OnePlus Nord 2 full In depth review in Bangla || Amazing, but you should wait!

One plus beverage head demand city 1200 processor, even eating into benchmarking results. I dont know why benchmarking results will be inconsistent, but after could be challenged, character decisions, hello, definitely enthusiastic in to disappoint a decision until you are searching for it like photo, is a fantastic device. Thats right a faster charging operation […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Whitestone Dome Glass INSTALL & REVIEW

Fold. 3.. Now, like i said this is an ultra thin glass screen protector. As you can see right here, ultra thin glass shatter resistant layer, flexible layer, flexible adhesive, so white stone dome was able to get some ultra thin flexible glass. So we can be able to protect that inside display of our […]

Alcatel Axel Review

The phone we have based this review on is running android 10 and is model 504r. If you want to skip to any parts of the review, all navigation times can be found in the description. The alcatel axle is 2.97 inches in width 6.17 inches in length and 0.34 inches in thickness on the […]

Realme Narzo 30 review in bangla || A good deal!

Camera performance shock issue, experience day to day life, videos, foreign ips panel, jetty, overshoot, full hd, plus resolution air evolving into 1’0. Hertz on ui transition theyve been on a busy smooth moon hobby, especially up into the previously high refrigerator magically so performance, oriented user, generous and bishops attack best performing phone, chats […]


I cho thi em nm v; tr; u tin s; l phn, khc, gi, r, gi, t 2, cho n 4 triu ng l, chic, realme C1, nm 2021 k, t khi vo my c ra mt th mnh ngh, l, n Nhn, b, ngoi, th, n bnh, thng Khng khc g, so vi nhng […]

Amazing Garden Photography – Unboxing and Review for Smartphone Telephoto Lens

So my reason for purchasing this um is because i think it will maybe help enhance my videos, hopefully for my channel and its a small lightweight telephoto lens that you can attach to your iphone and i just thought, while im out in the garden, you know i Got lots of birds coming around […]

Huawei Nova 2 Smartphone Unboxing IN Ethiopia || Huawei Nova 2 review in amharic selfie camera 20MP

1 inch, FHD Front camera 20MP, 2950 MAh Battery Android 7, Dual camera 12 8Mp sony, Exmor, f1.

Samsung galaxy Note 10 smartphone review content creators will also appreciate

This is an amazing amoled screen, amoled, meaning that it shows you complete, blacks and complete whites. It gives you the absolute contrast when viewing your content, which is what every content creator loves. This is probably going to be the best screen thats in your house period and ill say it again. The best […]

Using the Galaxy Z Flip 3! Finally time to Buy a Foldable Phone ? Review & Thoughts

Thank you for tuning in to another. Video today were going to be taking a look at the brand new samsung galaxy z, flip 3 device. Now i have been lucky enough to be using this for the past four ish days. This is actually my first time using a foldable phone or technology for […]

SABINETEK SmartMike+ REVIEW | Bluetooth Microphone for Smartphones

The video quality on a phone is so good, but the audio always lacks. So this series is going to be about using different gimbals different wireless microphones, bluetooth, microphones or actual microphones like this, where you can attach them and different accessories for using on your smartphone were also going to be talking about […]