. This is the Samsung Galaxy Z, Fold3 5G, the elder brother, its of course a folding phone.. This costs 1799, which is almost 900000 almost a million Naira.. Not everyone can afford to spend a million naira or half a million naira.. I couldnt when I started making videos. This video is for those that want to spend 150000 or 300 and want to get as much value as they can. Ive used some and Ive reviewed some on this list.. I get a lot of questions regarding how much smartphones to buy within this range, and these are the ones I think you should get in my opinion. If youre new, welcome and if youre returning welcome back to the channel Id love it. If you could hit that like button, so more people can also benefit from these recommendations.. Its currently Jumias shopping festival till the 29th of this month, practically till the end of this month.. The whole idea is that you do get massive discounts on tech items, electronics and everything else on their platform, and all you have to do is download the app with my link below and browse for deals. Infact, to spice things up Im, giving 10000 Naira vouchers to 2 people who download the app so you can get anything you want within that range – just click the link below in the description and get to it.. The shopping festival ends on the 29th of August, but you can still keep downloading the app as Ill share.

Both vouchers in a week after this video is live., Alright Ill shut up now and without further ado lets get to the video lets get to the list. Redmi Note 10, Pro The first one Ill be talking about isnt, really about the phone in and of itself. Its about the series., Its the Redmi Note: 10 Pro.. We have the Redmi Note. 10. Note: 10, Pro Note, 10S Note 10T and they even have a Note 10 5G version in the series. Of course, they have different naming conventions for different countries like India. Has the Note 10T and Note 10S, I believe. They also usually do a Global variant and a Chinese variant. Anyway. The main categories are Note 10 and Note 10 Pro and you cant go wrong with them really.. I have seen a good Note. 10 Pro go for around 1’000 Naira and you can even get it for 132000, Naira or even 265. Internationally. Ill have links to Jumia for the best price in Nigeria and other sites, if youre watching from outside Nigeria. Anyway, for the technicalities, the Note 10 and 10 Pro were released in March of 2021 and why? I think this is a great contender. You get a large 5000 mAh battery on both the Note 10 and 10 Pro and its Lithum Polymer. Something were seeing on new flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, which just launched this month. For a place with the paucity of electricity. This is a great consideration for a full days worth of use and even more.

. Another advantage is that the Note 10 Pro has a 33W charger. Getting you up all the way to 59 battery in 30 minutes of charging., Its USB C, of course, with OTG, and you get a 108MP camera in a 4 camera set up AMOLED at 120Hz, which is super amazing for that price. Point Snapdragon 732G, an 8nm processor which will handle gaming like a champ and for that 1′ thousand Naira price.. At the low end you can get 6GB RAM and 64GB storage and at the upper end, 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage.. I think its a good bet – and I highly recommend. Samsung A52. The second recommendation for me would be the Samsung Galaxy A52, and I got this right off from Jumias website for for approximately 146000 Naira or 292. Ive used the A52 as my daily driver for the better part of this year, and I can say its a pretty Decent midranger or midrange contender. Its an IP67 dust and water resistant device. Super AMOLED too, with 90Hz very high pixel dense, display slightly better than the Redmi Note 10 Pro., Where the A52 falls short, though, is in the processor, which is, although still an 8nm processor, like the Redmi Note, 10. Pro is the 720G compared to 732G that the Redmi Note 10 Pro has.. The interesting thing is they both have the same graphics, processors that is Redmi, Note, 10, Pro and A52., So you wont be missing out.

Much. Samsung gives you a decent 64MP camera on the A52 and the rest of the quad or 4 camera set up has an additional 12 MP ultra wide 5MP macro and 5MP depth sensor.. You also get a 32MP selfie in addition capable of 4K video recording.. The battery here is decent at 4500 mAh, but I would have loved more since Xiaomi has more for this price range. 5020 mAh battery size compared to the 4500 on this guy. Samsungs A52. Also comes with 25W fast charging that can do 0 to 50 in 30, minutes. Samsung sold out with the A50, which I made a video about, and then the A51, which I also made a video about.. This is the A52 and we dont know the official sales numbers just yet, but Xiaomi seems to be leading Samsung this year., But they are both good phones and for two different users. Samsung also makes the A52s, which came in around August. It is a new variant with 5G that costs more of course., But the A52 comes in highly recommended. Camon 17 Pro and Infinix. Note 10 Pro At number 3 weve got the TECNO Camon 17 pro and the Infinix Note 10 Pro.. These are devices Ive reviewed and they are easily accessible in Nigeria., TECNO and Infinix are both sub brands of the African smartphone giant Transsion, and these devices share very, very similar traits.. I have reviewed them both and they are running on MediaTeks, Hello, G95 gaming designed processor.

. If you want the full scoop, you can check out my individual reviews of them in the description of my video.. They are both android 11 devices. Keep in mind that all the devices Ive mentioned so far are Android 11 devices by the way., The Camon 17. Pro comes at a price tag of 125000 Naira or 250 at the maximum 256GB and 8GB RAM level. The Infinix Note 10 Pro also has a 256GB Storage and 8GB RAM on the highest level as well, and it costs slightly lower at 115000, Naira or 230.. They have the same well, almost the same camera, megapixel quantities, qualities and sizes., Except the more expensive Camon. 17 Pro has a 48MP selfie and dual LED flash. While infinix stops at 16MP for the selfie camera., You are not at a total loss. If you go with either one of them., They are, however, not a popular choice for the camera quality, especially in direct sunlight. However, for controlled environments they work well.. As I mentioned, if youre interested in either one, I have a detailed videos on each one. Vivo V21. At Number 4, the Vivo V21 priced at 159000 or 318. Yes, this is above the Budget.. However, Vivo makes the Vivo V21e a more colorful and more affordable variant in the V21 series that costs around 258 or 129000 Naira.. Now I have a video about the vivo V21, where I go into all of the details about the V21 and also featured the v21e.

Ill drop, a link to watch below.. The V21 is really slim at 7.3mm. The phone features an AMOLED display, which I praised in that video.. You also get that Mediatek Dimensity 800U processor, a 7nm processor that delivers well for gaming. You get 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM on the V21. Vivo even had a trick up their sleeve with the V21, and not only do you get 8GB of RAM, you can extend it with 3GB of RAM taken from your storage to get a total of 11Gb of RAM., The V21e settles with 8GB but tops out at 128GB of storage.. They both come with 4000 mAh batteries fitted in them. Both have fast charging up to 33W and can go from 0 63 in 30 minutes.. They are both very comparable phones in their right and share a lot of values together, which I differentiated in my review: video. Oppo A93 For the last recommendation, its the A93 or A 9 3 from Oppo. To state my reasoning. Here we had the Oppo A93, a device Ive reviewed on the channel late last year., Its 125000 naira or 250 dollars, which I can still recommend. Although its got Android 10 and not Android 11, like the rest of the devices on this list., I believe it can be upgraded Im, not sure I returned my review unit. However, I loved the phone a lot and I detailed my thoughts in the review. Video. I concluded a more proper contender for 2021 would be oppo A94, which is around 350 to almost 600 and the Oppo Reno 5, which is 169000 or 338 still around.

The 300 range and Ive made a video about the Reno 5 too, which you can find with the link in the description. If you want more information. The A93 spots, a vert similar processor with the A94, the Mediatek P95, a 12nm processor, same storage as well. 8Gb of RAM and 128GB of storage, 48MP quad camera featuring addition, 8MP for Ultrawide and 2MP depth and 2MP macro, so both A93 from last year and A94 are sharing similar features.. The selfie camera is better on the 2021 A94, but the A93 still holds it. Grounds. Battery is also plenty at 4000 mAh and battery charges at 18W.. I, like that the display was a super AMOLED one. I also liked the other color option it had too. Anyway, if you want the full scoop of this device. As I said, I already made a video about it. For my honorable mentions. They are more for the audience that wants to either import them or get them on something like Jumia Global, which is Jumias service that helps you ship stuff on the site into Nigeria. Internationally.. They are slightly higher than the 150000 thousand naira or 300 dollars.. However, I think theyre contenders and around this 300 or 150000 Naira range.. The first is the Poco X3 Pro which you can find on Jumia Global for 173000, approximately or 346. Although you have an IPS LCD display, it still features 120Hz refresh rate. Its a Snapdragon 860 phone at 7nm, which is pretty fast and decent – that huge 5160 mAh battery features on here, and it can charge from 0 59 in 30 minutes with its 33W fast charger.

. One thing I also wanted to talk about on the channel was thatRealme is also in Nigeria. They opened a Realme, Nigeria, account and tweeted at me and a couple of us who are tech creators in Nigeria, and I thought that was cool to see. Anyway. Another device to check out for 170000 or 340 is the Realme 8 Pro. Very solid from what Ive seen and also feature packed with a Super AMOLED display Snapdragon 720G, which we can find on devices like the Samsung A52, which I talked about.. The Realme 8 pro has 108MP on the back and its pretty much like the highest one on this list, which is the Xiaomi Note, 10 Pro.. It also comes in highly recommended from me if you have the budget., If you made it this far into the video. Do comment with an eye emoji lets know those who stuck around until the end.. Do you want me to make a higher price range list? 150. 300 thousand naira category. Let me know in the comments below also please. Let me know if this was helpful.. Remember were giving 2 lucky winners: 10000 Naira Jumia vouchers to buy what every they can on the site. Make sure you download the app, of course, like this video and drop a comment below..