This is an amazing amoled screen, amoled, meaning that it shows you complete, blacks and complete whites. It gives you the absolute contrast when viewing your content, which is what every content creator loves. This is probably going to be the best screen thats in your house period and ill say it again. The best screen thats going to be in your house, its actually the best thing thats in my house. I have a pc that i edit off of a monitor. I think its color calibrated and everything, but this screen blows that out of the water. Why? Because that screen cannot display true blacks, the amoled technology found in this one is the same technology that youd find in samsung more expensive tv offerings. Ah, the 4k tvs all those nice stuff – 60 80s, 45 inch stuff like that, but this time they dont scale it and theyve always been doing this im, not sure im saying this theyve always been doing this. I think, since the galaxy s2, or maybe even the s1, but they dont scale it into their mobile phones, to make it really really easy for us to enjoy really good content. This phone was a flagship from about two years ago and it really does hold up in terms of screen quality. I upgraded from the note 9 because i realized that that screen was kind of pale kind of desaturated and how it displayed stuff and im not knocking samsung. For this they tried they tried to move away from the super saturated look that were all used to.

They came up with the note 9, but it was kind of underwhelming in terms of the screen because it had like, i think, at the time, 6.6 or 6.7 screen, and i really couldnt take advantage of it. But with this phone the samsung galaxy note 10 plus i have the plus version with the samsung galaxy note. 10 plus i can take full advantage of the screen because it has a mode called vibrancy mode. It is more vibrant than the neutral mode, but the thing is its not going to make the picture super saturated or anything. It gives it a more so neutral, look more so neutral than the mode that they have that i think its called neutral or natural yeah. That looks extremely washed out and very similar to what the samsung galaxy note. 9 was so i dont use that mode at all. If you want extra customization of the screen and the colors, you can adjust the rgb scales, um theyre right there in the settings display settings as a matter of fact in the samsung galaxy note, 10 plus, coming from the note 9, i can say this phone has Been a worthwhile upgrade in terms of the camera system in terms of speed and in terms of the overall aesthetic of the device it is beautiful to look at for a two year old phone. This has a held up surprisingly well in 2021, the note 9 had a significant chain and also a bezel that i really kind of grew out of seeing the new offerings from samsung so thats.

One of the reasons why i went to the note 10 plus because of that uninterrupted kind of full immersive experience when reviewing my content. Looking at my photos, its a joy to use and samsung has this feature im, not sure if you guys know, but samsung has this feature where you can connect two bluetooth devices to it at once. So there was a time me and my fiance: we were watching a movie and i connected her bluetooth device, my bluetooth device and were watching the movie streaming, the audio to both bluetooth devices. At the same time, it was amazing what samsung devices are able to accomplish. I think thats the reason you guys should also consider this device because imagine walking into a room. You just dropped a bummer video. There are no other screens to watch this on, but your phone screen, your friends, have bluetooth devices. You connect the phone to both bluetooth devices and you just run playback both bluetooth devices. Both bluetooth speakers will get the playback and youll have a loader and fuller audio coming towards your audience by the people that youre, showing having one on the right of the room and having one on the left of the room makes that steering experience that much better. So i think, thats a really cool feature and potentially a reason why you guys could consider this samsung phone okay. This phone is definitely for content creators because of this s, pen, the s pen, one minute the s pen is spectacular.

Knowing that i can set my phone up somewhere, okay, let me backtrack a little bit im. Getting a bit too excited. Samsung has a feature where you could use this as a shutter release button. Essentially, you could prop your phone up somewhere if theres, no one available to take your photo and use this thing here as a switcher release button, you could also use it to snap gifs yeah. You could use it for snapchats to make gifs of videos that you see on the internet or anywhere else on your phone screen lets say: youre watching a youtube video. You see a sick color grade, or you see a sick moment happening in a video. You need to share it with your friends. You could use this s pen. There are some features in the phone that essentially allow you to create a 15 second gif of that video or anything at all. Um. You could be scrolling anything at all on your phone. You could use this to essentially create a gif of it. If youd like to screenshot a conversation you had with somebody like a full conversation, you could essentially use this and continuously capture that information as you scroll and whats up. So i think the addition of this espan is really cool and makes it super easy and convenient to capture more content for you content creators. One of the features that hands down sold on this particular device is a feature called samsung dex.

Essentially, it turns your phone into a fully functional, desktop experience. The steps are connect, your phone to a monitor. You can get your keyboard or mouse and thats completely optional, because you can use the phone screen as a trackpad and as a keyboard, but you could connect your bluetooth devices to it, namely mouse and keyboard. And if you have the right dongle, you could connect your sd card directly to the samsung device, thats being streamed on your tv in a full, desktop experience. All your photos now are unlocked and you can edit all of them in lightroom, folder lightroom on your mobile device, and you get a desktop experience to edit all your photos. Editing video is a different story. I believe there are two apps that i trust really for editing. Videos, thats premier rush and the kind master kind master is a kick ass app. You guys could check it out its a paid app, but its still wonderful, its wonderful, its totally worth it. It can. Edit 4k, it can do quick transitions, it can color grade. Essentially. So, if you have flat footage, it has presets in there that you can use to export a really bomb video. Also, you can add text and experience it. Its really good samsung dex also allows you to open multiple windows on your samsung device, so google chrome, whatsapp instagram. It allows you to manage all of those simultaneously. This device, the samsung galaxy – note 10 plus its a powerful device.

If it allows you to do all of these things plus more on samsung decks, trust me check it out its going to blow your mind. Lets talk about price. The last time i went on amazon, i saw the samsung galaxy note 10, plus for just around 490 498 theyre about pretty much under 500 refurbished, i believe so its fine to buy refurbished. I bought refurbished devices already the note that i have now its second hand. It wasnt uh refurbished, but it was pretty pretty good and for 500. Essentially, what i saw was that you got 256 gigabytes of storage. You get 256 gigabytes of storage. Imagine what would happen if you expand that storage and yes, you can expand your storage, so you can put in a 512 gigabyte a 512 gigabyte sd card to add to your 256 gigabyte sd card. Thank you, milota thats, a lot of storage. You could store a lot of videos on that. You can store client work to show to people. You can do so much of that storage and mind you all this plus. The features are listed before under 500. Where are you going to find a modern? Kick ass phone under 500 today today that has a gorgeous screen and it has all of these amazing features. You get all these features, plus the ones i listed before you get them for under 500.. Where else in 2021, are you going to find such an amazing offering? That gives you all these features, plus a spin? You can capture gifs of videos to share with your friends dancing on a cake for me.

Was the ultralight camera coming from the note 9? I didnt have an ultra white camera and i knew i wanted to capture bts from my photo shoots. Yes, im primarily a photographer im dabbling into video and now that you know about my video journey going forward. But i love bts photos and sometimes im in some really calm spaces where the standard camera on my phone, just it cant capture all my soft boxes. So this ultra wide feature enables me to capture everything everything in one photo without even stepping back to recompose. That is powerful for me and the ultrawide camera isnt bad, its really really good. As a matter of fact, all the cameras on the phone are really really good. The telephoto the standard and the ultra wide this phone was a flagship from two years ago. Samsung put everything that they had in it, and technology from two years ago still holds up today. You dont need the samsung galaxy note, 21 or note 20, ultra plus whatever that is you dont need it. Why? Because this phone holds up with all these features, i think you should really consider having the samsung galaxy note. 10. In your arsenal. It has amazing cameras. It has the s pen, which is just mind blowing for what you can do. It has samsung deck samsung. Dex is an amazing feature, gives you a desktop interface guys? This is a package that comes to you in under 500, need, i say, no more its under 500.

So please really do consider this device its a very powerful device, and i knew what i was getting into before i bought it, and i was still amazed so thats my take on why i think the samsung galaxy note 10 plus, is a content.