The video quality on a phone is so good, but the audio always lacks. So this series is going to be about using different gimbals different wireless microphones, bluetooth, microphones or actual microphones like this, where you can attach them and different accessories for using on your smartphone were also going to be talking about different accessories like the osmo pocket. To get that mobile creation going so what were talking about today is this bluetooth microphone. So this is a really small microphone that comes in white and black, and this should hopefully sound better, so an accessory like this, which is really small and its bluetooth. So there is advantages and disadvantages to this microphone, but lets switch over to this now and see if we can hear any difference all right. So ive now got this attached to me. So ive got the white one on, and this has a little clip on the back of it here, so you just attach this to any clothing whats great about this is what i like is that this doesnt need anything like this going into your phone, because its Via bluetooth, there isnt any connection required, so this should sound better than the audio before so with this here you also get two attachments in the box, so the first one is you get this little topper that you can put on top of the microphone, and it Goes like that, so were just going to do that now, im going to just stop the videos and hurt your ears and then put this onto the white one, all right! So ive now got this attached to the top of it, and it also comes with a wind muff as well.

This wind muff, obviously for indoors youre, not going to need this, but for outside and windy conditions. This is great. What i would do is i would keep what ive got on now majority of all of the time you dont need to have it like this, because with the microphone here, any wind thats going to go on today is going to be really distorted and not usable. So just keep this on and then, if youre going to be outside with lots of wind, it also comes with this now. The downside to this is what i hope will come in firmware update. Is that im using the sabine tech app to record this now? So the app is good youve got different filters on there. You can also have this really good script function, built into where you can write your own scripts, and you can see this on the app so thats great, but you cant use this audio device using the native camera app so because im using the iphone to record This i cant use an iphone app. I have to use a sabine tech app so to get it to work with your iphone. You can, if you have two of these, attach one to your iphone and have the other one connected to your clothing or to somebody else, and then one will act as a receiver and one will act as a transmitter. So ive now switched back to the iphone audio, so it is a really cool little device, and i i really like the advantage of this not having to connect anything.

So if youre walking around just hand holding your phone, you could hold your phone like this and have this audio attached to you. The downside to other wireless microphones is youve, always got the cable attached to the bottom of it and then, for instance, like this wireless microphone here, if we just attach this ill talk about this on, another video youve always got something dangling around like that. So this is more convenient, but this again is the iphone audio. Its only going to be good. If you can tell the difference, i can i find it more immersive, but we should be able to tell the difference when we go outside im gon na be testing. It on the iphone 10, and also on the iphone 12 pro max and then using this microphone as well lets go. So this is what it now sounds like outside with this wind muff on. So what does this audio sound like im, going to switch it now to the iphone audio without this microphone and see what that sounds like, so this is now the iphone audio without this microphone attached. So can you tell the difference it should? Hopefully, this should now be picking up more sounds all around and not be as immersive using the iphone as the audio device. So when its attached to your t shirt using this, obviously its not as obvious this microphone also comes in white as well and using mobile mobile creation, you want to have good audio as well as good pictures, so this iphone 10 relatively cheap.

Now so you could have something like this as your video device. What about the audio? Do you need a device like this so now ive switched over to this topper that you get with the microphone as well im still using the iphone audio and the iphone native cameras lets switch over to this now and lets see if you can tell any difference. So, im now using this in the vertical landscape using the microphone, oh, they got took out by a twig there. So this is what it sounds like pretty close to me. So you could use this as a portable microphone which should sound better than the actual audio on your phone, all right now, im putting it to the test. This is filming now on the iphone 12 pro mark selfie camera. So this should be a lot better quality, but also the audio on the iphone 12 is so much better and upgraded. So what does this now sound like between the iphone 12 pro max as your all in one filming setup? So you could use this as audio. You could use this as your photography and your videography, but theres a bit of wind now so were going to just walk around still using this iphone 12 pro max and then were going to switch over to this, and you might already have this phone. You might have one of the latest samsung phones, you know the phones. These days are so good with the stability as well and the audio video.

Do you need this so lets test it out and see if we can tell any difference between this is the iphone audio until and then this as the actual microphone audio all right, so ive now switched over to the microphone app for recording and also for the Video, so when i switched over to 4k, then that was an issue for me. Is i looked so pale? Just the colors just looked zapped out of me completely, so you have to use a 1080p resolution on here for your selfie, so thats a problem. You should be able to use 4k should be able to use whatever is on your phone. You know thats fair enough. I dont want to use filters at all, but when i switched over to that 4k that didnt look very good. What does this sound? Like? You know this is now a 1080p selfie camera. Using this i could switch over and use a back facing camera. If i wanted, it wont, be a problem but im on about just ease of use. Does this sound good? Does it sound bad? It should sound better than the iphone. What do we think all right, so im now using this microphone attached to me, im going to walk a bit further back and well just see how far you can actually walk still using this. This is obviously, then because should be an advantage to using something like this, because you know im completely hands free.

Now i dont have my phone. I can just have a tripod over here. So, as i walk back, you should still be able to hear me. I should be able to get knocked out by a bush again and are you still able me up? I have no idea, i could attach a headphone to this and you know listen to the audio myself, but walking all the way back here. You know this is gon na be an advantage, because i can still record because i can walk around go. Oh, this is a nice tree, isnt it. So this should be an advantage if this bluetooth is still able to connect from the phone all the way. To me at that distance, all right, so in conclusion, i think it is a pretty cool gadget for the price. I love the ingenuity of some of the things on the app and i also dont like some of the things as well. So i like this script on the corner, i think thats, brilliant ive not seen that on many other apps at all to be able to be able to program it in a script. And then you could just record and use this script every so often and because its so close to the actual selfie camera. You know i can be looking at this script and its not too obvious, especially if i stand a bit further back so thats a fantastic advantage to this. What i dont like is when using 4k, which you should be able to do pretty much on every phone.

Now is that when you use 4k, you dont have the options of some things like filters, and also some of the colors seem to be washed out. When i showed that example before what i love is that this is completely now hands free. Nothing is attached to my phone. This is all done by a bluetooth, so some other microphones like this wireless microphones. You have to have something attached into the actual phone, so the ability now to not have to do that is definitely an advantage. So there are certain parts of this which i really like, and i think the manufacturers of this with some updates could make this even better. I think the audio is good if youre, using this as a on a tripod for making youtube videos, then indoors youre, going to get a more immersive actual sound from this outdoors. Yes, these are going to pick up less actual ambient sounds because its its so close to you, rather than using a phone so lets just switch. Now just remind you what this phone sounds like this kind of angle, but the phone audio all right, so im same distance away, im now using the phone using the native phone camera app, so the selfie camera its still attached to this tree on a tripod. But this is the audio now, if i get really close and the audio sounds pretty good on this phone, but as i get further away, you know if i want to stand this way and talk about something or show you something.

This is where that audio falls. Apart because the iphone, although its good picks up, sounds on the front, the back the side, so its picking up sounds from everywhere, whereas something like this is going to be more directional, and you can have it here or you can have it hold it in front Of you like an actual microphone or attached to you, this is going to be better, so yeah its good need some improvements, but for the price of it, its a really pretty quirky device. I hope you found that helpful guys again. This is the iphone audio. You want to pick one of these ill be linked in description below.