Thank you for tuning in to another. Video today were going to be taking a look at the brand new samsung galaxy z, flip 3 device. Now i have been lucky enough to be using this for the past four ish days. This is actually my first time using a foldable phone or technology for that matter. Big fan of it ive been following it, obviously, with the motorola razor that was back to my generation in high school. Everybody had the flip phones, not me, but i always wanted a razor and so theres that nostalgia factor for myself and im sure a lot of other folks out there, but uh being the third generation of a device. I feel its sort of a rule of thumb. Doesnt work all the time, but usually by the third year, if things get to that point, and the company survives and brings the product to market three times by the third iteration. Usually a lot of the kinks are worked out. A lot of the problems you know are finessed and smoothed over and another bonus for this particular device on whether its the flip or the fold. They lowered the price point so again, even though theyre very expensive, even though the price is lowered, its still expensive everything is trending in that right direction and i figured its a great time to hop in and take a look at the device. I know most people probably already know the specs so were going to run through this really quickly.

A 1.9 inch cover display, which is super amoled, which is up from the 1.1 inch display on the original devices, gorilla glass, invictus on the front and the back as well as a pre installed more glass like screen protector, which makes the phone apparently 80 stronger, which Is a good thing with all the issues of the previous devices screens cracking and splitting ipx8 no dust but 1.5 meters of submersion for about 30 minutes? Finally, we have armored aluminum frames and hinges now. This really is going to be interesting to see how it holds up over time, but definitely its very obvious that samsung has put a lot of time in trying to bolster and strengthen the actual device itself now, unfortunately, the cameras are kind of being rehashed from the Last generation, 12 megapixel main and a 12 megapixel ultra wide. What does this mean? Well, this means its gon na be a sufficient camera. Just dont expect it to compete with, like the iphone 12s or the google pixel quality type of photography. Next up, we got that beautiful front display a 6.7 inch 120 hertz amoled display with the option to switch that up to 90 and also clocking at 1200 nits of brightness. Now this is big, because last generations had a terrible time in direct light and, as you can see, even this new one when it hits the brightness of the outside, it was kind of an overcast day. You see how it affects the screen, though this time around, it is definitely much more usable and its good to see that uh brightness level kicked up a bit and obviously one of the main things using this as your makeshift tripod.

This phone has a great strong hinge, though, on certain angles, as you can see here, its kind of unlevel, so you have to make sure its set up in a way when you touch it its not moving so much. Otherwise, it works great theres. Only a few apps that are optimized in house for this, but it does seem that a lot of other apps will be using this format as well, very soon and for the processor. This one is outfitted with the snapdragon 888, which means youre going to be able to do whatever you need to do on this phone. Its a powerhouse mine is the 128 gigabyte variant, but there is also a 256 option, but theyre packing flag ship specs have no worries about this phone, doing whatever you needed to do for your day today. So my opinions after using this device for a handful of days is it a gimmick, is having a foldable device, something thats the future. Or is it just a throwback to pull in some people from the 90s and the early 2000s im going to say its kind of in between at the moment for the flip 3 that front cover display, though a huge improvement from that little, like keyhole of the Previous generations was pretty much was unusable. This one is kind of in the middle, its definitely a step in the right direction, but i would kind of compare it to window shopping. This cover display is going to allow you to peer in to the store, but if you want to try some stuff on, if you want to go hold touch some items, youre going to have to open it up and youre going to have to go in.

As of right now, this is allowing you to read your emails. Read your text, see some images in those emails and texts. The notifications are great, but you cant respond to anything. So if you want to go respond or reply, theres, no predetermined responses that you can just hit theres, really nothing. You can do theres no voice activation. Unfortunately, youre gon na have to open up the phone to get any usability from that and with the widgets that they include as of right now, theres about seven, and you know its nice to be able to see the weather its great to have access to your Music um, i do like that that feature um, but again its still fairly new. So what im hoping um that samsung does probably not probably next generations as this is planned obsolescence at work as it always is im hoping that, maybe with some updates, some software updates. This front cover display, definitely could become more usable. I do feel like with a smartwatch how you can speak things into your smartwatch and it types it out for you or when you see response, you can kind of have those pre selected responses ready to go theres a definite possibility for that. If samsung wants to go that route, but as of right now, i was a little disappointed, though i can live with it, and i do feel again. This is a good time to throw your money and support forward, because samsung is definitely showing people that they are willing to make the changes needed to make a better device next complaint.

That a lot of people have is that crease in the center of the screen and thats on every foldable device. Unfortunately, i do feel thats something were going to have to deal with, probably for the next few or a handful of generations. At the very least, this is just what foldable tech is for. The moment i will say, being outside versus inside makes a big difference visually when youre in, like sunlight or direct light from outside natural light, so that that um crease is much more noticeable visually. Of course, youre gon na feel it when you run your fingers through or youre swiping, but over time ill be honest. You, you kind of forget its there and its not a big deal at all. I kind of compared to having that little hole, punch or the chin or the notch on whether its an iphone or any device. Nowadays, in the beginning, people were really annoyed by that they thought it was an eyesore, but when you start to use it, it just becomes kind of like second nature, and you forget that its there, my last real complaint about this device is the battery life. This is one area that they did not choose to improve anything they brought over that 3300 milliamp battery from previous generations and um so far, its very average. I have nothing to compare it to to the previous generations, so so for me, thats probably going to be a step backwards, one of the only step backwards, higher nits, better processor, higher refresh rate youre, going to have a bigger draw on the battery and, if youre Reusing a battery from previous generations, its probably just going to perform weak considering last generations of batteries, were nothing to write home about.

So do be aware of that. That is another disappointment that i have the cameras im not so disappointed about theyre, really usable theyre. Above average theyre more than enough to get you some good shots, but youre, just not gon na get a flagship phones like a pixel or an iphone video or picture quality. The fact that the cameras performed admirably, i think, thats going to be fine and so far for me from what ive seen ive been happy with what theyve been able to produce and and thats really it. My only main complaints on this device would be that little cover display and the actual battery life. I think in every sense of the word, with this release, samsung did do its best to really make an improvement with the flip. They offered it at a very competitive price and i think thats a little bit more. You know financial wizardry than anything, though it is at a much more attainable in quotations 9.99. They did do some cost cutting to get it there by. You know reusing the same battery, the same cameras that allows them to kind of save some money. They did give you that updated flagship. You know 888 snapdragon processor, so you know they took a little bit away, but they gave you a little bit more and again with that cover display. They gave you a little bit more when it comes to the device and the packaging. Obviously they didnt, you know, include the charger theyre pulling an apple on us and then also with the storage capacity.

The entry level has been changed from 256 to 128. So you know youre getting this taking this theyre moving. Some things around to give you that more attractive price point, but at the end of the day, i still think this is a step forward and if youre a person who really wants to you know get into the foldable game, you know waiting three generations for anything New, i made the mistake for a couple times with some new companies, the essential phone being one of them. I got in ground level and you know sometimes things flop. Obviously, samsung is a huge company, theyre, really showing everybody with the competitive pricing. The deals, the trade in values, the free stuff theyre really going all in, and i do think if you are in the market – and you are interested – the flip is definitely the one to dip in and test out really happy with it and im hoping with some Software updates, probably high hopes, not gon na happen. There is a potential for that cover display to be much more usable and uh yeah with that ill come back later on down the road with a more in depth review, but i hope that was helpful and if anybody is waiting to pull the trigger, i think This is the time to give foldable tech a chance and, with the flip, i think its a perfect device to do that with so with that im out.