POCO M2 Reloaded Review in Bangla || Worthy of TK15k?

It is out of the box spots in android 10, not 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enfeR1ujO4o

3X Telephoto Lens for all Smartphones without losing quality! – MOVO SPL TELE Review

I wan na ask you if you have an iphone or maybe a phone, that doesnt have a telephoto lens, because most of the phones right now they usually have the wide lens and the ultra wide lens today were going to show you a fix for that, because This is from movo, and this […]

Top 5 Budget Smartphones Under $300 / ₦150,000 (2021)

. This is the Samsung Galaxy Z, Fold3 5G, the elder brother, its of course a folding phone.. This costs 1799, which is almost 900000 almost a million Naira.. Not everyone can afford to spend a million naira or half a million naira.. I couldnt when I started making videos. This video is for those […]

What $450 Gets You in a Smartphone: Pixel 5a Review

A budget friendly version of the pixel is exactly that an android smartphone that starts at 450 u.s. Is this mid range smartphone? Any good well lets find out with a little review before we begin. I want to note something ill: send this phone by the google pixel team thats, why theres special hashtags […]

Review Realme 8 Pro – Nuevo Smartphone Android 2021

Lo que le da un aspecto bastante nico al telfono, no se nota un telfono premium pero me gusta cuando hacen diseos, con la tapa de atrs, el telfono, mide 16 centmetros de largo por 73 de ancho y 81 milmetros de grueso y pesa, 176 gramos est disponible. En tres colores azul y negro […]

Unboxing Review Smartphone Motorola Moto G10 64GB SnapDragon 460 – Vale a pena comprar? Confira

Abrir aqui para facilitar na hora do vdeo as especificaes e os dados tcnicos, so Dual SIM Dual Sim voc gente que contm 2 chips, aquele chip, no o menorzinho, processador octa core 1.7 GHz; Hertz Chipset Snapdragon 461, o 64GB polcia podemos expandir para at 1024, GB com, Carto de memria, a tela de […]

TCL 10se 128/4gb Smartphone Review.

52, hd plus tiene 48 megapixels la cmara principal 5 de profundidad y 2 de megapxeles macro Es opta por 128 gigas de memoria interna y 4 gigas de ram y la batera de 4, mil cantes como ven la cajita, csl s; 10 s vamos a proceder, a abrirla, a cada lado desde el […]

Mi Band 6 Unboxing & Review,1.56 Inch Oled Display,SPo2,14 Days Backup || In Telugu ||

I, like sleep tracking and, at the same time, stress monitoring sensors in an activation. You put should happen around 62 of the charging stress thats all for today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvs8E89evfc

Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 – Unboxing, Setup and In-Depth Review

What we have is we have the samsung galaxy 3 5g. So in this video, what were going to do is we are going to be unboxing doing a first time setup and a review of this smartphone. So lets dive in and get started right away, so lets lift up the box and see […]

Review DJI OM 4 – Handheld 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer 2021

We will introduce how to set up dji om4 for the first time and demonstrate how to use it open the package of the product and take out dji om4 and its accessories Music. Before using please download the dji memo app after installing the app you can choose. The magnetic phone clamp or magnetic […]