Talking about the 14 inch me notebook pro hello, everyone im on here for mr phone and before we begin motivate us by hitting the like button subscribe, if you havent already and turn on the bell, so that you dont miss any of our latest videos, Music, so Xiaomi sent me the mid variant of the me notebook pro for review, which costs about 60 000 rupees and for this price uh. This laptop features: intels 11th gen core i5, 11, 300 h processor, which has four cores eight threads and a 35 watt tdp. This is paired with intels own iris, xc, graphics, theres, dual channel 16 gb ddr4 ram, while the storage is standard across all variants, that is 512gb pcie, nvme ssd. So no doubt a solid specs on offer here. But how does this machine hold up in the real world? Well get to that in a bit. First lets talk about the design. Shall we, this is the lustrous gray color option the only shade this laptop is available in and it is a well built machine not to mention the looks, are minimal and neat, and it is not just the looks guys. The me notebook pro is a thin laptop that weighs about 1.4 kilograms, making it extremely portable so keep this machine on a table and use it or you know, place it on your laps and use it either way you should be just fine. Xiaomi has used aluminium 6 series alloy for the construction, and the result here is a solid.

I also found the hinge to be sturdy and you can also open the lid with one hand, sweet so no loose ends here. The fit and finish are top notch and you get slim bezels across the screen and speaking of the screen. This is a 14 inch, 60hz quad, hd plus ips lcd panel. It is anti clear, has a 16 is to 10 aspect. Ratio gets bright up to 300 nits and covers 100 of the srgb color gamut, so quality wise. This is a gorgeous display and since its an ips panel expect good color reproduction, although color vibrancy could have been a tad better but again, overall, a fine display. The viewing angles are also good, despite it being an anti glare screen. That said in terms of brightness, while you should be okay using it indoors, dont think of using it outdoors on a bright day, doesnt offer much there right now, im recording from the 720p built in webcam of the main notebook pro, and this is what you can Expect in terms of output like whenever you do your video calls and stuff, if you ask me, i think so. The quality is right about decent. I wont call it the best, but it is definitely better than many other. You know competing laptops apart from this youre. Also getting dual mics on this laptop, so definitely let me know how does my audio sound so right now the ac is on about my fan is turned off, so let me know how does the audio sound and yeah thats pretty much it guys uh? Let me know your thoughts uh.

What do you think about the overall output in the comments? The me notebook pro comes with a couple of two watt bottom firing stereo speakers which sound okay, not great, i mean in terms of sound quality. They are good and youre. Also getting the dts audio processing app, so you can actually tune the audio according to your preference. So basically, these speakers should be just fine for watching casual videos or you know, listening to songs when the laptop is in close range. However, i was expecting a little more when it comes to the loudness moving ahead. Theres, a decent selection of ports on offer on the left are two usbc ports with one of them featuring thunderbolt 4 functionality, theres an hdmi port and a usb a port on the right is a usb airport. Along with a headphone jack, i would have loved to have an sd card slot here, but never mind coming to the keyboard and trackpad. I quickly got accustomed to them, so the keyboard has scissor mechanism keys, theyre, backlit, theres, 1.3 millimeter travel on offer and yeah a pretty good keyboard. I really enjoyed typing on it and it more or less felt as if i was typing on my m1 macbook air. So an excellent job here xiaomi has also added a macro button which lets you launch a program or a file with a single click, basically its a shortcut key, and i absolutely appreciate this edition and before i forget the power button on this machine also doubles up.

As a fingerprint sensor, as for the trackpad, it is slightly larger than my macbook air. It supports the windows, precision, drivers so clicks and gestures work. Absolutely fine, although i did find the buttons to be a little stiff for my liking for endurance. Theres a 56 watt hour battery under the hood, which comes with a 65 watt, usb c charger and in terms of battery life, i was easily able to last about eight hours on a single charge consistently with screen brightness set at around 60 to 70 percent, and This should be enough for anyone to get through a working day, so performance wise. I did not come across any major hiccups or slowdowns. The presence of an nvme ssd makes sure that everything from the boot times to the read and write speeds on this machine state top notch, and even when i did put load on this machine. That is say with the two separate windows of chrome running with around 12 tabs each with my computer minimized microsoft teams running in the background and a couple of other apps, also loaded. The me notebook pro was able to handle things with ease all while keeping the thermals in check, so that way again good performance. I even tried gaming on this machine and, while you shouldnt expect this one to run high end titles, casual games such as valorent shouldnt, be an issue. I mean i tried my hand at valerant and it ran just fine.

I was getting about 60 fps performance with no issues, although the laptop did get significantly warm while gaming. So definitely keep that part in mind all in all theres a lot to like and very little to complain with the me notebook pro. For starters, the design and build are a plus. The display is nice. The battery life is solid and the 11th generation tiger lake chip, coupled with 16 gigs of ram and fast ssd, makes sure you get a solid performance between the three variants on offer. I strongly recommend going for this particular mid variant that i reviewed. I mean it makes the most sense when it comes to bang for the buck. As for the cons, i really feel the audio output should have been a little more louder, and apart from this, i think i might be not picking for this one, but an sd card slot would have been a really great. So that was my review of the xiaomi me notebook pro so guys. Let me know what you think about this machine in the comments below, as always, throw all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the next one.