What we have here is we have the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, 5g. So in this video what were going to do is we are going to be unboxing doing a first time setup and a review of the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, so lets dive in and get started. Lets pull up the front cover all right, so that came right off, and here we have the foam. So this one is going to be in cream color one of my favorite colors. You can take a look at it. Lets put this to the side for one. Second, all right and see what we get in the box here, uh. On the flip side, we have a sim ejector tool and in the box we have a black usb c to c cable and thats. Basically, everything that we get in the box with a quick start guide and everything so were going to put these to the side and focus our attention on the main dish right here, all right. So here we have the samsung lc z, flip 3. uh. You can see that we have that gorgeous cream color. Now let you know this color is in fact a shiny finish, its not going to be a matte finish, but because of this color the cream color its hard to see the fingerprints anyway so lets uh. Do a quick tour now lets get up close to the camera, so we do have two main cameras.

Each one of these guys is 12 megapixels. We have an ultra white and a standard white, and then you can see the flash right there. Now, when you look on the side over here, we have the volume, rocker, okay and then over. Here we have the power button. The side key, also a fingerprint sensor, a capacitive fingerprint sensor on the top. We have the speaker right here at the bottom actually, and then we have the usb type c. Port weve got two microphones, another microphone right there on the top weve got that hinge all right and then on the other side. Here we have the sim card tray. As you can see, and thats, basically what we have around the phone thats, the back beautiful color, all right. Look at how nice, small and compact this phone is fits in my hand and also its got a rock solid, build quality, its gorilla glass 7, all around, which is gorilla, glass, invictus, so beautiful phone and ill. Let you know this screen on the outside, which were going to look at in a minute. It is a 1.9 inch super amoled display, oh and, of course, when the phone is turned on, this is what it looks like. You can see the button placements when its actually open and port placements. Okay, just so you know anyway, lets turn this thing on and set it up for the first time all right. So here we have the samsung galaxy z, flip threes lets tap on start and start to set up this uh phone for the very first time so im going to say, i read and agreed to all of the above, except for what is optional im going to Tap on next all right and then what im going to do is.

I am going to connect this to a wi fi network, thats, all good, to go im going to tap on next, all right, its checking for a few updates, getting the phone ready all right. So next up, you want to copy absent data from another phone if you want to transfer from an existing phone that you have switched to this from. You want to tap on next and its going to give you a bunch of options all right, but in my case im going to set up a fresh phone im going to say dont copy all right. So it says just a second checking information and then, of course it wants me to log into my google account. Let me do that right away, so thats all going to be good to go im going to tab. Yes, im in all right im going to tap on agree to the terms im going to tap on more and accept the google services for now all right, so we do have the face: recognition, fingerprints or pin and password as you can see now, the fingerprint sensor Is going to be on the side in the power button you can choose that or you can do face recognition. Thats going to use the camera to take a photo of your face were going to skip it for now and come back to it later so, im going to tap on, skip im going to say, skip anyway, all right and then were going to set the google Assistant, that should be all ready anyway, and, of course, its gon na ask me to log into my samsung account.

If you dont have one you should do it, it helps a lot so lets uh skip all these theyre all optional, so im gon na tap on agree, thats all good to go. Theres a couple instructions here, taking care of your phone make sure you pause. The video and read these or, if you have the phone, just read these and make sure you understand exactly what they mean, because it is important on how to handle the phone properly, so it doesnt get damaged so were all set up im going to tap. On finish, or i can tap on, explore your galaxy z im going to tap on finish and we are going to be get dumped into the main screen. Fantastic, looking display all right so lets quickly change the wallpaper to something more bright for the video. So im going to tap on wallpaper and i will let you know we have some really gorgeous video wallpapers for the lock screen. So, for example, if i tap on this one here, thats a beautiful wallpaper, look at that nice and clean alrighty. Now let me go to download it. Let me just grab this guy right here. Im gon na set this as my wallpaper alrighty and real quick, the display stunning super bright, and, of course, if i go to my settings under display, you can see. We now have a 120 hertz refresh rate, which has been a huge deal for me. The previous flip had 60 hertz.

This one is 120 hertz super smooth and much more brighter, so you can see it easier in daylight outside and of course, it is a 6.7 inch display, which is fantastic. Now lets go back over here. Let me just flip this shut all right, so easy to just turn this. We have a display on the outside, as you can see, if i double tap it, it wakes up all right or if its turned off, i can just lift to wake. As you can see, ill show you how to set that in the settings so lets. Do it one more time lift away? Look at that, so you can quickly glance at it. If you swipe this way, you get to see all your notifications, you can go up and down. If you swipe this way, you get to access your widgets and you can press and hold and modify your widgets right from this screen. I can remove them or i can go over here and add widgets so thats great and also, if you pull it down, lets go back to the home screen here. If you pull this down, you get access to the brightness slider for the outer display and also the volume rocker, so thats fantastic. Now lets go back in the phone lets see. If we can open this up with one hand there we go its very doable. I dont recommend doing that all the time it might damage the hinge the way i did it fast, but you can use one hand now.

The other thing i want to show you guys is: if you go to your settings and if you go into your uh actually in the settings, we do have a dedicated cover screen option so from here you can change the clock style on the smaller outer display. You can have things like this. Alright, this is the one that i like. So i put that one on, but you can have all these various options. Im sure theyll add even more and you can change the color of the uh clock so thats that, and also you can modify the widgets right from here and you can reorder them right from here. As you can see so these this cover screen is dedicated to the outer display. Now one more thing, i absolutely love about this phone now, one more thing i love about this phone is the flex mode. So if i launch the camera, for example now we have a full screen camera, but if i flex the phone like this, it is going to give me a split screen view. So let me just grab something here, so we have a plan here. You can see. We have the viewfinder here and then we have the controls at the bottom and if i flip the camera, i can see myself. This is going to be great for video conferencing. Its like you, have a tripod on the go. You can put this anywhere as long as you have a case on it, youre going to be fine, so this flex mode also reflects to other applications.

In fact, if you go to your settings and if you go into your advanced features and labs, you can have that flex mode panel available on any app. You can force the apps to use that flex mode with the main focus of the app on the top and controls at the bottom, so thats, mostly the cover screen and the flex options. Now, when it comes to the performance of this phone super fast, all right, its gon na run like a champion, it is a flagship phone with flagship specs, so we have snapdragon 888. We have 12 gigabytes of ram. I can easily play heavy duty games on this phone with no stutter. No lag. Look at that game. Its playing super smooth, its a highly demanding graphically intense game, but the phone handles it like a champion and the fact that its such a small phone when it falls it feels more powerful than it should, which is a good thing. So nothing to worry about. As far as performance is concerned, you get the same performance as you get with a full 3 or an s21 ultra thats crazy. For a phone of this size and of course we do have a 10 megapixel front camera, which is actually a very good selfie camera. It takes crisp, clear, selfie photos, great for video conferencing and all that stuff and the rear two cameras: the 12 megapixel wide and ultra wide theyre good cameras, theyre not going to be flagship level cameras like the s21 ultra, but they are in fact very good cameras.

Will do a great job for the average consumer? I do like the fact that we at least have two options and super white is one of my favorite lenses couple things you need to know because it is not a flagship camera. It does not have the capability to record at 8k, like the s21 or the note 20.. It tops at 4k at 60 frames per second and as far as i know, most average consumers dont even go to 4k. They stick to 1080p, so youre going to be fine, but if you really want the best cameras, this is not going to be the phone for you. You want to look at the s21 ultra. You wont look at the note 20 ultra and of course, another great feature is the fact that it has water resistance, so you can actually submerge this phone into water and its not going to get any damage. That was another problem i had with the flip. Last time around, but this one has solved that problem, but just keep in mind it does not have dust resistance, which means, if you go to the beach and you dump it into the sand, it might get some sand in there in the internals, something you dont Want but water splashes accidental drops into a puddle of water, no problem now one thing that is missing and thats, usually under advanced features. We do not have samsung dex functionality. I dont think a lot of consumers are looking for it, but if youre somebody that wants the dex functionality its not going to be in the flip, its going to be in the fold 3 and other phones, but not this guy, all right so thats.

Basically, all i want to talk about a great phone. It is not boring extremely fun to own and use great display, great processor. Simply amazing, clamshell design high end build quality. I mean this phone is basically a flagship smartphone. The biggest compromise that we have is we have, we have cameras that are truly not flagship, but anybody looking for maximum portability, fun factor great performance. This is a phone to highly consider all right, so any questions, comments or concerns drop them down below.