We need a case to protect her brand new phone Music. Hey guys. Welcome back to the channel today were going to take a look at the unbreakable iphone case. Now this fits the iphone 7 8 and se 2020 model. Hey. Are you looking for a simple yet stylish case for your iphone 7, 8 or se 2020 model well check out the unbreakable case, thats available on amazon for 14.99. It looks like there are three colors to choose from. I went with the dark blue, but in case you like black or the dark green is also available. All right here we go. I love unboxing, especially with my moms new phone. We have to make sure you know you protect your smartphones because its a big investment and i decided to go with the the dark blue color there it is, it looks like it comes with this wipe and also another wet wipe all right. This is what the case looks like the inside. It looks like its got: some almost like 3d etching right there like so it acts as a grip. Also now this supposedly fits iphone, 7 8 and sc 2020 model, and the case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. All right now on the back where it fits the camera, it has the one millimeter raised higher to protect the camera lens. In case you drop it. It has unbreakable logo down here, but smallly edged in small leather, small font, so it doesnt, you know, make it too show offy if thats even a word all right and its got precision, cuts for your chart parts and also the audio and also grips on both Sides and the rocker panels for the volumes and the power switch in the volume switch and also for the for the on off switch, so lets go ahead and test it out and see how it fits.

I actually also have an iphone 7 right here. Okay, it fits look at this, but todays review is supposed to be for the my moms brand new iphone se all right, but at least now we know it fits in iphone 7.. I dont have an eight with me, but im pretty sure its pretty much. The same size here is the iphone se. 2020 model im actually doing unboxing too. Today all right lets fill it in fits in easily a snug fit all right. So you see the raised edges. It features a 0.2 millimeter raised front edge recess. So in case, if you drop it on the face, it will not hit the ground. You know the glass touching the ground, so the raised edge right there, the rocker buttons for the volume are centered, see how responsive they are. Wow. Look at this very nice and also on the bottom, for the charge parts and also for the audio speakers. They look pretty much centered, so it wont be an interference when you charge it with the cable and speaking of which i have the charge cable right here. This is the lightning cable, so you would charge it see its centered and on the right side you have the power button, easy like that, and on the back there is the camera button with the one millimeter raised bevel, so it protects the camera lens and also The flash – and it looks pretty good so lets pretend i actually dropped this imagine this box was the concrete okay.

So, as you see there is the raised bevel edges, so it wont touch the screen. I dont know if you guys, can see it or not. This distinct enough built in where it will not touch the screen, see i like that wow. I know my moms gon na be happy with this case because look at this see the clear coat kind of like resembles one of those fancy cars. You know those fancy paints yeah, you dont see these too often, and sometimes you dont want the logo to be showing too much its definitely a kind of like a minimalistic style but yeah. It offers a good level of protection from droppers, especially with these rubber pads. On both sides, so it doesnt really slip. I like it. Its premium cut nicely made and we know that it fits iphone 7 and iphone sc 2020. I have no doubt it will also fit an iphone 8..