So you might have seen that i posted a picture of this phone on twitter and i asked just: would you rock a phone like this, and the answers were mostly two things. One uh no just make the rest of the phone thicker to match the thickness of the camera bump just add some battery and make it flush or two yeah if the camera is actually amazing, all right. Well, that being said, lets just jump straight into this camera. Shall we also stay tuned to the end of this video, where i have a trailer for retro tech season, two, its finally ready and its a worlds largest in some way? So the primary sensor is the worlds largest camera sensor in a smartphone. Then the ultra wide gives you the worlds largest field of view. The widest ultrawide of any ive, seen in a smartphone and the zoom at 120x is the biggest zoom in any smartphone. So far, so right off the bat on paper, pretty impressive. So all right, the main camera. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a one over 1.12 inch sensor. That is really close to one inch. You know what else has a one inch sensor: the sony rx100. Now, of course, that also has a whole real optical zoom lens, and it can do a lot more, its a dedicated point and shoot, but to fit nearly the same size sensor inside a smartphone is pretty incredible, well its kind of hard to understand how awesome that Is so that 50 megapixel sensor bends down to 12 megapixels has an f, 1.

95 aperture and ois now for the time, so, literally any time you have a close up subject, you can count on the background being blurred out of focus. None of these shots are portrait mode. This is just straight snapping photos. It absolutely epitomizes that big sensor look in a smartphone, but guess what that also means. If you have even more close up subjects like i do youre going to start to see fringing around the outsides, because the plane of focus is so thin that most of the object, unless its flat is actually going to be slightly out of focus. Weve seen this from other big sensor smartphones, i do really like the processing, though i got ta, say its very naturally sharp its not like this over processed hyper sharpened. Look like ive seen a lot lately, so these are just some of the photos ive been taking with it theres plenty of detail and information and when you zoom in they retain that detail. So that parts really nice. Aside from that, though, the colors arent, really all that amazing to me the hdr works. Well, though, it does still occasionally overdo it, and the fringing sometimes gets really annoying. When you have very close up subjects – and i take a lot of those – but generally this camera is quite nice and not looking over processed until night time, so that huge sensor is the xiaomi is a little brighter and, more importantly, it took less time than the Other one all right so then the ultra wide, this ultra wide camera with a 128 degree field of view.

So look ive seen a lot of ultrawides on the back of phones in my day ever since that lg g5 and i think its safe to say this – is the widest ultra wide ive. Seen yet gives you the biggest field of view, and it has a lot of the same processing characteristics as the main camera, its 48 megapixels and its got the detail, the pretty flat color the hdr. But what i noticed is because its so incredibly wide boom. You got yourself another 48 megapixels at a 5x optical zoom, which can take you up to a 120x software trick. Samsung does by showing you where you are in the overall frame when youre zooming in so you at least have an idea of what youre looking at but most stuff you shoot past about 50x just looks not great and the 120x photos just look like a smear Of pixels, like a guessing game, unless you know exactly what youre looking at its not going to be great, i file this directly into the novelty drawer, but there is no doubt that you can get much much sharper like 5 to 20x zoom photos from this camera And they still have shallow depth of field, which is pretty nuts. All three of these cameras will shoot night mode photos and all three of these cameras will also shoot 8k video, which is pretty great. Although 8k video is locked up to 24 fps, so i found myself shooting in the correct frame rate at 4k 30.

. You can also do 4k 60, but pretty impressive on the video front, and you can see the staggered hdr really working here. I feel like i can see way more into the shadows with this video camera like in clips like this, you can switch also somewhat smoothly between between all three cameras, while shooting video at 4k, which is sweet, and i was impressed with the color consistency between all Three cameras: now the minimum focus distance is not nearly the same from the telephoto when it kicks in. So if youre shooting something close up, probably dont switch the telephoto. But aside from that, whether you like the color tuning or not theyve, gotten it very consistent between all the cameras, its good stuff, but something else, ive noticed with me, 11 ultra. It seems to be working really in certain time periods and the camera was the culprit. Here but the other thing i noticed is just camera bump by adding a screen to the back, because why not? So i actually had to think about this im, not sure if it actually is the biggest ever camera bump by volume. Just because phones like the lumia 1020 exists, but this display on the back here is pretty funny fun fact its actually the same display thats in xiaomis me band 5., its like they realized they had some extras left over and just thought hey. Why dont we put these in the back of the phone, so its a 1.

1 inch ammo led touchscreen with a 126 by 294 resolution, its not super sharp at all. I can literally see pixels and its also not very bright, but it can show you a couple things. It can show you the time, your battery status and a notification light. If you have any waiting for you – and i can also show you any number of pre loaded images with a black background – thats kind of cool – if you just want a cactus on back your phone all the time but theres – also a whole customizer built into the Software, where you can put a text quote permanently on the back of your phone or even upload your own custom image. Hence the thumbnail for this video, not quite as custom as the rog phone 5 ultimate, but its up there, but really the only actually useful thing. Ive seen it do is act as a tiny viewfinder for the main camera, so you can take high quality selfies on those massive sensors. You can zoom in and out, and everything and thatll be a much higher quality selfie than the perfectly average 20 megapixel selfie camera. Could ever manage other than that, but not as impressive as 67 watt wired charging and 67 watt wireless charging on an optional xiaomi wireless cable indoors outdoors, pretty much everywhere and honestly, its got pretty much every other high end spec. You can actually think of in a phone like just name a high end spec in your head.

This phones got it all right. Great haptics, check ip68 check. Reverse wireless charging, yeah check 10 watts, its got an ir, blaster, okay, great speaker, quality. Oh double check, check. Theres harman kardon, dual stereo speakers on the top and the bottom and its all wrapped up in xiaomi software. That ive talked about a little more in my me, 11 video, but that i do think is also getting really good. This phone does it all short of levitating, but i just do want to land back on that build one more time. You see the photos and the crazy bump on the back of the phone, and it just looks like a lot, but once you actually start to use the phone, i found that my finger, i naturally like kind of rested right underneath the camera sort of propped it Up like that, and i was kind of nice – and so i know a lot of you were saying: oh just just make this phone thicker, give it a 10 000 milliamp hour battery and get rid of the camera bump, but this phone is already quite heavy. Its a ceramic back phone first of all and if i weight it, which i did literally up against some of the other flagships, its one of the heaviest. And so, if you add all of that battery, you lose the grip of the camera and then its just one big slick thing like i get where youre coming from, but i feel like its surprisingly, not too top heavy with this current design, and i actually dont Mind it so just something that you get a difference between seeing the phone and actually using the end of that.