Fold. 3.. Now, like i said this is an ultra thin glass screen protector. As you can see right here, ultra thin glass shatter resistant layer, flexible layer, flexible adhesive, so white stone dome was able to get some ultra thin flexible glass. So we can be able to protect that inside display of our galaxy z full three now i have been using white stone dome for a long time now on many of my devices, almost all of my devices, whatever device they do have these available for, and they Always hold up great, at least for me. Ive had nothing but a good experience with using white stone dome on my devices, but today we are going to be installing it on the galaxy z, full 3. im, not gon na lie im a little bit nervous its my first time installing something like this. On a foldable device but lets go ahead and get started so the first thing we want to do is power off your device. You want to make sure your device is powered off and then we are going to remove any pre existing screen protectors that might be on your inner display. So if your phone did come with a film screen protector, you can go ahead and just peel that off so we can be able to install this new one. So let me go and see if i can get in there and peel this one off and there we go got it.

You want to try to be as careful as possible. You do not want to damage that inside display im just going to go ahead and pull it off just like that there. It is look at that. Look at that, okay, so im gon na set this over to the side. For now, as you can see, i already got everything spread out and ready to go. You wan na make sure you are ready to go before you start anything. Make sure you have everything prepared that way. You can keep going without having to stop, and you know, look for a certain part that you may need. So what were going to do now is take. This rig right here make sure its upside down just like this, and then were going to take this plastic piece right here, its kind of hard to see on camera, but it looks just like this were going to put it right in the back. Just like that, and just run your finger down, it make sure it sticks, and what this is here to pretty much do is to just make sure that this isnt sliding around on your table while installing this screen protector. So at this point we can now turn this around. Just like that. There we go so as you can see its helping. It stay nice and secure on the desk so its not going to slide around, and then we are going to take this piece right here and just slide it right into this slot right there just like that, make sure its in there nice and secure there.

We go and then once youve done, that we can now put our galaxy z fold three inside of the rig right here. So you can see we have a little opening for the camera there so just make sure the device isnt backwards or anything like that there. We go and it fits right in there just like that, nice and easy. So at this point we can now clean that inside display. So the first thing well do is get the wet wipe that comes into the box. Go ahead and open this up right here. There we go and well just go ahead and wipe the inside make sure its nice and clean free of any fingerprints any stains. Anything like that. You just want to make sure its nice and clean there. We go, looks nice and clean to me. Im going and put this back over here then well, take the dry cloth and just go ahead and dry off that moisture there just like that. There we go and then you want to make sure you dont, have any dust and by the way, make sure you do this in a dust free environment so were going to get this dust absorbing sticker right here, go ahead and peel this off there we go And then just go around the display like that. That way, it can pick up any dust that may have fallen on that inside display whoops all right there. We go a little hard to do this behind camera, but im going to do the best that i possibly can so thats.

One reason im a little nervous to do this, because i am doing it behind the camera, which makes it just a little bit harder and it does look a bit intimidating. Im not gon na lie all right. There we go so it looks like i got all the dust off of my display. Okay, so at this point this is where we take our glass screen protector. You wan na be very careful with it because you dont wan na break it. So, as you can see, we got some holes right here on the plastic on the top and the bottom here and what were going to do before i start doing it. Just let me explain it real quick, so were going to take this uh bottom film off were going to pull that over were going to turn it around and then place these holes on top of these parts. Sticking up right there. So its going to rest on these little pieces that are sticking up like that. Just like this, so let me go ahead and take this off and then ill be back once i get it on there, its kind of hard to do this behind camera, but thats. Why i wanted to explain it to you before? I actually do it, so we got that on next thing. Youre gon na do is take this piece right here with the four holes and just set it right on top of the plastic here boom.

Just like that. Okay, so now that i got that on where it needs to be, were going to take our little squeegee tool right here and just simply put it on the screen like this and push really slow just like that all along the device. Now, once we get to the folding part of the phone were going to kind of stop, there make sure theres no bubbles in the middle. If there is were going to have to start all over, but if theres not, then we can just keep on going for uh the rest of the display. So lets go ahead and do this put the squeegee right on just like that. There we go and then im just gon na push. Slowly now you want to apply a little bit of pressure, so you make sure you dont get any air bubbles or anything like that. There we are so weve made it to the middle of the device. So lets make sure theres no bubbles there. I dont see any bubbles. Its looking good lets, go ahead and continue on nice and slow nice and slow trying to be very careful here and there. It is everythings. Looking good so now well take our squeegee again, but this time were going to use the smaller side of the squeegee there and just kind of go over it, make sure its on there good and then go down to the bottom. You just really want to be thorough with this, to make sure that screen protector is on here nice and secure okay, so it looks good to me now.

What we can do is peel up from this side. Go ahead and peel this up. There we go and you can just peel it right up just like that. Oh and you do want to make sure you take off this top plastic piece that we put on earlier and there we go now. We can just take our squeegee one more time. I got i see, i got a little bit of air bubbles right here, im just going to try to push those out and there it is its looking good all right, and at this point we are pretty much all done. We can now take the device out of this casing here, throw that over to the side and look at that super thin glass screen protector, now im going to give it about five minutes before i actually fold it and start using it so ill be back in About five minutes i just want to make sure its on there nice and secure everythings cured, so i do recommend waiting about five minutes before actually using it and giving it its first fold all right all right, so its been about five minutes lets check it out. One thing i did notice is that i did leave a small air bubble here at the top right. You can see it right there and, like i said its a little hard to do this behind camera, but i think i actually did a pretty good job and it actually looks really good.

It doesnt even look like theres a screen protector on this display. Look at that it looks the way it did the way it came out of the box. Looking really really good so lets go ahead and give it its first fold here here we go like i said this is an ultra thin glass boom. Now lets see how it looks once i opened it up. Look at that. Looking good lets go ahead and try using it. It even feels good too, if it actually feels really really good nice and smooth nice and responsive. Look at that, so its not going to affect you using that inside display at all. So if youre, looking for a good uh, ultra thin tempered glass screen protector for that inside display, this is definitely the one to go with that dome silk and, if youre, having any questions about how to remove this say if it gets damaged or anything like that, You need to remove it while it also comes with a remover pack and they actually have a video on their youtube channel which will help you through the removal process. I just installed this right now: im not going to remove it, because this is only a one pack. It does not come with two, but i also have other videos coming. We have a screen protector for the front display as well. This is going to be in a separate video, because these are already long as it is so i have a video coming for this front screen protector as well, and then once this one starts to wear out – and i see that okay, i can replace it.

Then i will be making a video for this one right here. This is actually a premium film screen protector, so its not ultra thin glass, its just a film screen protector. So uh, like i said once i fill this one needs replacing, maybe ill, throw out a video for this one as well, but yall. Let me know what you think down in the comment sections below. What do you think about this ultra thin glass screen protector? If you did get one for yourself and youve been following my video on how to install it, let me know if my instructions helped you out. Thank you so very much for watching. If you like, this video find it helpful make sure to leave it. A huge thumbs up. Dont forget to subscribe, hit that notification bell, so you dont miss out on any other future videos to come thanks. So much for watching ill, see you on the next one.