This is the 256 gig version, its the lavender, so you can see the purple on here. Glass. All around feels really really good, in your hand, feels like really really good quality, the construction, the buttons everything feels very, very nice, about this foam. I also with it got a couple of gifts. I got the galaxy buds too. I got them in white this time. I also have them already in lavender, but yeah. I have them in this white color as well. So do that probably do a video if you guys want to see just comparing the two colors. Is that interest in you separate video? Let me know in the comments below regardless. I also got the case, which i will do a video on this as well. This is the silicone uh cover with ring ill. Let you know how i like this or dont like this in a separate video, so lets put that off to the side, and then you get the box very skinny box, galaxy z, flip 3, 5g and theres. Nothing in this box im going to bother opening it. Its literally a usb c to usb c cable and a sim card ejector tool and some in terms of condition, type paperwork thats, it thats all youre gon na find in there lets, put that off to the side and get to the star of the show, and That is this. Obviously, if you didnt know this phone opens just like that, and here it is heres the flip phone and im coming from this phone, the galaxy z, flip z, fold three, i should say, as we pull it out here for a second and um.

If you follow my channel, you know this is my be all, and all the phones like this of every phone thats released throughout the year i mean some cameras might be better. I, like the cameras better on the pixel phones um. I, like the video better on the s21 ultra and the iphone, but ultimately everything combined. This is the phone that i would want. I absolutely love the z full 3. and ive used this for literally about an hour or two at this point with transferring all my stuff and just playing around with it ever so slightly and im going to get into the features of this but uh. I dont get it. I still dont get it i had. I cant remember. I think i had the first generation for a little bit and i its still basically the same, but it feels better for sure in certain areas, but i just dont get it its just to me its literally a i dont, just dont get it. It just seems like a phone that flips with sure it flips, but i mean its like great. What does that do for me? So, with that said, lets jump into some of the features, so you now have this big screen on on the on the front here. Well, semi big, i guess you could say and you can touch it so its kind of cool and you can swipe through and see. If you have any music playing get a little bit closer, you can see if you have any alarms coming off.

You can start a timer, you can actually add widgets as well different. I can barely read this is so small. I think that says messages, oh theres, an alarm, so you can just add different ones and you can press and hold on them if you want. So i just press and hold on it open phone to continue so its asking me to open my phone and open my phone real quick use, my fingerprint sensor on the side here and uh here it is its asking me to add which ones i want todays Schedule next alarm timer, so there you go kind of interesting right. You can also see your notifications on the front which i dont think i have any so i think thats, why its not showing up. I do there you go so you can see your notifications too. You can also see your camera, so if you double press the camera button, you can see. I have my camera and i can take a photo of myself or you can actually change the modes as well down here. You can change the lens, you can shoot pictures or videos and whatever you want its just, i just tap on it or swipe to it and when youre ready, you can go and ill take a little photo here. Youre just going to press the volume up to capture it so kind of cool to have that outside display. If you need to – and you can keep it closed up and get some kind of functionality out of the phone, you can also wirelessly charge on this phone and power wireless share devices on the back of the device um beyond that its.

You know its a two tone phone, it looks, i think it looks great. This is a great color. You get the black at the top, the two cameras, which is an ultra wide in the main, and you have your flash. You get your hinge with the samsung branding right there, you got your uh theres. This is a stereo speakers on here. Usbc charging microphones right those little dots on the right hand, side you have your fingerprint and your volume up and down and on the left, you have where the sim card goes and thats pretty much it. That is the uh the body of the phone. So lets talk about the fingerprint sensor. For me, i dont know it. I know they have the the where it folds in right there, but it feels a little bit too high for me for some reason. It doesnt, i feel, like i have to reach a little bit more just to reach it. So unfortunately i feel like i i mean i cant it cant really go down any further, because those would be down here which actually i dont think i wouldnt mind that i think i would like it right down here. For me, it just feels a little bit too high and then the volume keys are wicked high. So all that im not a huge fan of of how high it is actually – and maybe it wouldnt – be good down here, because i dont know it just feels too high.

I dont like the way it is right there so change that samsung, if you guys feel if you feel with me, if you have this phone, you think your fingerprint sensor and your volume keys are too high. Let me know in the comments down below and tell me why im wrong uh, the display is, you know, pretty big, its a 6.7 inch display 120 hertz, so its nice and smooth real, very, very nice and smooth. I was very happy with how smooth this phone is lets just go back here. So lets go here. We can see how smooth this is. Hopefully you know its its delightful. So if you wanted to smooth if youre missing that 120 hertz on the previous generations of this, i think youll be pretty stinking happy with this. It feels nice and fluid snapdragon 888 inside with eight gigabytes of ram. Like i said, i have the 256 gig version. The 128 gigabyte version goes for only 9.99, so very inexpensive. If youre looking for the future of phones have them be folding or flip. You know you might want to look at this phone. You got your camera at the top in the middle there. So no under display cameras with this yeah keep reaching for the wrong place that fingerprint sensor um so lets just hop into the camera real quick same modes. You would always expect with portrait mode and single. Take i love single. Take if you got kids single take is a is a godsend with samsung phones.

You can get some nice photos with that. You got videos more and all the features that you would expect. So with that said, lets take a check out a couple of videos and photos that i took with the front and the back cameras of this phone Music, so Music. This is the back main camera 4k 30 of the z flip three see if you can tell any differences between the front camera on that shooting in 4k. What do you guys think? Does the camera look good on this? Let me know this is the front camera showing off 4k letting you hear the cameras. What do you guys think z, flip three front camera shooting a 4k? You can go up to 4k 60 on that which is pretty nice. What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below theres a little wide angle, action shooting some video on here. What do you guys think this looks like good bad ugly? I dont know im not looking at it. I cant see it right now, so i dont know but yeah interesting that uh its cool that we finally have hopefully some decent cameras on the z. Flip 3. performance on this phone seems pretty snappy ive, you know been using it for a little bit at this point. Uh and i havent noticed any really lag. It is a little bit hot right now me using the phone and its not downloading anything its, not really doing anything, but it is just heated up a little bit more so than any of my other phones im, not too sure why its uh, you know heating Up when nothings really going on nothings downloading nothings going on so i dont know whats going on uh, you get your google feed over here on the left, which is is great and uh so again performance over this short two hour span that ive been using the Phone seems absolutely fine and i dont think youll have any problems with using the phone to do the basics on here.

You can even obviously game because you get that beautifully fast processor. The ram is a little low, but otherwise its fine. This being a samsung galaxy phone and also android, you can multi window meaning. I can run two windows at once at the same time, so i could watch a video up here and then scroll a website or do social media or do my work down here and vice versa. Um. So you can add a lot of functionality to that. You can also pull in a window down here and have a floating window, so i could be again having another browser window down here and another one down there and just switch between the two. So you know some cool functionality between all this stuff to be able to to do that. Obviously, the screens a little bit small. I feel like in terms of doing something like that, because this is a 6.7 inch display versus like a galaxy z4. You get a much larger display to do that with, but a lot of people dont want to display that large um. You know one of the one of the main things you know you can kind of stand up the phone. Now you can do some things here. You could open your camera up and maybe easily easier to take photos of a selfie or something if you wanted to to prop it up. You have a stand right there, which is kind of nice to be able to do something like that.

You could watch a video, so lets open up youtube and when youre doing that, you have your comments at the bottom here and you can kind of cycle through them like that. So theres some functionality to be able to that you might like you could do even multitasking. You could multitask just like that. You could have something like down up here and another app down here and you know thats. Obviously, one of the features and one of the the kicks that this phone has that a just a straight candy bar phone wouldnt have is that it cant fold halfway like that or a quarter away or three quarters of the way so theres, some cool stuff. That can be done with that. You know, and also you get this cool – how many people can do. Actually, let me go and go on a website instead close this real, quick, you got this cool effect to make this larger. So you get that nice, looking waterfall thats pretty cool right, i mean you could do this on the other other other flip phones as well, but its you know its just a neat effect, its a its a cool. Like hey check out my phone dont. You want a samsung phone now, so thats a nice little trick lets go back into video, so we can show off the display so display to me looks absolutely you know: fine fills up the whole screen if you pinch in.

Obviously some of it is cut off. Like the top of the head, thats very normal for these type of phones – these, you know its not a candy bar phone right here, but basically you know its a candy bar for when its opened and lets check out the volume, because it does have stereo speakers. Now, like im, not like, i dont have a super tired, traditional and i dont know a lot of youtubers arent, but for me its it feels too business like thats. Really the reason i dont, like them, tech 11 mama says if you have samsung gear plus, is it covered speakers sound good, im, im very happy with those speakers actually so lets just do. One thing lets hear a little bit of music. I know i have some music in here when i go into my q. A well just launch that up real quick ask with that said guys lets get into the q a portion of the video and drop Applause. That first question comes from so i mean theyre, not the loudest speakers, theyre, not the basis speakers theyre, not the best speakers. They sound, absolutely fine for a thousand dollar or eleven hundred dollar phone. Whatever you paid for it, they sound fine, uh, theyre. Okay lets just check out some of the software here. Obviously, like i said you got your google feed over here, you got your home screens, its gon na be very similar. If you use the galaxy phones, its gon na be very similar to you, but you can do different wallpapers.

They have a wallpaper store. They have a theme store, so you can theme out your phone if you wanted to with different types of themes, and that will do your wallpaper, your lock screens, your sounds all kinds of cool stuff, your icons very easily, with a click of a button to download That stuff, you also have your widgets settings in here to set the home screen layout. You can change all that and add new apps to apps downloaded and show an apps button, and then beyond that you have your quick toggles to give you everything from turning your flashlight on to. Turning on and off mobile data scan qr codes, airplane mode settings also again youre gon na get the if youre used to all the customizations and all that kind of stuff. You have that you can go to cover screen and you can check out and change your clock style and change the color of it if you wanted to, and the cover screen is the one on the front here which ill show you so maybe i just want. Maybe i want this little rabbit thing and i want to change it to this greenish color. I can do that im going to hit done and i can add, like i showed you different apps. Maybe i want everything to be on there. I can reorder it if i want change, you know, move these up and down and then, when im done just go back and thatll be like that.

So, im going to show you that cover screen that i just set up and there you go theres my little uh whatever that is, i guess thats a is that a monkey because its a monkey yeah, so the fingerprint sensor i kind of mentioned earlier. It is its a little bit too high for me where its placed, but it works great volume keys, feel nice. All that stuff feels nice over there youre also going to get when you go down further and further enough, you get your advanced features where you can call and text on different devices. You can continue apps on other devices linked to windows, android, auto youre, not going to find decks on here; theres, no decks labs has multi window for all laps or, and you can do the flex mode panel. So you can turn that on and off for certain apps bixby routines, one handed motions and gestures so dont if youre used to all the customizations, this phones definitely gon na, have it for the most part. So with all that said, lets talk about this phone. What i think about it so far, uh checking out the cameras and videos. I actually think they look pretty good im im impressed with it. I thought they took in the preliminary photos and videos that i took. I think it came out good, the i think the volume buttons and the fingerprint sensor buttons are too high, but they work well and they feel well.

The overall build quality and look of the phone is really cool. You can definitely impress people with this. I think theyre gon na think its nice looking the features of having wireless charging and power wireless share is really nice. The display on the front here is cool to be able to not have to always open your phone, but maybe you just want to check your time real, quick or check some notifications or uh play, plus your music or video. We also have the big display and the big display for the most part, is pretty darn good. You can see, i only have it at about probably 40 brightness and maybe from this video cant tell, but this does get pretty bright. You know this is exactly happy id, be pr darn happy with this pixel phones at 40 are basically dark. I cant even see it. This is, you know a beautiful samsung display and its uh calibrated well with the brightness and the colors. They look awesome on here. Performance is good, just in preliminary testing very happy with the performance on this phone speakers sound; okay, not the best, not the worst, just okay, good enough for a thousand dollar phone and good enough for a folding phone at that uh. So you know you have this! This the feature of folding it to make it smaller to go in your pocket, thats cool, but for me i just dont get the appeal of this.

After that, i i personally, if i had to choose between this and an s21 ultra, i would choose the s21 ultra. It just makes more sense to me this doesnt do enough for me to be like, oh, that solves a problem. This solves a problem for me where you can have a huge phone, a huge display, but then, if you really want, you can also have the smaller phone to just have a smaller display. So this makes sense to me this personally doesnt um. I really dont get the hype over this. I dont know why this would sell more than the z fold three, except for the price that obviously the price is a huge thing, but with that said, i just dont get the the appeal over this. I really dont. Thanks for watching, let me know what you think about the z flip 3.