So my reason for purchasing this um is because i think it will maybe help enhance my videos, hopefully for my channel and its a small lightweight telephoto lens that you can attach to your iphone and i just thought, while im out in the garden, you know i Got lots of birds coming around and the hummingbirds theyre buzzing around my head, and it would just be so nice to be able to stop and be able to zoom in on some of these uh nice wildlife around me, and maybe you know, use it on some Of my videos, i spent a lot of my time working from home now and i have a nice office in the living room, overlooking my front yard and i really become a bird nerd. I got bird baths and bird feeders and lots of finches and chickadees and a whole bunch of different kinds of birds come in to eat and bath, and i just thought this would be really cool to maybe capture some of that as well. So im going to open this up and see whats all about and then well hook it up to my iphone and test it out. So again, here is the box, its quite compact, and it looks like its kind of a mini zoom lens that we should be getting here, and the other thing that was appealing to me is that it comes with a remote. So i thought, if i can, you know, set it up on my camera – stand near the bird bath or some whatever im trying to film, maybe that little chipmunk that im pretty sure is um eating some of my my vegetables in the garden.

I thought i could set it up on a on a tripod and just run the remote from from a distance that i can maybe really get some cool videos Applause. So this is the remote. It looks like the same kind of little mini remote. You get with most of your attachments that go with the iphone, so it comes in this little carrying case, which is kind of cool. Its got a little um clip on it, so you can attach it maybe to your tripod little handle so its easy to carry around. So i like that, its very compact, so it appears to be made out of metal, so it feels pretty solid. So i realized uh. There is no stand with this. It just shows a picture of a stand on the box, but its an extra attachment, of course, that you would have to order, but i do have a couple of my own stands right now, so hopefully this will work with that. So ive attached this piece on here and it seems to turn it into a telescope, so to speak, so you can use it just as a regular telescope. I guess without actually attaching it to your camera. So if i wanted to just look out the window or catch something i can, i can actually see its a very small circle, but it does definitely um bring things a little closer okay. So i think i got this figured out so ive ive just brought one of my little tripods here just so.

This is uh set up and i can attach this easily. So this little gadget here is what is going to go onto your phone. Over top of the lens and just loosen it up and slide it over the camera. Now my personal phone has the double lenses theres, but it looks like it will fit for both so thats good, so im just going to tighten it up, Music see how it works there, so that just screws into that there just tighten it and Music. So this is what it looks like when its all put together. The only part that i didnt add to this was this and i believe, by reading the instructions, if you were to purchase their tripod, that you see in the picture here. This is just a part that would uh youd slide over the lens and it would screw into their tripod, so so were just using mine here. So what im going to do now is im just going to take this around my house and my yard and see if i can capture some some cool stuff using this telephoto lens Music heres. My camera set up in my living room, which um overlooks the bird bath, and this is kind of gives you a visual of what it looks like set up on my tripod. So if i was to just use my camera with the zoom lens standing at the window, this is basically the as close as i can get to the birds that im watching bath here.

So i just want to show you the difference between using your camera. Without the lens and then using the telephoto lens Music, Music, Music, Music Music, so i tried just doing some filming with holding the camera in my hand with this small tripod here and just walking around the yard. I did find that it is a little harder to hold the camera steady and get a steady shot of things so having a stable tripod is actually better for this camera lens. So, im just trying to film this little chipmunk here while holding the camera and as you can see it its a little shaky. So here i was able to capture a cute little gopher snacking on some of the droppings from the bird feeder, and you can use the zoom feature on your camera to get even closer to your subject that youre trying to video or take a photo of Music Music, so heres another setup i did with my tripod. I have it sitting on the bird feeder out by my garden and just having it ready for when some birds, or maybe the little chipmunk, shows up and then just using the remote to press the record button and start videoing. So if you enjoy capturing videos or photos of all the wildlife while youre outside in your garden or yard, or even want to try it from the comfort of inside your house, i give the pixel telephoto lens the thumbs up its an easy to use, economical lens.

That works with any type of smartphone and ive left a link to this item in the description box below.