So today i will be reviewing a smartphone gimbal, its not one of my regular videos but ill be doing that today, its a very informational video. I think you guys would like it and ill be happy to share information about this technology that i have right in front of me. Um its called a movie cinema robot its made by free fly so ill, be showing you guys that today so stay tuned. Music, Music, okay, guys, so the product is right here. The movie cinema, robot, um, directed and issued by free fly so ill, be telling you guys information and showing you guys how this works and the setup of it so stay tuned, as you guys can see, and as i showed you guys before. This is the packaging and the casing of the movie cinema robot. So these are the seven modes that it has. It has majestic echo time lapse, movie lapse orbit barrel, roll and smart pot. I will be telling you guys all about those okay guys. I am using one hand, so please forgive me for that and, as i open the package right now lets open it. This is right here, open it. Oh and i got ta meet me saying, lets go so as i open it ill see this cute red box. First thing i see is a qr code to get the app the movie app because you have to be connected to our app watch tutorials and the support link, the box struggles to stay open and were met with this.

The free fly movie – and i will show you guys well show you guys me opening this box right here. So as i open the package, um take the travel kit out ill set this box aside, the travel kit, quiet, thick and adorable box. Thats me: it has a red label to open it, because right now, im showing you guys up close. If i i was using two hands ill hold this with my right hand and open this right here, we can do it in a second. So this is the movie gimbal ill check it out and show you guys. It comes with a usb anc cable. This is the gimbal. It has charger a charger port batteries that are reusable and detachable, so you can charge the batteries or change them out if youd, like plastic, but durable, stand very compatible. You can always count on it. Ill. Tell you guys about these later on in the video such as these two right here and this whole compartment. The batteries will be right here, the rechargeable and redisposable batteries. This is the charger port. Those four buttons are called the d pad top one is called is for increasing brightness. The bottom one is decreasing brightness. The one on the left is to play back. The video youve recorded on the movie. The one on the right is to flip the camera from front to back from back to front the middle. One is four: the middle one is for exposure and focus lock.

This very thing is the power button, and this is what was used to turn the movi gimbal on this very thing right here is called the pen arm is locked right now. I will open it. Do this this? What makes and controls the gimbal to move freely and steadily if this is locked right here, the movie, the movie, sorry automatically falls asleep and thats. The only thing that moves so now cut this on, for you guys and go on with the information, as you guys can see, the movie is off right as of now i will turn it on and it focuses so thats what caused it to move freely. As you guys can see, these are the battery life on the movi gimbal. So, if its wide all the way through, as you guys, can see and its green on the left side, that means its fully charged if its red that mean its in slow motion. If the white dots are less than it, you guys can see right now, thatll mean that means its dying or its already dead or slow on battery. This button right here is to record so you dont have to touch your phone or your smartphone. It connects to ios or android. This right here is so is to hold the movi gimbal steady in place, so its not fidgety. So this what it looks like from the back its very adorable plastic – and i really like that and its not really heavy.

So you guys will love that if i click this once the movie will fall asleep. As you guys can see, it turns blue when its sleeping one more click and the movie will be shut off long press now, its off okay guys. So as of right now ill just be talking to you guys about what the gadget does, what it do. The artist shows you guys the setup so now ill. Just talk about the things on the back and thats the modes and features so the first mode is the majestic majestic is the regular mode that everybody uses. You have slow pace, medium, paced and fast pace. Then the echo you have echo, i dont know what the echo does. I havent tried it as yet. Then you have the moonlight hes like if you want to go hiking or running and jogging, when youre recording its try as hard as possible to stay steady with you, while youre recording, then you have time lapse that if you its like, you know, you set the Phone up, you put a time stamp on the video of where the video should start and where the video should end, and it will be a beautiful shot of whatever you want to record and orbit. When youre recording and youre walking around the person it just stays focused on that object, which is the person, then we have a barrel roll and thats very common in making youtube videos or music videos movies as well.

You turn the gimbal flip it around. Like a barrel, you guys know um, then the last one is a smart pod. Basically, what im doing right now i set it up like a tripod, a tripod, and then it just works freely by itself. It just stays recorded as freely as possible and while you have the app the movi app um it records on its own app and it has great quality. You dont have to use your phone camera because it has great quality. So it will give you a lot of slip and miss simple mystic and great recordings. So yes, okay and now to the features its a full like i was talking about the app it has a full featured app everythings on it. Everything you guys need is right. On the app um, it has its compatible with larger phones. Right now i do have an iphone 8.. It can work with iphone 11 max pros iphone x, any phone bigger than my phone or any phone smaller than my phone. It turns on instantly, as you guys saw it, has pro level control its on the app you guys can get the app. If you have the movie gimbal. As i talked about earlier, you have the usbc charging port. I mean its not a port but the cable, long, lasting batteries, yes rechargeable or detachable. So like an iphone per say, you cannot detach the battery. You can only charge it. So if it goes dead, you just have to get a new gimbal which, with this gimbal you dont have to do that.

It has strong lightweight and durable, as i mentioned earlier, its a very durable plastic, its made of plastic, but its very, durable and strong. So if you happen to drop your gimbal its it wouldnt be broken, you can set it down anywhere because they have a flat surface other than any tripod or any gimbal from any other companies. You can just set it up anywhere on any surface gravel dirt benches. Your palm anywhere, it has selfie mode, slow motion, video. It has bluetooth connection which leads back together in the app and is compatible with external lenses. So we can work with the lenses. You can put the lenses on your phone and it works quite well as a camera. So yes, that is me talking about the movie cinema robot. Thank you guys for watching this video, and i hope you guys leave this video with enough information to get a gimbal.