We have two gigs of ram 16 gigs of storage, a 4 350 milliamp hour battery the media, deck 67, 37 v, a 5 inch hd display android, 10 and yeah. Those are our main specs lets open this thing up, so this whole phone costs eighty dollars so lets see if its good for that price, okay, so the phone itself, sad of the material, is so far very good, so the phone is very thick um. So far, it looks good feels kind of light in the box, our usb c cable, a wristband which you dont, which we never really see our 10 watt charging brick. You also get a plastic screen protector same ejector tool manual and a few wipes to install the screen. Protector bar already comes with one installed regardless so yeah. This is android 10 go edition by the way. So far the display looks pretty nice actually um, im gon na say that so im gon na set this up and get back to you all right. The phone is all set up, the display looks pretty decent, not gon na lie and the phone is pretty quick for the specs. We have in the price, as you can see, play store, oh yeah, its slow, but for the specs, its all right. Okay, that was a bit too slow, got ta, admit and yeah. I, as you can see, i already installed two apps. So first off were going to test the face unlock because we dont have a fingerprint unlock all right.

The face recognition, didnt work, im gon na try close up all right, so the face unlock gets pretty bad. It barely works, uh moving on tool, bag uh. So here we have the plum bob warning for so basically all the things we have with our other durable phones, except for, like a few other things that are missing, that i cant quite put my eye on. But, oh, that is the weakest flash that ive ever seen lets see how nice it plays. Oh god lets see how it is before it adds what no, no, no! No, it should. Okay, there you go so disabling ads. Didnt do much and as expected, when rider does not perform, i mean doesnt perform better than i expected thats for sure all right, so i think its safe to say this phone is not meant for gaming Music. Ah, thank you Laughter, Music, okay. So, im really like the speaker on this phone, so so the volume is decent. This quality is all right, yeah and not much else to say the speaker is pretty average i mean so the speaker is pretty good, especially for 80 dollars. Rear camera is 13 megapixels front. Camera is 5 megapixels. Your video is 720p front. Videos for adp all right. First selfie lets go outside were facing video on the doji s35 cool uh front, facing video on the do gs35. Let me know what you think so yeah that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone well, its durable, its very, very durable um, but for for, but for daily use.

If youre used to something faster, it might be a bit of a pain to use, but for the price. I think this phone is pretty good.