This is the zoom smooth q3 gimbal lets check it out inside the box. We have hello. How can we help booklet with the most answer to your question about the smooth q3? This is a setup guide and service card. You get the extension tripod and charging cable, let me see which one this is. This is a usb type c charging cable and the smooth q3 gimbal. This is the instruction booklet. The smooth q3 very compact lightweight its good to bring with you on trips to record and take pictures before you use the gimbal theres. A few things you need to do. You need to uh, extend the gimbal arm and unlock the two motor to extend the gimbal arm theres. This uh screw knob right here, just turn it counterclockwise to loosen up the knob and pull the arm up and tighten back the knob to uh, lock the arm in place and then to unlock the two motor turn it clockwise on the gimbal handle you have the Joystick the record button and snap picture button and the mode button on the left is the zoom in and out toggle on. The right is the usb type c. Charging port in the front is the trigger one and the power button and on the bottom, you have the screw hole to attach the tripod to mount your phone onto the gimbal on the holder here, theres an arrow to tell you which side to uh put your Camera then you just expand the holder like that and then just make sure you balance out the gimbal make sure its balanced.

So it helps the motor from working too hard now to turn on the gimbal, just press on the power button and when you first turn on the gimbal, its going to be in the vertical uh stage to uh record uh in landscape mode. Just click on the trigger button three times all right guys lets check out the six different mode on this uh smooth q3 and the first mode is the pan, follow just click once and see the led light on the pen follow indicator it comes on and what The hand follow does is everything else lock, except when you pan the cam will follow like that. But then everything else is locked in one place and then the lock, when you click on the lock mode. What it does is everything else. All the axle is locked in one place. It doesnt matter how you move, the gimbal is going to lock in one place now, for the follow mode is the f. What it does is, you could pan follow and then a tube follow, but then the the roll axle will be locked in place when you pan it follow. When you tilt now the pov, it stands for point of view mode click on it make sure the lights indicate. Uh indicate light lights on on the pan of view, and what that does? Is you get the tip? Follow a pen follow and roll follow like that, and you tilt follow with the roll follow and then you pan and then theres another mode after you when you get after the point of view, follow you click once on the mode button, and then you could do The vortex by using your joystick here and it does the vortex – i think it only does 180 degree and then to activate the gold mode.

You click on the trigger button and then just hold it and then wherever you go, it just follows fast. There you go thats the sixth mode, on the smooth q3, when in the pen follow mode, you can actually like turn the gimbal and fall like low recording for the ground, and if, if the gimbal is in the way you can see, the phone will flip. The other way, so the gimbal is not in the way of the camera, to fully use all the features and function of the gimbal. You want to go into the apple store or the google play store to download the zy app. When you open the app thats, you know you go, you can go in settings. Im. Gon na show you a couple settings for the gimbal, which is very useful uh. When you go right here after you download app open it up to go, you go into gimbals, and then you can actually change the speed of the joystick to fast, medium or slow and the zoom. How fast you want to zoom in and out when record at night. One of the features i like about the smooth q3 is the built in light.