. So i got both of these in and im excited about it. I got the fold three for myself and i got the flip three for my wife were going to see if she actually likes it or not. But i wanted to go ahead and do a quick unboxing video talk a little bit about um. The phones and you know hopefully help you make a purchase decision. I think i might wait and see if my wife wants to unbox the flip 3 because she always says that i get to open up all the boxes, so i might save that one for her. So im gon na go ahead and unbox the z fold. Three got my handy dandy, unboxing knife and im ready to unbox the new samsung galaxy fold. Three, so i am an avid samsung device user. I love samsung devices um and thats, no not to to any other uh manufacturers out there. I do have um an iphone 12 pro as well, so you know um, i i like those as well but man, i love samsung devices um and not just the mobile devices, but you know even like the washing machine and everything like that. Um we have the vacuum cleaner and all of that so yeah just really really excited to get to use this device um – and i am also an avid note user so having s. Pen, support should be really great uh, but lets go ahead and take this plastic off real, quick, oh man, this is beautiful.

This is a this is a truly beautiful device. I went ahead and got the uh got. Mystic green um and im excited to use it, and this will be replacing my note, 20 ultra um, which is in mystic bronze. So i know that the cameras on this arent as great um but hey, you know i guess its a little bit of the price. You got to pay uh when you do something as ambitious. I guess i would say as creating a folding phone um and speaking of price, this thing is not cheap. This is before any discounts or any trade ins. This is eighteen hundred dollars and dont. Get me wrong its two hundred dollars less than than than last years model um, but thats still a lot of money um. You could buy a honda civic with that money, so um, but im im excited to use it. Look at that all right. So real quick lets talk about that. Folding action so check this out, guys how about that a folding phone, and it feels it feels so solid like this is this is a solid feeling phone um it it it yeah its definitely a little bit thicker for sure. I mean its basically two phones, sandwiched together, but at the same time, if you have a nice size case on your phone, its about the same size as this, and once you had a case of this phone yeah. But did you see that? Did you see that animation? Oh, let me let me see if i can uh see if i can do that again.

Hold on that is nice. All right so were going to go ahead and get started were going to get everything set up on here and get it connected to wi fi and then were going to talk a little bit about it. Some of the features, because you might be curious about this phone and like ive, never seen anything like this before right, um and you know, if you know me youll, be thinking like you know its, not im, not even surprised that that kp has a phone that Folds also in the box, youre gon na have little sim card ejector tool, which is pretty standard uh and inside of the box. Youre. Also gon na have your usb uh type c to usb type c, charging cable, some little quick start. You know, booklet and all that jazz and thats it no charger. Um samsung has joined the train. They are on the bandwagon of no chargers in the box and im not the most excited about it. However, i also know that i have plenty of chargers so im not going to trip about it at all its. It is what it is um it does make the box smaller, and i guess that does help save um save the environment and that that i can get behind all right. Im gon na get this thing set up real, quick and then were gon na talk. A little bit about it all right so ive been on the go all day.

Long uh were all morning and its about noon and i have been uh driving around and still having to get work done getting on meetings and everything, and so this was the perfect opportunity for me to try out my brand new samsung galaxy fold: 3., Music, Music. So, like i said um, i had a lot of work that i still needed to get done today. Um i had some emails come in some things that i needed to you know to take care of. I had to send some documents over to some clients of ours and so um you know being able to do that on. My phone has been super helpful granted. I can do that on. You know i can do a lot of the things that i did on other phones, but im gon na tell you right now the experience of using it on this. With this with the screen, um unfolded man that was like a whole different kind of experience. So having this big of a screen in my pocket, um is wild right because it doesnt stay this way right it it folds up, and so you know i can make it a lot smaller than what it is and then being able to unfold. It out has been super helpful, so i had a client today, um one of my clients had asked about um some invoices that um that didnt come through their email and so for things that we had charged them for, and so they asked us if we could Send them over, and so i pulled it up and in quickbooks, and i think some of it was in like squarespace or something like that and um, and so being able to pull that up in a full screen, desktop version and get those pdfs was so simple.

It was so easy not only that i was able to do it in multi screen. So i i had like the web browser open. I had gmail open and you know theyre all theyre side by side and i was basically able to like drag stuff over into the email and just drop it in there. That was so clutch that made life so much easier um for me today, while i was getting work done all right, so uh i went to famous toastery and when i sat down there was some a lot of people around and they were well a few people Around and they were talking kind of loudly because uh they were also cutting the grass next door, so i didnt record any audio. I really didnt get as much footage while i was there like i wanted to so. I came around the corner chilling out over here. At this little parking little walking trail, which is the same place, i went when i did my dell review and um and so yeah im gon na do my review from over here. So while i was there, i did get the opportunity to try out a few different things. I wanted to use the s pen, so i did a little bit of creative work for a friend of mine and you know i also watched a little bit of youtube and i had it propped up a certain kind of way and it was funny because, even Though they didnt say anything, uh people would kind of pause, and you know like the waitresses and other people who were eating there.

They would, you know, walk past the table and they saw the phone sitting there, and you know this. This orientation and you know theyre. Looking at it – and they just they kind of just pause for a moment, but they didnt say anything um, it was kind of funny i was. I was actually kind of hoping. Somebody would ask me something about it, but um, but yeah. That was that was kind of cool, so i did get the opportunity to try out the cameras and you know heres a few samples of that. So, first of all the rear facing cameras, they look great and i did have my note 20 with me. I also got some footage using the internal selfie camera thats, underneath the display and and yeah like i said you can, you can see its not the best um and then i also use my front facing camera. Now. You might have noticed im actually going to post the videos here all right, so you might have noticed that when im holding the phone in um portrait mode, its a lot lighter outside – and you dont see anything odd or strange in the video. But when im getting in the truck, you notice that, as it gets darker, you see a line show up and the line is actually moving. So i thought it was hardware at first but im starting to think it might be. Software related. I havent dropped the phone.

I have like none of those things and ive kind of babied it so far. I really really want a case for it, but um yeah. I dont know what that line is about. I am going to contact samsung. They might have to send me another device im. Not going to say that its a problem with the galaxy z4 3 just yet. I also received my phone on the 25th of august, so im pretty sure that this is one of the very first um ones that they actually created or that they um actually produced. So it could just be a little bit of a manufacturing issue. I dont know so: im just going to contact them and hopefully theyll, send me out a replacement, and then i can return this also. You have two speakers, one on the top and one on the bottom, its on the side where the outside screen is. It would have been nice if there were four speakers um, but the two actually sound really really good, especially if you rotate it so that they become left and right speakers. I mean they sound phenomenal and even if youre holding it with the speakers up and down, you almost get a little bit of a surround sound effect, either from from either orientation. Actually so um sounds phenomenal, of course, is usbc still no headphone jack. I dont know. I mean were not expecting those to come back anytime soon. Are we and the finish that uh is on here? Is a matte texture, its kind of slippery? So you want to make sure youre gripping it pretty tightly um and, of course mine is in the mystic green all right.

So now that its a new day uh, i do still have to come back and talk about the battery. So after using it all day. Yesterday, it did pretty good and even today, im currently at 72 percent and uh dont know if its focusing on that yeah still at 72 ive been using it all morning and i actually turned on enhanced uh processing. So it does have a little bit more processing power, but it certainly will use more battery power now so its not too bad at all. Um so far to me, its pretty comparable to my note 20. Even though the battery is smaller and i have a whole lot more screen that im using um – and i have two 120 hertz panels in here – right, like thats, using a lot of battery, but i guess because of that new technology. You know that theyre, using on the um folding screen supposed to use 25 less battery and the um, even though these are 120 hertz displays, they actually uh reduce uh the frame rate so that when youre, just looking at like a static image, its not using nearly As much power as if, though you were, you know scrolling and doing different, you know different things that require animation. So i think that is really helpful. It does make the battery last a little bit longer um, but yeah i mean its doing pretty good. So far, so i cant complain about that all right, so im out at brookdale village, which is in huntersville its a really nice area, great shops and restaurants and its also a housing area as well.

So people actually live above the um stores and restaurants and have a nice little green area, movie theater and everything like that really nice outdoor area. If you want to experience it, i enjoy coming out here. So i figured why not go ahead and come out here to talk about the s pen. I love having the s pen on the note 20 and the other note devices, which is why ive had the note uh since the fourth model that came out. I love the fact that now we have s pen support on the xefo 3. having it on such a large screen makes it amazing um its really nice to write on. I just really wish it had a silo to put the pin into that. Actually makes a big difference between this and the the note series so because this does not have somewhere for me to put the pin im having to carry it around this little pouch or get some kind of case for the pin to go into so thats. A little frustrating, i guess um, but you know if i could just slide it into the bottom. I mean that would be dope. That being said, i do like having this size of a pen to write on um. This actually makes a world of difference when i am trying to write because its more comfortable to be honest with you, its better than the the smaller stylus or s pen.

That comes with the galaxy note. 20 ultra. So i will say that i guess its a bit of a trade off um, you get, you know portability or you get a better writing experience. So what are my overall impressions with the galaxy z43 uh man? This is a. This is a nice phone. This is uh, i guess the real the real way to answer this is im gon na keep it its gon na, replace my note, 20 and um yeah im pretty excited about it, its its not perfect, um theres, some things that i would do differently for sure, But i think this is such a solid step in the right direction and i really enjoy using it. It has made my my work easier to get done in just a short amount of time and uh. I, like the form factor of it, even though it is thicker. Even the hoodie is heavier i like being able to carry basically a a tablet in my pocket. Um thats also still a phone, so i really like um how this phone works. I think the battery life is is decent, at least for my use, um, and i think that uh, you know its definitely something that can be used for fun. You know entertainment, gaming movies, videos and stuff like that um in a better way than what you could have done on just a standard, candy bar type of phone. Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are down below hit the like button.

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