The phone we have based this review on is running android 10 and is model 504r. If you want to skip to any parts of the review, all navigation times can be found in the description. The alcatel axle is 2.97 inches in width 6.17 inches in length and 0.34 inches in thickness on the front is a 6 inch screen with a resolution of 720 by 1440 and a pixel density of 268.. This at the top right is the led indicator, and next to that is the front facing camera on the back of the phone is the back camera and flash, and here is the fingerprint sensor on the top. Is the 3.5 millimeter jackpot on the bottom? Is the speaker and micro usb port on the right side of the phone? Is the power key and volume keys on the left is where you can add your nano sim and micro sd card and google assistant button Music? The alcatel axle has a 1.8 gigahertz quad core four times a53 processor, which is a mediatek mtk6761d chipset, with two gigabyte of ram and 32gb of internal storage, with up to 128 gigabyte external storage through the use of a micro sd card from first using the phone. There was 19 gigabyte free to the user. I checked this before updating and installing any further applications. The following connectivity features the device has or as follows: wi fi, wi fi, calling bluetooth 5 fm radio and mobile hotspot support the sensors you get on this device is an accelerometer g sensor: gps, a gps proximity light ecompass, fingerprint facial recognition, w e a enabled having A look at what is on the phone starting out there was two screens to swipe through i added an additional six more screens.

Swiping down is where you can view your notifications and access quick settings. Swiping up is where you can see all of your apps. There appeared to be a lot of pre installed, apps or affiliated games and apps. With att in display settings, we have the following: brightness level night light adapted brightness, wallpaper, dark theme, sleep, auto, rotate screen font size, display, size, network name, screen, saver and lock screen display clicking display size lets you make the items on the screen smaller or larger. This is used for making text in messaging apps bigger to read, as shown here. The phone takes around 46 seconds to power up and once up everything swipes through and opens up. There is a slight delay on first setting up and turning the phone on the quality of the screen, and the resolution is slightly pixelated, which is understandable for the price range of the phone and is very noticeable if you are used to higher or mid range phones. In comparison to budget phones, its acceptable and the viewing angles, work well looking from the side and does not lose quality. The games i tested was geometric dash sim city city, island 5 and sky gems. I always like to test geometric dash to see how quick the touchscreen responds, as that is required to play this game. There was no issues with running this game or pressing the touchscreen quickly. This game worked well on here: sky jams and city, island 5 would shut down and not load.

Then, when city island did load up, it would just turn off and bring me back to the phones home screen. A few minutes in this happened a few times with youtuber, also at the very start of using the phone running the 3dmark app. The only demo compatible with the axle is the slingshot. It got a score of four to four a graphic score of three seven one and a physics score of eight five. Five. There is a five megapixel camera on the front and a thirty megapixel camera on the back with led flash loading up. We have six modes to choose from pro video, auto, filter, pano and stop motion. This is to switch cameras. This option is only in video and auto mode. At the top we have flash settings, timer hdr ratio, settings and further settings pressing settings. We have the choice of photo size, video quality, video, stabilization volume, button function, touch to capture, grid storage, save location, information, shutter, sound and reset settings. These first set of photos and videos are taken with the back camera set to auto mode hdr on 9 megapixel at 16×9 and the videos at 1080p, 16×9 30 frames per second with video stabilization honor. Taking a look at these photos, they turned out fairly well. I was very much surprised with how well the focus worked in the photo mode, putting the camera up close to the subject. The autofocus works much better in picture mode than in video mode.

In order for the video to focus on the subject, i had to touch the screen to where i wanted it to focus. As you can see in this video, the last set of photos and videos is from the front facing camera auto mode and set to 4 megapixel 16×9 Music. Since this phone is exclusive, with att theres a lot of notifications to begin with and pre installed, apps that alert you about offers and up very frequently, this can be changed in settings and you will have to disable and uninstall the ones you dont use. So this is fixable, but it was very distracting on first use with the fonts and icons being bigger on this phone. I found using the touchscreen for my size hands very comfortable to use which made texting and typing very easy when i went back to using a different phone after using this for a few days, i found that one harder to text compared to this. The battery in this device lasted fairly well, i watched a few videos on youtube: uploaded photos to instagram and browsed the web for over an hour or so over the span of a day and the battery was down to around 76 towards the end of the evening. Around 9 00 pm from the device being fully charged at 8am in the morning. This was the same over the days. I was testing the phone for this review. The only day where the battery was down to about 59 was the day i was using the camera to take videos and photos.

Seen in this review with alcatels theyve used in the past, the battery has progressively got worse over time and ended up running out very fast over time, which has happened with a lot of phones, its hard to say right now, since i have only been using this For over two weeks now so far, everything seems to be staying in good condition, taking everything into consideration, with the alcatel axle being a budget phone under fifty dollars. It does a great job at offering as much as it can within reason. Normally, budget phones will shine in one area and underperform in another. The axle tries to keep it all within the same area, giving you a good amount of storage, space screen, size and camera, where this phone does shine slightly in terms of the price and specs. Is the autofocus on the camera and the photo quality where the axle slightly underperforms is the screen quality and the performance of some of the games and applications? I would say this phone is better suited for anyone that is looking for a low budget device. That is slightly more wider than it is longer. This caters better to anyone with bigger hands to better hold swipe and text. This phone has a decent camera and is more for basic use. If youre looking for something to play more high, end games or watching a lot of video content, it might be better to spend a little bit more on something else for texting.

Emails calls using social media watching a couple of youtube videos and playing candy crush style games. Then this phone is good for that Music. Thanks for watching.