like a device that costs a lot more and especially that nice matte plastic back finish.

It doesnt pick up fingerprints that easily, which i thought was nice, but for 250 dollars. Honestly, i dont think i can complain about the design of this device. It looks and feels pretty premium in the hand, despite the price. Okay. So now that weve got the design and build out of the way lets just take a quick rundown of the specs of this device. So it has a mediatek helio g90 processor, which is an octa core processor at two gigahertz. It has six gigabytes of ram a quad camera setup, like i said, with a 48 megapixel main sensor, plus a depth, recognition, camera 115 degree, ultrawide camera and a macro lens with a 60 megapixel front, selfie camera. It comes with 128 gigabytes of internal storage and 6 gigabytes of ram, and it also has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and it does come with a fast charging, brick that is 30 watts and can quick charge through usb c. The phone also does ship with android 11, and i think we can expect it to get android 12 in the future. So, given that rundown of specs seems pretty promising, especially for 250 dollars, i mean 6 gigabytes of ram should be plenty uh for day to day. Use and also the 500 milliamp hour battery should give us good battery life but ill get to the performance and battery life a little later in the video. So lets start off with that 6.

7 inch screen in the front, and i think this is one of the phones strongest points when looking at the screen. It looks like a very premium panel, just given its bezel less design, and i honestly dont mind the hole, punch camera up top its pretty unobtrusive, and i dont find myself trying to view content that would be covered up by that camera. The screen itself is on the cooler side. It does produce some pretty nice colors viewing angles are okay, but i really think that its size and just the quality of the screen gives it a really nice image. It also is pretty sharp because its ‘7 pixels per inch, something that helps with the overall viewing experience, but for watching youtube for watching netflix or just generally consuming any media like gaming. The screen is fantastic and i really think its one of the best points of this phone, so moving on from the screen lets look at the software and performance of this device. Android phones, especially performance, is always a pretty big issue less so recently, but in the past it was always a big point that cheaper android phones used to be a lot slower, but i can say that performance on this phone has been excellent. So far in my testing day to day use has been flawless. There are a couple stutters here and there with animations dropping, but really nothing at all. Ive only faced a couple in the couple days that have used this phone everythings very fluid apps, launched quickly and ram managements, actually really good.

Given that this device does have six gigabytes of ram, i can comfortably keep five or six apps within the memory as im. Using the device, even heavier apps, like games, im still staying within the memory, so i thought that was very impressive. The software itself is very nice, its very close to stock android and its actually pretty customizable. The home launcher allows you to change the grid. Size display icon names, even change the icon pack, so i really do like the whole customization thats given to you. If you go in the settings, you can also change the color of the navigation bar at the bottom of the display, but itll also change, depending on the background of the app youre in so a cool couple of customization features. That blue includes. I really like that. The software is close to stock android. Now the one thing i will say is that it unfortunately does come with some pre installed: apps like candy, crush and pandora and a few others, but luckily you can just uninstall those out of the box. That is pretty annoying, but it is something i want to point out, but you can get rid of it pretty easily. Now gaming on this phone was actually fantastic as well. The media tech handled the games very well. I played asphalt, 9 real racing and a couple of other lighter titles and the phone handled all those titles with ease. So i was very pleased with that.

There were a couple drop frame rates in asphalt, 9 at the highest graphics settings, but thats to be expected for 250 device. Otherwise, with lighter titles and even generally in asphalt 9 at the default settings, i couldnt see any lag and it definitely kept up its frame rate in terms of heat. I would notice that when you charge it, it does get decently hot, but when gaming it wasnt too uncomfortable – and i felt the temperatures were in line with what you would expect when running a high end game on a device. Okay. So now that weve got performance and screen out of the way lets turn around to the camera and talk about the cameras and what i think about them so well start with the main sensor, which is a 48 megapixel camera and honestly id say. These cameras are about average, they tend to over, expose the shot quite a bit, and sometimes they dont quite capture the clouds or sky in the back, so they dont have great dynamic range um. They do have quite a bit of detail on the shot, however, because it is a 48 megapixel sensor, but the images do come out. A little softer, mostly overexposed and colors are just a little more saturated, which i dont mind. But if youre looking for a more natural look, you have to try the pro mode in the camera or just try to fine tune it through the settings or some editing.

The wide angle sensor is not much better id say its even softer than the main sensor and when switching between the cameras, its not a seamless transition like it, is on some other higher end phones, thats more of a nitpick. But talking about the sensor itself, like the main sensor, it does produce slightly softer photos, a little less detail in this sensor, but its still a little overexposed a little soft and colors are just a bit more saturated. Now, looking at the uh macro camera on the back id say, this is more of a gimmick. Honestly, i think it was just there to you know, say you have a fourth camera. You can get some good shots with this if you really try. But for me i wouldnt see myself using this and i just stick to the main and ultrawide sensor. It does have decent quality, but you really do have to try and get the right shot in terms of video options. This can record 4k video at 30fps, which i thought was really nice, and you also have a few other options, such as portrait mode night mode, and you also have this ai mode, where it will try to determine what exactly youre taking a photo of and itll Adjust the settings accordingly for me when i was taking a photo of like plants in the background, i just found that it saturated all the colors way up so im, not sure how effectively it works, but maybe for plants it doesnt work as well as for something Else i also tried the portrait mode on this phone and it did work pretty well.

Some of the edges of what i was trying to get the camera to focus on were blurred out which shouldnt have been, but for the most part i think people will like the result of the portrait mode and for 250 dollars id say these cameras are about Average, probably one of the weakest points of the phone, but if youre not a huge photographer and just want something that can take a photo occasionally, i think this will be fine for you, but honestly, i can only label the cameras average. Probably one of the weakest points of this phone so lets talk about battery life now and another big strength of this phone is that it comes with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and honestly, the battery life on. This is incredible for a full hd, 60 hertz display and a pretty efficient processor. I was getting about eight hours of screen on time before the battery ran out and thats, pretty good. Honestly, on my oneplus 6t, i only get about five to six hours, because it has this massive battery, a 60 hertz display and 1080p its able to get a lot of juice out of it. I also found that the quick charging feature was very useful, as you can charge this very quickly to talk about a couple other miscellaneous things. The fingerprint sensor at the back is in a very convenient location, and i really thought it worked well very rarely to give me an error message, but that should be expected, because this sort of technology has been around for quite a while now the face unlock.

However, im not sure how secure it is, i do have a twin brother. That looks a lot like me and he was able to get into the phone when my face was registered. But i will say that even when i registered my face without glasses and wore glasses and tried to do the face unlock, it still worked. So its still a useful feature to have its pretty quick but im just not sure how secure it is so guys that is the blue g91 pro um honestly, a very competitive 250 dollar smartphone, if youre not that into photography and you dont care about the cameras On your device that much, i can highly recommend this phone if youre looking for a phone that has good performance, good battery life and also a very good screen. However, if youre looking for a budget phone that does have very good cameras, i probably look elsewhere. I know the pixel a series has some great options there for budget phones that have really good cameras, but i just dont think this phone is for you if youre looking for really good cameras, but for 250 dollars guys. I think i can recommend this phone to most people, especially if youre looking for performance, great battery life and a very good screen, anyways guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please leave a like if you enjoyed and thank you so much to blue again for making this video possible uh stay tuned for some upcoming videos on the area, pods and area pods plus, but yeah.

If you do want this product ill leave a link to it. In the description below so you can pick it up and remember the first 100 customers will get area pods for free and for a limited time you can get this phone for 150 dollars, which is a hundred dollars off at launch. Itll come in this graphite, color um, but a moonstone color will also be available later, alright, guys thanks so much for watching.