You can bag yourself in 2021 and at 650 quid its not as crazy expensive as those apple samsung, sony flagship smartphones either, although, admittedly, you couldnt exactly describe it as cheap, not unless youre as minted as that jeff bezos fella, in which case lets face it, youre, Not gon na be wasting your time watching crappy phone reviews on youtube, youre gon na be too busy cocking about in space, but anywho. The moto edge 20 pro still costs as much as a oneplus 9 or a samsung s20 fan edition 5g. So has motorola done enough to justify a splurge, well ive been using it as my full time smartphone for over a week now ive actually taken on holiday. It with me to give it a thorough testing out so heres my in depth, motorola moto edge 20. Pro review and for more on the latest and greatest tech, please do pub subscribe, ending that notifications, bell cheers so motorola has definitely gone for an understated design with the edge 20 pro overall, its a bit of a benedict cumberbatch, its certainly not one of the most Attractive smartphones out there, but it probably does alright for itself theres nothing disagreeable about those locks. Everything is in the right place, etc. That glass backing has definitely picked up a couple of teeny scratches and scuffs, though over this past week. So if you want to keep it in pristine condition, i definitely recommend slapping on the condom case that comes bundled in the box.

I definitely do like that. Matte finish with a subtle white pattern bleeding onto the surface right at the very edges. The matte finish does a respectable job of mask and finger grease. Another smudgy nastiness youve got a gorilla glass 5 display around the front of the model edge 20 pro, but like the back end, this has picked up again a couple of little scratches in the past week or so so you might want to slap on a screen Protector because theres, not one pre, installed moto age 20. Pro is ip52 water repellent as well. So fine in a bit of british drizzle no worries whatsoever. It is a bit of a handful, though, has to be said its absolutely gargantuan. This thing so its definitely not a one handed effort, two hands at all times for maximum comfort and also that fingerprint sensor has been stuck away right up near the top of the right edge. So i did find that i occasionally missed it when blindly prodding around trying to find it. But i did find myself getting used to that positioning in the last couple of days and while you do also have one of those annoying dedicated google assistant buttons, tucked away on the left edge. That again is right up near the very top, and i found that only the one time that i accidentally hit it when trying to fumble the phone into my pocket. Now motorola has promised to keep the model edge 20 pro software bang up to date for at least a couple of years, thats two years of os updates and a couple of years of bi monthly security updates as well as you can expect this blower to reach.

At least android 13., not quite as strong a commitment as some rivals such as oneplus and nokia are making, but it is a start and so far the security updates are on track as well. I had the latest android update, hid it just last week. Im. Definitely still a fan of that stock. Android experience that you get on all motorola phones and my only complaint with the edge 20 pro is that the swipe navigation gestures arent, quite as responsive as i would have liked. Occasionally, when im in an app like checking my emails or something itll, take you two, or maybe even three swipes at that bottom edge in order to get back to the home screen ill, just end up scrolling rapidly through an email or a website instead. Besides that, i love the pleasingly clean ui as ever, and, of course, those bonus motor features that i chucked on there, like the double karate chop. To turn on that flash and for a much closer look at those bonus model features definitely check out my in depth. Moto edge 20 pro unboxing, it is a corker and the edge 20 pro also supports mod rollers, fairly fresh ready for feature, which basically means you can connect the phone to your tele box using a cable and turn it into a kind of a makeshift computery. Thingy hope that description wasnt too technical for you, you can grab a supported, cable, direct from motorola, its basically a type c display port to hdmi effort, and i have fully demonstrated this feature in my moto g100 unboxings go check that out.

If you want to see a bit more about it, this pro phone is packed with a generous 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage, which im not even close to filling, despite shooting shag loads of video on this thing and filling it with music movies. All that good stuff one week on and with plenty of netflix watching on this thing behind me, im still a big fan of that 6.7 inch oled screen, even if the full hd plus resolution, means that visuals arent, quite as crisp as some premium rivals. Colors really slap on the saturated setting and you can also enjoy realistic images thanks to the 10 bit color support with hdr 10 plus support in apps that can handle it now. Selfie orifice is only teeny, so it barely intrudes at all in your movie watching and game playing sessions, while the top brightness is plenty powerful for sunny days when youre rocking shades youve got a 144 hertz maximum refresh here on the moto edge 20 pro and combined With that nice clean stock ui, it means you get a super smooth experience when youre flipping around through your desktops, your menus and all that good stuff. Its also great news for any gamers who enjoy titles like vin glory or shadowgun legends with that 144 fps support. Unfortunately, the moto edge 20 pro does fall into the usual folly of not having a headphone jack like most other expensive smartphones, so its dongles or bluetooth all the way for your audio.

But thankfully i had no trouble streaming wirelessly to headphones speakers all that good stuff. In the past week or so, youve got full support for all of the core decks goodbye ldac action, so you can enjoy some nice crisp, clear, judder, free audio. As for the performance well, i was perfectly happy with the snapdragon 870 chipset that runs the show here, backed by a trouser fill and 12 gigs of ddr5 ram, the pro isnt, the most powerful premium handset around for sure, but it is a clear step up from The standard edge 20 and it can handle any app in game out there with no complaints, while still pleasingly cool to boot. Unlike some of those snapdragon 88 smartphones games, like gentian impact, can be played on those higher detail settings without stumbling, even if you like to, while away an entire afternoon, hacking bouncy slimes into rotten chunks, while the dedicated gaming mode is a handy way to block notifications Record all of your shenanigans and no worries when it comes to getting online either because youve got full support for 5g as well as wi fi 6. Here as well – and i found that even when i was pretty much out in the wilderness, i tended to get a decent signal. Battery life is also perfectly respectable here on the moto h20 pro as well, you got a 4 500 milliamp cell crammed in there. Not the biggest round by any means, but i found that the only time i really struggled to have any juice left by the time i staggered into bed was with lots of screen on time.

Im talking at least a couple of hours of sat nav views. Lots of camera player gaming, absolutely everything you could possibly imagine the fast charging support isnt, particularly fast, though got ta, say 30 watt turbo charge. Its now been superseded under likes the g60s. Its a shim motorola couldnt get that tech into the edge 20 pro flagship. But hey ho and sadly, no wireless charging support either, which is a bit of a shame considering the price point now. The final feature that i thoroughly tested out these past few days is the moto edge 20 pros 108 megapixel primary camera. This does struggle with up close subjects. Youll definitely want to put some distance between you and whatever youre shooting. But besides that, i have very few complaints. Each of my test photos was packed with intricate detail, while moving subjects are cleanly picked up when shooting conditions are respectable. As long as the lighting is good, you wont be plagued with blurry, picks and even harsh contrast. Doesnt make the moto mess its pants. The pixel phones are still the champions here, but you will get to be able to see your familys faces when youre snapping them against bright skies, while scenery shots generally come out well, at any time of the day at night, youll still get reasonably bright and colourful Picks similar to what youll see with the naked eye, although the moto edge 20 pro is also brought to its knees by subjects that simply refuse to pose like a statue whenever that lighting is dim.

So good luck with kids and the like an 8 megapixel telephoto lens is one of the final advantages that the pro offers over the standard moto edge 20, offering a powerful five times optical zoom, for getting a much closer view of a distant subject. I did find that photoshop with the zoom lens occasionally appeared more saturated compared with the primary snapper with less accurate color reproduction. And if you attempt to pinch in beyond that five time, zoom level youll get a photo like a pz watercolor picture painted by a bored. Half cut seaside artist. Meanwhile, the ultra wide angle lens produces warmer colors than that primary lens, and you do get quite murky results at times when youre, shooting in low light and nighttime. You should definitely just be avoided. You can shoot your horn movies at 4k resolution. 30 or 60 frames per second or even bump, all the way up to 8k at 24 fps, like some rivals like the galaxy s21 smartphones im, mostly stuck to 4k, and i was plenty pleased with the visuals which appeared crisp and bright. Although colors are slightly boosted with warmer hues overall, you cant swap between the different lenses when shooting ultra hd video, so you will need to drop to full hd if you want to make use of that telephoto shooter the transition is a wee bit jarring, but the Zoom lens does a decent job at this resolution and overall those colors arent, as in your face of course, at night time or in low ambient light, you are once again hampered with grainy pixelated images that arent too attractive an image.

Stabilization is well i mean things. Are pretty shaky when youre moving and shooting lets just leave it at that audio comes through fairly clear as well. Unless there is a proper gill whipping up all around you, the moto edge 20 pros 32 megapixel selfie shooter can again capture quite decent picks, even with sharp contrast to contend with complete with some sexy bocky action, just like the rear effort. Although it does struggle a lot more in ambient light, besides the obvious grain, i found that quite a few of these snaps came out blurry as i struggled to hold the phone steady, and that was only after a couple of pints and all so that right there In a nutshell, is my full motorola moto edge 20 pro review and i got ta say there: arent really that many standout reasons to buy this over rivals. Although i do really like that stock android experience and the camera tech is pleasingly flexible. I enjoyed my time with this smartphone, although it is missing a couple of key features like wireless charging and overall i think i preferred something like the samsung galaxy, s20 fun edition 5g and, of course, the poco f3 as well offers similar levels of performance. But at a much cheaper price point, but anyway thats what i thought: what do you guys reckon about the motorola moto edge 24? Be great your thoughts down in the comments below and for more than the latest and greatest tech.

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