iPhone 13 Pro Max GOLD Unboxing & 72 Hour Review – The TRUTH!

Its the truth so far hope it helps. If my voice sounds a little bit funny. I apologize. I went to a wedding a couple of days ago and i probably had a little bit too much fun and im still feeling a little bit: ropey Music Applause, so the iphone 13 pro max comes […]

iPhone 13 Review // Best Camera System On Any Smartphone

If you missed the video go check the last video, where we just show all of the footage that we shot, including all of that fpv, goodness Music. I had a little bit of issues there, but we got it done uh incredible time here at the hinter house. Here are my thoughts on the […]

🔥El mejor SMARTPHONE de TODOS🔥|Huawey MATE 40 PRO Review pero en CHINA

9 milmetros de alto 75 punto 5 milmetros de ancho y 9.1, milmetros de grosor todo Esto con 112 gramos de peso, a excepcin de la versin de cuero vegano que tiene un grosor de 9.5 milmetros es un poquito. Ms gruesa que la versin convencional que todos tienen de cristal en cuanto, a los […]

realme GT 5G Review in English | Best Gaming Smartphone ?

Well, hello, everyone i am prabhupada and youre watching vgr, india and todays video. I will be reviewing the all new realme gt5 g ill, be telling you about its all the specifications and features and what all this phone offers so lets take a look at the look and feel of this phone Music. […]

Movo SPR-5 Metal Smartphone Video Rig REVIEW

Today we are going to be reviewing a product that was sent to us by a company called movo. Movo is a us based company, which is amazing, because this is the first time that ive ever reviewed anything from the us. So without further ado lets go ahead and rip this thing apart and […]

MOVO SPR-5 Smartphone Cage Review

It feels premium its strong, its sturdy, its light. It looks cool and it has two jobs. The first is to act as a hub for other accessories, like lights, microphones and a tripod and its strong sturdy. Construction, coupled with its many different mounts, means it does this very well? The next is for […]

Review: eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid Saugroboter von Anker (Deutsch) | SwagTab

Ich habe an der app eigentlich nur einen kritikpunkt. Ich habe keine option. Gefunden um die fische einstellungen, anzupassen auch nicht, mit angeschlossener bis, platte kommen, wir nun, aber endlich zum mglich wichtigen der reinigungsleistung hier muss man zwischen der saug und derwisch funktion unterscheiden was das. Saugen angeht gehrt der ju, fr oberberg x8 […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Best Smartphone Of 2021! Review

This is the galaxy v43 review Music. First of all, i want to say that i am in love with this phone, even though it may not be perfect. I dont need perfect. I need greatness, so first off lets talk about the main thing about this device, the display. So when you were watching […]

New "kids safe" smartphone! Troomi Wireless full review!

So definitely give me a subscribe like this video. That really helps me out and i can keep making videos like this to help your family out. So todays topic, we are breaking down reviewing the trumi phone, so uh well get right into it: hello, friends, im sarah kimmel, your friendly neighborhood tech expert. […]

Moza Mini MX 2 Auto Sense Smartphone Gimbal Review | Filmmaking Today

So are you looking for a phone gimbal that will do all the work open and close? The clamp and self balance stay tuned, all right guys. So before we get going just the usual housekeeping, this product was sent to me by godson the company behind the moza products. They sent it to me […]