I wan na ask you if you have an iphone or maybe a phone, that doesnt have a telephoto lens, because most of the phones right now they usually have the wide lens and the ultra wide lens today were going to show you a fix for that, because This is from movo, and this is the 3x telephoto lens. Here we go Music first, things first make sure to hit that subscribe button below hit the notification bell, so you cannotify next videos to cover tips and tricks and unboxing. Just like this one check out merch blog 130., hit that like button as well, so we can beat that youtube algorithm without further ado lets, go ahead and show you what if this lens is even worth it and if its, if it shoots any good photos. So there you go, lets go ahead and open this up. This one is from mobile if you want to get one of these ill link this down below as well. Basically, this is just a interchangeable lens for your iphone and basically, if you want to shoot videos, i made photos uh and have and just need that little little zoom in without actually zooming in on your phone, because the problem with zooming, in with your normal iphone With your normal photo is that it just crops it it doesnt actually keep the quality there, but with the lens youll be able to do that. No problem at all there you go lets put that on the side.

For now, as you can see here, you get a lens like this and also the little clip which works for any any phone out there, android phone or whatever there you go inside it comes with a bag as well, for the for the lens has a little Um cloth there as well and the user manual thats it lets put this inside for now lets see and lets test it out. So we have our iphone 10r here and basically its a release, easy setup. You just have to take off this back part right here like so there you go. This will then get screwed on like so boom easy peasy, and then this part, this lens cap, i just twist off, lets, take off that plastic and then youll be able to use this on your phone. So lets go ahead and clip this up here and there you go just kind of position it right there. I like how you could see that right through there like so now, lets test out. If we can shoot some photos there, you go, as you can see here: thats the normal photo and then, if i put it on there, you go very nice. You can also use this on the front camera. So this is the normal photo right there. Then, if we put the lens right there boom now, let me know in the comments below, if its any good or not youre, the one to judge just click that down below and see if the quality is really good.

I actually would recommend this for people who likes to uh venture with interchangeable lens. You might not like the 3x lens, but there are a lot more lenses on their website which ill link down below as well. So go ahead and check that out. They have wide lens as well. They have ultra wide lens for those of you who only has the older iphone, so it doesnt have the iphone 11s. Maybe you have an older iphone 10s or something like that, then youll be able to do the wide ultra wide lens as well yeah for those of you who are venturing for maybe a bigger lens, its all on the website, so go ahead and check that out. Thanks for watching, everyone hope i was able to help you on your choice on mobile spl tele lens. If i was able to help you make sure to hit the subscribe button below hit that like button as well, so we can beat that youtube algorithm.