Apple still invests in this segment and on the side of Samsung. We have the S21, which features the strongest configuration in a more compact body.. Asus also decided to bet on the public that runs away from brick cell phones and the Zenfone 8 is a small device without making sacrifices compared to the more traditional Zenfone8 Flip.. Does he compete well against rivals, Lets check it out? The Zenfone 8 doesnt have the technological appeal of the Flip variant with its swivel camera. In this we have a more traditional design with a metal body covered by two layers of glass.. The front features Gorilla Glass, Victus protection, the most up to date and resistant to impacts and scratches, while the back has a matte finish curved edges and Gorilla Glass, 3 protection. Asus new top may not be the thinnest on the market. However, it is a comfortable device to use with just one hand., The rear finish prevents it from slipping easily and the sides feel like a premium product.. The best part is the IP68 certification, which is a big step forward for the Zenfone line to finally adopt water. Protection., This model doesnt have a memory card slot, but instead it has a headphone jack, which is on top. At the bottom. There is a drawer for two chips, USB C input, main speaker and a notification LED. On the right side. There is the volume and power button which has a different color from the rest of the devices body.

. The Zenfone 8 is slightly larger than the iPhone 12 and a little more compact than the Galaxy S21 making it one of the top two handsets from competitors.. It comes complete with 5G support, 6th generation, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 5.2 and NFC.. The front has a hole for the selfie camera in the upper left corner, unlike the Zenfone 8 Flip, which has a screen without any cutouts.. The two share screen Amoled combines the high vibrant, colors and great viewing angle. However, the Zenfone 8 stands out for having a 120 Hz panel superior to the 90 Hz of the Flip variant.. The full HD Plus resolution is more than enough to result in sharp image at 5.9 inches.. The touch sensor responds to 240 Hz, which makes the Zenfone 8 a good choice for gaming.. There is support for hdr10 to take full advantage of quality streaming. Services. Color calibration. Could be better, but there are options for you to choose which one suits you best.. There are two sound outputs, and this makes the Zenfone 8 deliver stereo audio with good power and sound quality.. It has a dedicated amplifier to ensure balanced audio with stronger bass than Samsungs rivals.. Even the P2 jack has an amplifier to deliver more powerful sound with professional headphones.. Zenfone 8 is the perfect phone for music lovers.. A common point between the two versions of Zenfone 8 is the Snapdragon 888 platform.. Here we have the most advanced Qualcomm hardware, combined with 8GB of RAM, which guarantees great performance and surpasses the S21 with Exynos 2100, but is below the iPhone 12 in our multitasking focused speed test In benchmarks, things change and we have larger numbers with Zenfone, including AnTuTu.

When it is 100 thousand points above the Galaxy, almost 150 thousand points ahead of the iPhone.. Anyone who is obsessed with synthetic tests will be happy with the new top from Asus. And in games. Pubg and CoD Mobile ran with excellent fluidity even at the highest graphic quality and with all filters activated, Mortal Kombat and Asphalt 9 averaged 90 FPS, but not for lack of hardware firepower. But for some crash that prevented let these games make the most of the 120 Hz screen.. The Zenfone 8 has the same battery size as the Galaxy S21, but ended up yielding less in our autonomy, test. Its good to remember that it comes in 120 Hz mode by default, while ZenUI offers an automatic mode that regulates the screen, speed to help consume less Battery its still possible to have a charge for all day., The 30 watt charger takes 116 to make batteries from 0 to 100.. A 15 minute quick charge, recovers 32 and reaches 62 with half an hour in the socket, which is enough to say about 10 hours of moderate use. Asus modified Android has recharge control to prevent battery drain.. You can program so that the battery doesnt get stuck for too long at 100. If you plan to put the phone to recharge when you go to sleep which helps to prolong its lifespan. Android 11 comes standard with Zenfone 8 with some ZenUI modifications. Asuss interface is cleaner with each generation, but without neglecting several features.

Game Genie is one example: a Game oriented interface that gives players control over their mobile phone, while playing. Its also possible to limit the devices heat up, CPU and GPU speed, and even the amount of apps that should remain running in the background, all of which helps your battery yield more. If you dont mind taking full advantage of the Zenfone 8s potential., You can customize the power button for beer and shortcuts for frequently used apps or for some specific function.. The biometric reader stays on the screen and responds very well to quickly unlocking the phone. Asus interface has been criticized for suffering from a lack of optimization, but this has been changing every year. On Zenfone 8. We have great fluidity for switching between apps and taking advantage of the 120 Hz screen. Before we get into photos and videos. Tudocelular is very close to the first million here on YouTube. So, if youre not already subscribed to the channel and can help us click the button there, okay Moving forward, the Zenfone 8s dual camera rear set may seem like little for the present day. But the main 64 MP sensor with lossless digital zoom, helps make up for the lack of a telephoto camera.. The secondary is 12 MP with an ultrawide lens, with auto focus which serves as a macro camera. So we have two cameras that work like four.. The front features a new 12 MP SONY sensor with auto focus.. The Flip variant showed that it can record great photos, and this is the same case with the more compact Zenfone 8.

On clear days. You will have sharp photos saturation in the right contrast measure and great color and white balance. When using the digital zoom. The camera raises the resolution to 64 MP then cuts the edges and stretches the image to occupy the normal frame, giving the feeling that we really had a traditional zoom applied, but without the loss in image quality that we see on other phones without optical zoom.. Ultrawide has quality close to the main camera. You get a much wider field of view without suffering from corner distortion. The quality already drops considerably at night, so its better to use the main camera in darker places. Autofocus helps to record excellent macros, surpassing cell phones that have a dedicated camera for this type of photo. When using portrait mode. The camera ends up zooming to 2x, which can be a nuisance for some, but the portrait effect has good intensity and has few flaws.. There is night mode which is automatically activated in most scenarios and helps to recover details lost in darkness. And the front camera. This is where the Zenfone 8 loses to the Flip variant.. In the other model, we have the same back set available for selfies thanks to the swivel camera.. The more compact Zenfone doesnt disappoint in taking selfies during the day, but it already has the average quality when shooting in darker places. The camcorder is capable of recording in 8K at 24 fps.. The quality of videos is great, but stabilization and auto focus are worse.

At this resolution.. The best choice is 4K at 60fps, which, in addition to delivering better fluidity, results in quality footage without quickly filling storage.. The front end has more limited, dynamic range and suffers from noise when shooting at night, but it also shoots in 4K. The Zenfone 8s three microphones capture clean sound and let you make adjustments to add sound effects and even control. Noise. Cancellation. Is Zenfone 8, better than Galaxy S21. It wins on sound, performs better in use with multiple apps and can compete equally on cameras, but Samsungs wins on battery power, has better photographic performance in low light locations and has greater Android support and updates. Against the iPhone 12. We have the opposite. The Zenfone is slower in performance, however, it wins on battery.. It also comes to lose to Apple when shooting at night, but in general it is not far behind in photos and videos. Its big difference is for the 120 Hz screen that guarantees games running at 120. Fps, while the iPhone 12 and is limited at 60 FPS. And against Zenfone 8 Flip, which is better, The more compact model, was a little behind in multitasking performance, but stands out for being faster screen to guarantee FPS and superior in some games.. It also loses on battery life and lacks the excellent selfie camera of the Flip model, which also stands out for allowing the ultrawide to be used as a front.. The Zenfone 8 is a great compact phone.

, Its much smaller than the Flip version and features the same hardware plus 120 Hz screen for great gaming performance. The battery might not be a highlight, but it lasts all day and recharges quickly.. The cameras are great, even if they dont quite outperform their rivals.. If you dont, like the Zenfone 8 Flips swivel camera, then the Zenfone 8 wont let you down. Its a small phone, that doesnt leave anything important out and even comes with water protection, which is very rare in Asus phones.. If you didnt, like the Galaxy S21 or the iPhone 12, then the Zenfone 8 would be the best alternative among the high end. Compacts. Remembering that, until the recording of this analysis, Asus had not yet made official the phone line here in Brazil, but the links below lead to complete specification sheets and best offers, even if they are from marketplaces with imported models.. So if you are interested in purchasing just click to save. And take the opportunity to comment, if you are the type who prefers compact smartphones or can no longer do without bigger screens.