We are going to be looking at samsung, galaxy, z, fold, 3 and z, flip 3 and its features. The galaxy z fold 3 is the star of the show its more of a refinement of the galaxy z fold too, than a monumental leap forward, aiming to put any remaining fears about the durability of foldable phones to bed and become a true daily driver in the Eyes of a far wider audience whats up guys if this is your first time visiting my channel, make sure to click the subscribe button down below compared to its predecessor, the galaxy z fold 3 is a bit lighter and with slightly reduced overall volume, the thickness of The unfolded phone has been reduced by half a millimeter. Its screens have retained their resolution in diagonal, but are now both adaptively refreshing up to 120 hertz. The 7.6 inch is reportedly 29 brighter than the galaxy z fold 2 screen. Thanks to what samsung calls echo square technology, the galaxy z fold 3 has gotten tougher too, like its predecessor. It employs gorilla glass victus to the glass cover display, but the aluminum used on the body is 10 stronger than before. Samsung calls it armor aluminum and says its the strongest it has put on a phone. The inner display is still plastic but uses a new protective film, which is reportedly 80 percent, more durable, which should help alleviate scratches and let you go longer between changes. Speaking of the s pen, the galaxy fold 3 supports two of those s pen, fold edition and s pen pro.

The former is lighter and smaller and lacks bluetooth, while the pro is bigger and heavier and supports bluetooth and device. Switching the s pen pro has a built in usb for charging an led indicator and supports both air command and air actions. So you can snap images on your galaxy using the pen, four of the five cameras are carried over from the galaxy z fold too. The rear, triple setup features three 12 mp units for regular, wide ultra wide and 2x telephoto, the only difference being that the 2x is now optically stabilized. The cover display employs the same 10 mp unit inside a punch, hole too whats. New here is the 4mp under display camera. On the inside of the galaxy z fold 3.. The camera uses a 16 mp sensor which bins pixels, 2 and 1 to produce the 4mp final image with 2 micrometers pixels. Thanks to the unseen camera, the galaxy z fold, 3 7.6 inch screen is uninterrupted and notched. The final improvement is the move to the five nanometers qualcomm snapdragon 888, a step up from the seven nanometer snapdragon 865 plus the phone is undoubtedly fast and whatever you need it for itll, happily, chug, along with loads of apps, open or three windows displayed on the Screen at once, Music note that the new fold is using the non plus variant of the chipset one of the few on paper. Advantages to the galaxy z fold 2 over its successor is the 4 comma 500 mah battery, which is 100 bigger than the galaxy z fold 3.

. But we expect the move to a more efficient chipset to make up for that. It comes in three different colors, the samsung galaxy z, fold. 3. 5G starts at 1, 7999., 1, 599 pounds 2, 499 australian dollars for a model with 256 gigabytes of storage. While, if you want extra capacity, you can get a 512 gigabyte c fold. 3 for 1, 899, 1, 699 pounds 2, 649 australian dollars and well go on sale later this month, thats considerably cheaper than the fold two costed at launch, which should help its push to become mainstream. Lets. Take a look at the galaxy z, flip 3., the samsung galaxy z, flip 3 is more focused on style and standing out. It comes in seven pastel colors, with a dual tone finish like the bigger z fold. Three: the galaxy flip 3 is also water resistant and protected by gorilla, glass, victus and armor aluminum on the outside. Compared to the galaxy z flip, the galaxy flip 3 has a more functional four times. Larger 1.9 inch cover display, while the 1.1 inch amoled cover display of the previous flip could only show a line of text. The galaxy flip 3 display can theoretically be used for google maps. Samsung pay to look up notifications and more, in addition to better serving as a viewfinder for taking selfies with the main camera. A neat feature is that you can sync the wallpaper of the new galaxy watch 4 to the cover screen of the galaxy z.

Flip 3.. The unfolding 6.7 inch display is better this year too, while the same in both size and resolution. It now supports 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate, while the previous gen was locked at 60 hertz. The other big improvement is the move to the 5 nanometer snapdragon 888 chipset, which is paired to 8 gigabytes of ram and either 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage. The rest of the galaxy z, flip 3, is a rehash of the galaxy z flip, which is 3 comma 300 mah battery two 12 mp cameras for wide and ultra wide. A 10 mp selfie on the inside and a side mounted fingerprint reader.