This is the btg one, and this right here this is the btg2. Now both of these are gaming focus bluetooth, headphones. They feature 13 millimeter drivers, they offer a solid battery life and truck also claims that you are getting a 60 millisecond low, latency gaming mode with both of these headphones. Now, how much of that is true lets find out hello, everyone amania from mr phone and before we begin motivate us by hitting the like button subscribe, if you havent already and turn on the bell, so that you dont miss any of our latest videos: Music, okay, Design wise both the btg1 and btg2, are surely going to grab eyeballs with their aggressive, green, led lights up front on the case, and while this is loud, it kind of looks cool and, besides the different looking cases, everything about the btg1 and btg2 is the same. That is the earbuds design, the features the specs everything coming to the earbuds themselves. They are very light and, while i dont know the exact number im guessing, these would be about 4 grams, each even on the stem here, youre getting led lights, theres, true branding, youre. Getting dual mics: these are touch enabled and they are ipx4 water resistant as well speaking of being touch enabled. The controls are very simple: a single tap on either butt plays or pauses the music, and it also lets you answer calls long press on the left pad plays the previous track, while a long press on the right bud plays the next track.

Finally, a double tap lets you summon the google assistant or siri and a triple tap on the right, but lets you toggle between low latency game mode and normal mode. I found the touch controls on these. To be quite finicky, i mean you have to hit the right spot in order to register the command. Otherwise, the touch function just doesnt work besides youre, not getting any dedicated app to tweak the settings to change the equalizer or to check the remaining battery left on these and youre also not getting any quick switching features so thats a bummer. Apart from this, the outer shell of the earbud has a 45 degree angle and the design is quite reminiscent of the airpods pro. As for the silicon tips, the medium sized come pre applied, but you can always choose between the small and large sized ones that come bundled in the box as for the fit they were snug in my ears and because of the lightweight build. They are very comfortable. Even after wearing them for long sessions, so no complaints regarding ear fatigue moving on the case features a 300 mah battery. While i have no information on how much battery capacity each bud has, but anyway, you can expect excellent battery life on offer here. In my usage, with around 70 volume, both btg1 and btg2 were able to last about six to seven hours on a single charge, not to mention with the case. You can additionally charge the buds about three to four times and the charging itself is done via a usb type c port, so full charge.

It takes roughly about two and a half hours thats for the case and about one and a half hours thats for the buds, okay, finally, on to the sound quality and the game latency test. So for connectivity there is a bluetooth 5.1 on btg1 and btg2, and you are getting 13mm drivers that support aac codec in music mode and sbc codec, while in low latency mode. So in terms of the listening experience well, the performance is just oakish and nothing great. Here now the buds are unapologetically bass, heavy. The beats sounded too boomy for my liking, and sometimes it was even uncomfortable to listen to tracks at high volumes. I also found the bass to overpower the mid frequencies. I mean even for a song like pashmina by amitri vedi, where the vocals of the singer shine. I could hardly feel the impact there, so the mid frequencies could have been tuned much better. Apart from this, even the highs lacked excitement and sounded dull. Okay, now coming to the game, latency test, so im quickly, going to give you guys a demo of how they sound and has the latency during gaming, Music, Music, Music, its Music Music. Okay, so i tried my best to showcase the low latency mode here and according to me, the feature definitely works. I mean i have felt that the latency was near negligible while playing games such as call of duty, mobile or a bgmi, but you guys also heard the difference between the normal mode and the game mode.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments so guys right now, im recording a separate video on the real me gt master edition. The audio is being captured on these. These are the btg tools, so the dual mics are in action. So let me know what do you guys think about the audio output the pan is on the ac is on so yeah. You can hear the environmental noise as well. So let me know what you think about the overall audio quality that you are hearing right now. So yeah in the comments in a nutshell, the true btg1 and btg2 are made for gaming. They are advertised for offering low latency and they do their job pretty well also when it comes to the fit and comfort, as i said, theyre lightweight and even after long sessions of gaming, i did not feel any kind of ear fatigue. So if youre a gamer and you want a solid low, latency tws under 2000 rupees, these wont disappoint you. However, if you want this specifically for listening to music or watching movies, i would say there are better options than this and thats all for my review of the trucker btg1 and btg2, so guys. As always, i leave your thoughts in the comments below and for all, the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the next one.