Maybe some of you have seen it or not. This is very interesting product, especially for youtubers, or if you make video on script, writing this product is very useful for them. Today i have DESVIEW Teleprompter. This is very awesome: teleprompter T3 toady. We do unboxing and testing what is this and how it could be use which accessories came along. What are the features ill? Tell you all today, very good product from DESVIEW. They send me product as sponsor, so i can make video of unboxing and testing and guide you how to use their product. Buy link is in video description. Todays video aim is only 550 likes and i know youll definitely do it. Lets do unboxing without wasting any time today we have teleprompter model number T3 from DESVIEW, first of all ill you about this product. If you are making script video you cannot talk to see on camera lens, it looks like you are talking not to see in camera. Looks like looking somewhere else so prevent this. You need a device. Teleprompter DESVIEW send us teleprompter with this device. You can read all your script by facing camera properly its not like this, that you are looking somewhere else. Its look like you are talking to face lens. Its mostly used in news channel and news anchor use this to read news. They are talking to you, while seeing in teleprompter with there script its not look like some one telling them to read or someone helping them in reading.

They are reading script while facing camera. Its original feeling look that they are talking by facing camera. Its look real, not scripted for small level, DESVIEW launch product teleprompter T3 today ill do unboxing and testing you can use on tablet or smartphone. Is it made for also DSLR Mirrorless Cameras? If you are making any news video, you can put it on your DSLR camera lets, do unboxing and see whats accessories are inside. Then we test it on the first look. This is teleprompter, and you can put your mobile like this to read script name T3 for tablet, smartphone or DSLR very good product. Now i am doing unboxing after unbox, so many accessories lets bring out one by one. First of all, here is main unit after this remote control here is accessory box at the end user manual now box is empty. We have now 4 things from box. Here is user manual about how to use, and it is in English and Chinese language. All details are here how to fit and use ill. Show you how to use this. If you are script, writing or want to do voice over while facing camera, you can record good video with this lets, see what is in accessories box. Here is many type of rings, so yo can use on many type of lenses you can attach on any mirrorless camera lens. Now here is special mount for smartphone. If you want to use teleprompter with smartphone, then you need this.

Mount here is special cloth for cleaning. Here is another mount very good quality. If you have tablet or big mobile, then you can use this mount for tablet and smartphone. Separate mount available accessory box is empty. Here is teleprompter remote controller. You can control your script speed forward back direction from this remote control. It can connect with your tablet for smartphone via Bluetooth, 2. Pcs of AAA battery will be use to turn on yo can do whatever with this remote ill. Tell you how to use this, as you can see very small compact size of remote now here is main unit which called teleprompter watch me how to install this. On this side we attach camera. If we sperate main cover, you can see reflective glass panel. If i am putting my hand beneath it, you can my hand on glass. In reflection, you cant see camera lens. You can see mobile screen with text while see writing on that. You can make good proper video on top side. Branding of DESVIEW here is special place to put any filter. You want to use very easy to mount lets start mount then ill. Tell you how to use first of all, sperate lens cover choose one ring the size of your lens., then install on your lens. After that slide teleprompter main unit like this now half work done after that use mobile holder mount then attach mobile. So you can see script from mobile to your teleprompter.

It take only 5 minutes. You can use teleprompter with mobile within 5 minutes. Teleprompter is ready. I told you how to use teleprompter with mobile now teleprompter is ready and i have attach with my front camera. As you can see, teleprompter is ready, as you can see, i have attached mobile and teleprompter is ready now test it how it works. You can control from remote any setting. If you want to change speed, you can do it. This is very low speed. While using the remote while using remote, i can adjust speed as my desire. You can ready easily what i write there Ill read it. So you can read as well as i am using it. You can also teleprompter is very good device if you are making video on news or information. If you are making video about reading or study by writing the script, you can make professional video. I hope you like this teleprompter video DESVIEW link is in video description to purchase. If you want to see other DESVIEW products, please let me know in comments, so i can bring more good video for you. Please fulfill the like aim. with, like we are encouraged and bring for video for my fans ill meet you in next video.