A budget friendly version of the pixel is exactly that an android smartphone that starts at 450 u.s. Is this mid range smartphone? Any good well lets find out with a little review before we begin. I want to note something ill: send this phone by the google pixel team thats, why theres special hashtags all over this video, but everything i said in this video is my honest opinion and they did not get to see whats in this video beforehand. Theyll be seeing this video at the same time, all of you are seeing it also. I try not to watch other peoples, reviews of a brand new product to kind of try and remove any inherent biases. Those reviews may have on me, so i havent looked into anyone elses opinion on this phone either. So i hope this review ends up being pretty fresh, at least in that regard. Right anyway, lets start. When you open the box, you get the pixel 5a itself, a sim card, ejector tool, a power, brick charging cables and a usb 3 to usbc adapter. When you hold this phone youll realize that its much bigger than the pixel 4a by a lot its like the pixel 4a, went through puberty and became a pixel 5a. The google pixel 5a is more similar to the google pixel 4 a5g than a pixel 5 or pixel 4a, and it shows in your hand, it has a 6.3 inch display stereo speakers with one on the earpiece and one on the bottom speaker, theres still a headphone Jack as well, which is always nice to see, and a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone heres a quick background into some of the specs.

The screen is a 1080 by 2400 resolution display it has a snapdragon, 765 g with 5g, but no ultra wide band 5g. It also has 128 gigabytes of storage, six gigabytes of ram wi fi ac and an eight megapixel front facing camera and two cameras on the back phone is water resistant, which is honestly a nice feature to have, especially considering the price tag of this device. Google says on their website that the phone has a premium metal unibody, and it feels like that when you tap on it, you can tell its solid, but the outer coating almost makes it feel like hard and smooth plastic instead of metal. While the color is named. Almost black, its more of a really really dark olive, like green heres, the almost black of the google pixel 4a. For comparison, this one actually looks more like black either someone picked the wrong color and google just decided to roll with it or its intentional. The power button and volume buttons are both on the right hand, side of the phone just like last years. Pixels and the power button is textured like a mint green crinkle cut french fry except its not edible. Now lets talk about user experience. The phone performs as well as youd, expect scrolling around the ui, and menus is smooth. The only time i could get it to stutter is when im scrolling really fast for things that need to be loaded through the internet like the youtube homepage.

The camera on the front is still a hole, punch, type design, but with the camera being in the corner, it stays out of the way 99 of the time and you kind of block it from your mind, like that spider in the corner of your garage that You havent killed yet, and you just hope that it doesnt start hungering for human flesh. Um moving on the quality of the front facing camera is acceptable for mid range phone. The speakers from the pixel 5 inc sound pretty good overall and gets plenty loud. Its even loud enough to overpower your bathroom vent in case of a restroom emergency, which is what i consider the gold standard criteria for smartphone speaker volume. However, i do want to note at higher volumes the top half of the phone starts to vibrate when sound comes through, and you can feel it in your hand too. The bottom speaker is also slightly louder and sounds a bit more full than the top earpiece, but its not that noticeable unless youre really looking for it, not that that takes anything away from the phone thats, just something i thought people should know under load and charging The phone at the same time, the phone does get pretty warm, but never enough to make it uncomfortable to hold. I dont play too many mobile games anymore, but the last time i did was genshin impact, so i pulled that up and it handles playing it at 30fps and a mixture of low and medium settings decently.

Fine other tasks like watching youtube, videos and surfing the web runs without a hitch. Photos also look really good coming out of the phone, but do keep in mind that, like previous pixel phones, when you take a picture when you try to look at it right away, theres a slight delay for the image to process. Overall, though, i love what google does with the camera app and ill continue to praise them for this, so that they keep these features. They have features that i love in my full blown dslr, mirrorless camera, for example, when you press on an object to focus on the camera, stays focused on an item until it goes out of frame, or you click on a different item. If you keep the phone still itll, give you a level, so you can get that perfectly level or angled shot that youre. Looking for for quick comparison on how the images look heres, how it compares to my iphone 12 pro in a few different scenarios that im just coming up with on the spot, if you want to pixel peep or look deeper into the camera, there are plenty of Other reviews that can do that better and id suggest looking at those that could be a whole 10 minute, video all by itself. Id rather not hurt my eyes squinting at pictures all day, and those videos would probably do a better job than what i could have done. Pixel 5a can shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second video, and it does it decently, not as well as their photos, but good enough for a mid range phone.

Now. Something i havent mentioned is battery life. The 4 600 milliamp hour battery is fantastic. Ive been using the pixel 5a with moderate usage and ive gotten a day and a half of usage after setup and downloading all your apps, you can expect the light user to go two full days before this guy dies on you. But, of course, this is a good thing, because over time, when batteries do degrade, youll be happy to know that the battery will still be enough to get you through the day unless youre a heavy user then expect to charge pretty much every day with how. Well, this phone does with battery youd think there would be wireless charging on the pixel 5a, but sadly, since this is a mid range phone, that is a feature that they had to admit. So i guess its conclusion time when looking at a phone, we have to consider features youre getting the price youre paying for it and its overall competition. The google pixel 5a does not have a ton of flashy features, but what it can do it does really well. There was research done in late 2018 about what people want most in a smartphone. While this study is basically three years old now and the fact that this graph is awful, no seriously, why does the 86 percent one look way smaller than the 95 one? I think the majority of these features are still the most important things.

A consumer looks for in a smartphone battery, ease of use, storage, durability and camera quality, and within this under 500 price range, the pixel 5a excels in almost all of them. It has a massive battery, considering its price as stock android apps, to avoid overloading the user with a bunch of different apps that do the same thing and it has an okay amount of storage. It also has water resistance for added durability, fantastic camera for the price and, to top it all off, google guarantees three years of software updates. So you just know you can use this phone for a few years with no problems. When you look in this price range its hard to find a smartphone that not only ticks all of these boxes, but does well compared to its competitors. A phone like this kind of surprises me on what a mid range phone is capable of and for the price. This phone is great, its honestly, a shame that this phone is only available in the us and japan, but if you do live in one of these two places and are looking at mid range smartphones id start right here. The google pixel 5a improves upon last years, fantastic pixel, 4a and 4a 5g and costs less than the pixel. 4A 5g did last year, its not a revolutionary upgrade, but this years google pixel 5a is the best mid range pixel. Yet, anyway, what do you think is the pixel 5a, the mid range phone youd personally buy, or is there a different phone that youre looking at altogether whats the sweet spot price for a smartphone? Is it the flagship level prices being around 700 800 900? Or is it more, do you think around the 500 mark, or maybe its the budget mark? Is it 300? Let me know all your thoughts in the comment section below and well.