What we have is we have the samsung galaxy 3 5g. So in this video, what were going to do is we are going to be unboxing doing a first time setup and a review of this smartphone. So lets dive in and get started right away, so lets lift up the box and see whats inside so im. Just gon na lift this up. There we go came out nice and smooth. So there is the foam alrighty, so im gon na grab this guy. This is gon na, be in silver color, im gon na show it to you on the back. I think thats one of the best colors available right now on this phone, so im gon na put this to the side for one second and lets see what we get in this box over here and basically on the back. We have the sim card ejector and then in the box we have a black usb c to usb c cable and of course, we do not get a charger this time around. All right so lets put this aside: grab this guy the main dish and do a quick tour around this product, all right, so heres the phone and ill. Let you know right away, love this matte finish. This is the silver color one of my favorite colors lets quickly take a look at the camera array, so we have three camera system. Every single one of these cameras is 12 megapixels each.

We have a super wide angle, a standard white and a telephoto lens and of course you can see the flash here so thats the camera array. Now, if i grab this phone, look at the bottom youll see we have the speaker, we have a microphone and we have the usb type c jack over. Here we have the power button. The side key, which also happens to be a fingerprint sensor. We have the volume rocker, we have the sim card tray on the top. We have another speaker, so we have two speakers, stereo speakers and we have a bunch of microphones those holes and over here we have nothing but a gorgeous, build and thats. Basically, what we have all around the phone all right now, what were going to do is we are going to be turning this on for the very first time and do a first time setup. Of course i want to let you know. As far as the outside is concerned, we do have one of the highest build qualities. All this stuff is gorilla. Glass, victor 7 and hardcore aluminum. Well, talk about the inside in a minute all right, so the phone is turned on for the very first time so im going to tap on start to get started. It says: welcome pick a language tap on start all right and then what you want to do is you want to agree to all these terms, except for what is optional? I never accept what its optional tap on next and then it wants me to connect to a wi, fi network, so im going to do that right now.

Let me dump in my password so thats all good to go im going to tap on next. All right and its going to be checking for some updates. Now what you can do here is you can copy apps and data from a previous phone. If you want to do that, you tap on next, in my case, im just going to say dont copy, but if you have a previous samsung phone or any other phone that you have switched from to this, you can copy all your data by tapping next im. Just going to say, dont copy i like to set up my phones, new and fresh, so checking some information and, of course it wants me to sign into my google account. Let me do that right now and you can see we have a split keyboard design by default, but this can be fixed in the settings later and make it look. Look like a proper keyboard, all right, so ive added my account. Im gon na tap on more im gon na agree to everything for now tap on, accept all right uh. Here we have a bunch of ways to secure the phone. We have the face id. What it does is it uses the front camera either over here or on the other side. To read your face unlock the phone. We also have the fingerprints. We have a fingerprint sensor in the side. Key the power button right over here, or we can do other stuff so im going to skip this for now again and were going to come back to it later so skip anyway, all righty, and then it says getting your phone ready.

This may take a few minutes and of course, the big thing log in to the phone with your samsung account. Let me dump in my credentials, okay, so these are all optional im not going to agree to any one of these guys for now tap on agree. Alrighty and we are now logging in alright, so we are just logged in and what you see is you see this warning message make sure you read through all these guys to make sure your galaxy z43 is fully protected, theres a few guidelines on what not to Do all right so im going to tap on next. You can pause and read if you want tap on next and it says youre all set up im going to tap on finish or you can tap on explore. Your galaxy z lets just tap on finish and we are going to be dumped into the main screen there. We have it all right. So the first thing im going to do is im going to quickly pick a bright wallpaper, so we can see the full screen. Alright, so im going to pinch the screen im going to go to my wallpapers tap on my wallpapers, go to download it and lets just grab this one, all right im going to do it for both the lock screen and the home screen ill. Let you know when i make a change from here to the wallpaper okay, it only changes the wallpaper of the inner display.

If i want to change the wallpaper of the cover display, i do the same thing on the outside and thats gon na change, a wallpaper for that display. So you can have two different wallpapers for the inner and the outer display. So lets look at some of the other highlights over here. So im gon na go to my settings real, quick, okay, first and foremost quickly. The screen is super bright. Its been improved, go to display uh. If i scroll down just a little bit over here, actually dont have to scroll down here we have the motion smoothness, so we have 120 hertz on the inside and the outside display, which is fantastic. If you want to save battery, if you want to extend your battery, you can go for standard 60 hertz. One of my biggest problems with the samsung rc full 2 was the outer display was 60 hertz. Now it is 120 hertz. So its super smooth, just like the interior, display by the way when you make a change here, it applies the change to both screens. Just so you know we have a 7.6 inch screen. This one is 2208 by 1768 in resolution, hdr 10 plus certified. Now the cover display is 6.2 inches and, of course, it has a high resolution 2268 by 8, 32.. Now one of the things i love about the full 3 that large inner screen is when youre taking photos or video. You get this large viewfinder and, of course, when the phone is folded, you also get this nice split screen design so with the youtube application.

For example, you see the video here and you see other stuff at the bottom right here, so thats, absolutely fantastic for watching videos. We have an under display camera. You can barely see. It is not something thats going to be invisible. You are going to see this under display camera when you actually are looking for it. You might forget about it every now and then but youre going to know its there. Just like that, crease in the middle and of course we do have the snapdragon 888 processor super smooth operation. Theres no question about this. This thing is fast and smooth thanks to that uh high refresh rate and the latest processor on the market. So, like i said, the performance on this phone is amazing, so heres a game. We have some highly intense graphics, not a single stutter, not no lag. It plays super smooth and, of course, look at that large display. The under display camera is barely visible and youre enjoying this in an all screen display theyve done a really great job with the with the screen and the performance, and all that combined together, is giving you. This amazing experience now notice that the under display camera is not fully invisible, but its almost invisible in certain instances like this one, i think its more desirable than a punch, hole cutout all right, so lets quickly talk about the s pen now, first and foremost, to Use the s pen, you have to go to the settings and you have to go into advanced features, and you do want to make sure that the s pen is enabled.

If this is disabled, its not going to work, you have to enable it and then its going to work, no problem and you can tap on it to go into all kinds of settings for the s pen. Now the biggest things with this s, pen thats the fold edition s pen – is we have a button here. You press that button. It brings up the air command menu that allows you to do all kinds of cool and neat things. For example, tap on smart select just say allow. Now i can select any portion of the screen to take a screenshot. I can even make notes on that screen. As you can see, it writes beautiful theres, no question about that and additionally uh. We can also bring up the note taking application, samsung notes, and we can start to draw anything that we want here with high precision. If i click on this, you have all these pens, you can pick from colors change the size or whatever you want to do. Youve got the highlighters and all that stuff. Okay, you got the eraser so thats great, so thats the eraser thats the pen. So you can do exact writing with this pen and you have a larger canvas so thats great, so thats the fold edition s pen now theres going to be an pen pro that is going to have all the features of the full pen and youre going to Have some bluetooth features, so this guy does not need to be charged the s pen pro youre, going to have to charge it its going to have bluetooth functionality and its going to allow you to control your phone remotely with the s pen, youll, be able to Press the button to play pause, music and stuff like that thats, the only major difference.

A detailed video will be coming up for that very soon, so its great that we have the s pen functionality, but its something youre gon na have to buy a case for, and once you have that case, its gon na add a bulk to your phone and Its not gon na be as convenient as a samsung galaxy note series just so you know so thats the aspen, the other things that we have is we have things like this. So if i go to my settings, youll see we have a split screen design on the old fold. If you were to go to the old fold, youre gon na see these things so lets go this standard view. So this is what youre going to have, which i dont like because its a large screen and takes everything its just filled with white white uh background. Okay. So when you have the screen layout and zoom, you can do. The multi view gives you a nice split screen anywhere. You go messages, boom, split screen, so thats great one. More thing i really like is with the edge panels. You have a special setting. You can tap this button at the bottom and you can pin the uh a toolbar to the side over here. You can have it on this side or this side, its all fully customizable and the more applications. You add the more you can go up and down just like that, so thats great, it almost feels like a real computer, its going to be so easy to multitask.

So if i grab this put it right, there lets grab something else grab the gallery. Put it right here, we have a split screen, lets grab one more calendar. Put it right here, so look at that we have a nice and smooth split screen design. I can easily make them larger and small. I like how smooth the whole operation is as youre doing these things so thats fantastic, and i can even tap the three dots over here and i can save this as a batch look at that. It went all the way down there. So now, when i exit this lets close everything out, if i click on this, it launches everything at the same time, that is fantastic, so i can create pairs of application in preset multitasking environments. So thats amazing, like i said, and if you dont want it, you just unpin this. It goes away. It just becomes a regular edge panel. Now the cameras on the z fold 3 are not the best of the best. The 4 megapixel selfie camera on the inner display is nothing special compared to a proper selfie camera, but at least we have the other selfie camera on the outer cover display. That is a proper selfie camera, so thats not a huge deal. The main three camera array is good, but certainly not as good as s21, ultra or note 20 ultra. These cameras are not as extreme as those cameras, for instance, they have limited optical zoom, only two times, as opposed to 10 times on the s21 ultra, and they also cannot record in 8k, while the other two i mentioned can, but for the everyday consumer they are Just good enough thats, all i really have to say about the cameras.

I do like the versatility of super wide white and telephoto options. The fact that it has three cameras is great, so thats, basically the samsung galaxy z fold. Three, i think its a great foldable smartphone. This is the third generation, so a lot of the old problems have been fixed and many improvements have poured in. For example, 120 hertz display refresh rate on both screens s pen compatibility a superior, build quality, a bright, vibrant screen. The phone is also now water resistant. You can submerge this into water theres going to be no damage, but just wanting to remember its not going to have dust resistance as the other phones, like the note, 20, ultra s21 ultra and so on and so forth. We do have some compromises on the camera, but thats, basically all the compromises so overall, its a great phone. If youve got the money, will be a nice fun investment. But if you have a samsung galaxy note, 20 ultra or the samsung galaxy s 21 ultra. I dont think theres a reason to upgrade if you have a samsung lc note 10 plus note 9, s9. S10, then its going to be a great update. If you want to update from an old fold 2 or full 1 to full 3 thats, going to be a great update, upgrade overall, this phone is lovely. If you have any questions comments or concerns drop them down below. Let me know for now guys have a fantastic day.