I was pretty excited to get my hands on this. Is their 15 watt fast wireless charger? I went with this because it is 15 watts. Most um home wireless chargers are only 10 watts, so im pretty excited to see how fast this is. I got this. I also got their smart car charger. The good thing about this one is: it has the usb type c, as well as a normal usb, so lets unbox this okay after unboxing everything, um, pretty simple self explanatory got our suction cup for the dashboard or the windshield. The wireless charger got your cable. This is going to be your vent clip here and, of course, the instructions and over here again like i was talking about this – is the smart car charger from last fit and you do have the usb type c, as well as a normal usb. The thing i noticed about this right away when i opened it out of the package, it actually has some weight to it compared to uh those ones you buy from the gas station or whatever doesnt feel cheap at all feels very high quality. If im excited lets, see you in the car, so this is the suction cup here um. I wasnt sure how i was gon na stick on my dash, but its actually, you can see its sticky, so this actually goes up to retract this piece here. Its kind of hard to do with one hand this piece here actually, when you loosen this nut right here, one second, you loosen this nut.

This actually comes out, so you can stick it right on your dashboard, so, like so im gon na try to get a better view here again. This is with one hand i dont have a cameraman today, press it firmly youll, feel it pop and then youre gon na youre gon na rotate, this screw counterclockwise until its completely tightened. Like so and again like. I was saying this nut here. If you release this, this will make it go up and down. You tighten that to keep it there and then over here this nut right here once you release this or loosen this, this is what makes it go up and down just find your sweet spot. Tighten it up there, you go there, we go and i was actually surprised being on a dashboard. This is sturdy, its not going anywhere. So then, what you want to do is you want to find you want to adjust it out to how your phone can fit. Um we were going to try that all right had to grab the ipad, because obviously i cant film, with a cell phone im using to put into the wireless charger. So what i did was off camera. I went ahead and plugged in the cable on the cable. Just goes right underneath there and then of course plugged it into the last fit cigarette lighter slash usbc. So what is different about this company than any other company? Is this you see on that side that green button and on this side that green button watch? This simple tap, look at that they retract out tap it again.

They retract in and again these are not buttons. These are they actually, when you just simply touch it, you can hear theres going to be no click, thats it its like a touch screen button. So you want to put your phone in there and again. These are on both sides, ambidextrous just gon na press. It pop your phone in there and as soon as you set your phone in there, its automatic again lets try that again so well retract it out. As soon as you set your phone in there, its automatic i cant retract it out, you can see im not going to touch anything at all ill, actually touch it from the top here and put my phone in there. But as soon as its in there automatically retracts in youre good to go charging so cool press, the button grab your phone do what you got to do and its crazy just set it right in there automatically retracted in how cool is that all right now lets Go to the clip in air vent one for some people that dont want to mount it to their dashboard or their windshield. Me personally, im going to use this dashboard mount. I love it im not going to mount it to my windshield. I actually have a tinted. Windshield, so i dont want to mess with the tent or try to peel anything back like that. So lets go to the vip mount all right, heres your clip mount.

It should go like this, so this piece right here goes in the bottom. Take that little screw piece right there again put that on there from your suction cup mount and then basically, this is what goes on your vent lets. Try it wow that was simple and then again, youre gon na put this here and just like before pop it. On see, if it gets you a better view once you pop it on, remember screw it on counter clockwise, get yourself adjusted all right and again were switching to the ipad gon na. Take our phone just like before pop it in it senses it and immediately its charging. Thats simple, i dont know which one i like better theyre, both very simple easy to do. I cant decide what were going to do now. Is we all want to know how fast has a charge so im going to take my phone, and we can all see were on 69. lets time? It lets see how fast it takes me to get from 69 to lets say 80., so its 407. lets see how long it takes all right. So its 24. remember, we started at 407.. We want to get to 80. Were there very, very happy with this product? Ive never seen anything like it. I didnt mention before this is an iphone 12 pro. Let me pop it out here. I do have a case on it. For those of you wondering i have a mouse case.

Ive had good luck with these. So again, this is charging through a case into the phone wireless um. The car charger ive been using before is just the normal cigarette, lighter one. It doesnt charge nowhere near as fast as this. So thanks again last fit for another product, nice and secure. We will see you guys on the next review.