So this could be it merchandise. A processor demand city, 900, 5g manager, 65 watts of fast charging super voop, 2.0 mobilis, din, 64 mp triple camera setup. Knockout pictures display, but probably the best thing about this phone – is its design box type so guys that is a purple curved flat back flat front sides and pretty much everywhere flat guys premium 90s. I just love it. Will you marry me? This is the full review of the oppo renault 65g of black beans and youre watching unboxed woohoo Music. Other unboxers have said it. It looks like an iphone 12 and yes, how we know metallic body animal antenna bands engine display – oh my god, segura the only thing. Thats open about this phone is its camera because of the camera, module is still an operino. Looking camera module im getting a gaming that looks a lot more elegant if you dont like this color american black. But yes, the back is magnificent. Like a sparkle shop, you feel it feels so glorious and also it is complemented by a very smooth, matte, finishing code that is very smooth money. Listening, invite my fingerprints almost edge to edge bezels swipe up. Oh has the same feeling facebook sitting down plus and that which is located at the upper left corner multi length and punch hole. So it is mostly display dark now, wallpaper, just like mine and youve got an invisible punch, hole guys drop down just like what youre seeing right now, it really helps know.

Youre gon na night hurts refresh rate. That makes crawling look very smooth. Tell me about a river in a swabili flow. What im gon na show you is smooth flowing image quality and this phone is high in brightness during daylight. It has a big brightness, 750 minutes outdoors, which is one of the main advantages of amulet gaming. There you go moba legends in glorious, hd, quality and flat display look at the shape of the phone when im playing it. It looks different from most android phones that ive reviewed before. Yes, the game has been set to a high resolution resulting in characters. Looking very sharp, in other words, high level graphics, are mobile agencies resolutions. It is a high resolution game. You can definitely notice it from the character models. The map everything looks quite sharp, greyed out you ultra graphics, video, yes high, graphics, very much. I just think thats. The reason, but yes at high graphics, smoothnaman hindi, like frame, drops, i think this phone is well optimized for the game. Whats your demands and sponsored mobile legends so make sense now well optimized for this phone mobility. That is the question. Well, this is the antutu benchmark score. The power of the dimension 900 processor will give you four hundred twenty three thousand points in antutu, aluminum, matassian parasitism mid range. This is a high scoring phone thats. A great. This phone is also great for gaming, especially for competitive gaming sounds fine and yes, kenshin impact is a very, very colorful game.

Vibrant colors shining effects, its an overall pretty game performance, wise, medium, graphics per second 60 frames per second and guess what it is totally playable. Second, up 250 frames per second in this game: graphics, high, graphics, peroxide. I always pick smoothness over graphical quality, especially in graphical quality. I hid friends from the medium graphics. I always play at the most optimal most playable settings available, okay charge them at iowa, 65. Watts of fast charging then raincoat to zero percent. I started by charge test and in one minute 25 seconds, two percent shot: five minutes: 15, 10 minutes; 32 percent, nah, 15 minutes, 48 percent, again; 30 minutes, 92, 33 minutes and 25 seconds 99. After two minutes, 100 mvp leading camera makers in smartphones like ever and with the operino 65g, they have included a powerful 64 mp camera. I think it in the best. Can you not know for any oppo sensor, impressive, high dynamic range and unparalleled image, processing pictures night mode, both the front and rear cameras? Oh, by the way, selfie coverable is 32 megapixels, but theyre my selfie night mode, selfie, camera thats a nice feature and by the way, the night mode bella is my own tripod mode. So if you want to take pictures of the milky way, that is check me out on unbox diaries, always beautification, the beautiful very premium. Operino 6 is only priced at twenty six thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pesos eight one to eighteen omg available for pre order.

Starting august seven hanging august 27. admiring available philippines nationwide uh oppo brand stores on august 28th, operino 65g will be available with globe telecom starting august 7 free with g plan 1999 for a limited period. Only company producer cameron, free game grip, worth 1999 pesos g plan. 1999 comes with 15 gigabytes of data, only all net texts and only all net calls metal and three gigabytes: go wifi, free access, an individual subscription of consulta, md and 3g insurer for three months, kovit 19 and dengue coverage from seeing life. It will not. I covered available under 9 months 12 months 15 month or 18 month, installment plans for the person via major credit card bank partners, 40 percent interest for up to 12 months wow. I know but im saying options: 65g, so yeah its not all about cash. You can actually get it right now: home credit credit card or globe. Smart nice, actually very nice phones at this price range that are offering even as powerful as snapdragon 888, whereas what youre getting here is a beautiful premium. Looking phone im, gon na put a camera unique im, gon na display and thats, why its still worth it for the price and that pretty much sums up our review and the coverage of the operino 6 lineup.