Hey! This is brendan with focus. Camera today were taking a look at the sony. Xperia 1 mark iii smartphone. It was announced earlier this year in april. Studio starts shipping in the next few weeks. Weve been really excited to get our hands on this little guy. So special shout out to sony for giving us a pre production model lets take a look see what it can do: Music, its only been a year since sony released the xperia 1 mark ii, but even so, theyve managed to cram quite a few upgrades into the New model in our review of the xperia 1 mark ii, we called it the perfect smartphone for photographers, and a lot of those features have been maintained for the new model, sonys kind of an underdog in the smartphone market. Even though theyre a big name brand apple, google samsung, these guys are dominating the plus side of this is that sony really sets out to impress with their smartphones, unsurprisingly theyve leaned, into something that they do best. The camera, the specs and the capabilities of the one mark iii are impressive. This is not a phone, its a camera that you can use as a phone and for gaming and for watching movies. It does. A lot of stuff were gon na. Take the phone out for a spin to see what the camera can do, but first lets dive into the specs and what else it has going for it in terms of build the xperia 1 mark iii is quite similar to the xperia 1 mark ii.

Its very long and narrow and uses a 6.5 inch, 4k hdr oled display the display uses a corning gorilla glass victus, while the back has a frosted glass finish over a sleek black matte aluminum frame, theres ip6568 weatherproofing. So its water and dust proof, the four buttons on the right side of the phone include a volume control power button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor, a dedicated google assistant button and a dedicated shutter button with an embossed finish, theres also a headphone jack on top, Which i particularly like, given that some smartphones have admitted this entirely and the sim card tray on the left side of the phone, is very easy to remove and it holds either two sim cards or a sim card and a micro sd card, which is great for Added storage, especially given the camera capabilities of this phone for some people, the phones, unique size, may take some getting used to its long thin, but it fits in my pocket easily and you can use it. One handed, although granted theres a bit of screen real estate to reach with one finger. Of course, this pays dividends when you want to use the phone for gaming or to watch a movie, especially given some of the specs, the phone inherited from the xperia 5 mark ii. That includes a 120 hertz refresh rate and 240hz motion blur reduction, which help the phone offer a really great blur free gaming experience. The xperia 1 mark iii also inherited a 240hz touch scanning raid, which allows the phone to have a really precise and immediate touch response.

Trying out call of duty trying out call of duty on the xperia 1 mark iii, i had a great time it felt really intuitive and responsive. Of course, this was my first time playing smartphone games at this caliber. I also love watching movies and i was really keen to try out the 21 9 4k display and the new and improved stereo speakers that are 40 louder than on the xperia 1 mark ii. Sure enough it didnt disappoint. It was the most immersive experience ive had watching a film on a smartphone okay. Now that weve talked about the other, exciting features of the phone lets talk photo and video. The camera capabilities of the xperia 1 mark iii are insane lets. Take it outside and see what it can do. Music were here at grand army, plaza about to put the camera to the test, really want to see what all four focal lengths can do, how the autofocus performs and the cameras supposed to be able to shoot 4k at 120 frames per second, so were going to Put that to test with the fountain behind me and really see what it can do: shooting right now: testing the 16, the 24 the 70 and the 105 focal lengths ive got a 1250 shutter speed iso of 64., its really nice that the camera can get that Low ive got johnny over here lets see what it can do. Music one thing, thats kind of annoying me is that im shooting right now and manually in manual mode.

If i want to look at my photo that i just took and then go back to the camera, it puts me in basic mode again, and so, if i want to go back to manual, i have to scroll through and return to manual, just a small thing That its kind of annoying interrupting the flow of me taking photos, but otherwise i really enjoy that you can actually access these manual settings and change whatever you want to get the shot that you need Music. Incredibly, the xperia 1 mark 3 can shoot 4k video at 120 frames per second, even the sony a7iii that were using to shoot this video doesnt support that for vloggers and content creators. I imagine the ability to shoot stunning 4k video at up to 120 frames per second on. Your smartphone is a great feature to have. You can pair it with another camera very easily and have comfortable quad video quality. You be the judge, but personally i found the results to be pretty impressive, were about to test out the autofocus shooting at 24 frames per second got the iso at the lowest 50 and its still just a little bit too overexposed. So im gon na have to crank the shutter speed. Um, even though, were already at 120. to test out the autofocus. We had johnny walk back and forth side to side up and down in front of the camera. As you can see, the autofocus was pretty fast and kept him sharp at all times.

Music were in park. Slope right now been shooting for the last few hours in the park on the streets, getting some really nice stuff. One thing i noticed is that when youre shooting in 4k video, the phone does get pretty hot, but never overheated to the point that we had to stop using it or turn it off, so that was nice, but yeah, certainly a little hot to the touch um. I think were gon na go back now to the studio. Take a look at the photos, see how they look looking through the phone. They look nice so im curious to see how they look im. Not at all. We shot a lot of photos and video on the xperia one mark iii and after reviewing it all ive, got to say im impressed. I knew going in that the technical specs are advanced, but i was still a little skeptical about what we could do with this phone. I mean its a smartphone, its not a full professional grade camera but thats, the kind of app that we got. I was pleasantly surprised by the results once we familiarized ourselves with the camera and cinema pro apps, which didnt take long at all. We were able to fine tune the settings and get really good quality photos and videos. Personally of the three lenses, my favorite was the 24 mil of the four. The weakest was probably the 105 millimeter focal length but thats to be expected, considering it was an optical, zoom, telephoto lens, and you were still able to get some really great shots, especially some nice macro photography.

Overall, the image quality, color rendition and sharpness were pretty great. If i have any complaints its that we werent able to get the same amount of bokeh or background separation, as i can on a full size, sony camera with a price tag of 12.98, the sony xperia 1 mark iii is a high end. Smartphone. However, given its advanced capabilities, especially for photographers filmmakers and mobile gamers, its a great deal check out the link in the description below where you can pre order. The phone now special thanks again to sony for letting us use the phone, and please like this video.