Consider subscribing for more content like this in the future. Anyway. Lets go so first off a massive positive for the motorola h20 pro is its screen, its a 6.7 inch oled with hdr 10 plus support. It also supports the dci, p3 color gamut at a full hd plus resolution when it comes to screen to body ratio. Its 89 and when it comes to pixel density, is 385 pixels per inch, and all of those specs are fantastic, but the real big deal here is the fact that this display supports 144 hertz thats faster than pretty much all of the other flagships right now, including All of samsungs latest lineup so like that girly boy band, bts, would say this phone is smooth like butter or, as we would say in england, butter and check this out its not only incredibly smooth. Its also got a 576 hertz touch sampling rate, and do you know what this means motorola have raised the bar and if youre a gamer, youre gon na love this one, because its gon na be incredibly responsive and in fact one of the most responsive displays. You can get right now and, if youre not so much of a gamer and youre more into productivity, there is a really awesome productivity feature on this phone, and one of the downsides that i think people will say about this particular display is why didnt they go With qhd well, they could have, but they didnt, and i think they did that to keep the battery usage efficient and also to keep that price down as well and, quite honestly, when it comes to a screen at 6.

7, inches quad hd is not going to make A huge difference, only a true smartphone connoisseur, could really tell the difference but heres a couple of things to keep in mind. This awesome display is protected by gorilla glass 5, which is still very tough, but not quite as resistant as gorilla, glass, 6 or the latest gorilla glass victors and as well as that theres only a single firing loudspeaker built in which means in order to get the Most out of the display on the edge 20 pro, you will need to use a set of headphones but heres. Another downside there is no analog headphone jack but check it out heres. Another positive. The operating system is a very clean android 11 experience with some moto controls thrown into the mix. Moto have also promised two years of security updates and theyve even got their think shield business great security on there as well. So if youre security conscious, you dont, really need to be with this phone, so thats, all good stuff, and a couple of tweaks that i really like here is the way you can customize gesture controls and youve also got gaming tools when youre playing games to make Sure you get any optimized experience and theres also the ability to map functionality to taps on the power button, so thats cool and theres. Even a google assistant button on the left hand, side and inside the device. We have 256 gigabytes of fast ufs, 3.

1 storage, which should certainly be enough for most people, ive kind of got used to two five six. I always default to two five six gigabyte whenever im, given the choice because thats enough for me one downside here, though, is the fact that there is no expandable memory card slot. So if you, the type of person that carries loads of movies around on an sd card or something like that, you wont be able to do that here, but 256 should be enough for most people. Okay heres another positive, the moto h20 pro does have a qualcomm snapdragon 8 series chip in it, but its not the highest, its, not the snapdragon 888. What weve actually got is a slightly lower snapdragon 870, and this again is reflected in the price. It certainly is a formidable chip and motorola have even thrown in a true flagship level, 12 gigabytes of ddr5 ram, and this is going to keep everything flowing really nicely, and the snapdragon 870 also supports 5g and can even support two 5g sims. At the same time, which is good because this phone has a dual sim card tray and it supports wi fi six as well, so you can expect very good speed and very good power here and from my experience, testing this chip. It handles heavy gaming really nicely. So the obvious negative here that people are going to bring up is why didnt they throw in the snapdragon, 888 or 888 plus.

Well, it comes down to price. So if the manufacturer buys an expensive chip, that means the product is going to have to be more expensive, so theyve kept that down. Theyve still got an 8 series chip, but theyve kept the price low by not going for the 888 so anyway heres another upside. There is a 4 500 milliamp hour cell built in to keep that incredibly fast and responsive display going all day and motorola dont care about the polar bears and have thrown in a 30 watt turbo charger in the box, which will deliver you 9 hours of power. In just 10 minutes im, only joking im sure motorola do care about the polar bears, but i would think of it like this. If you dont ship the charger and then you have to buy the charger separately, that means theres a separate bit of packaging, separate bit of plastic, separate shipping cost. So in the end, are you really saving anything? Let me know where you stand when it comes to charges in boxes: okay, so heres the downside to the battery side of things and its the fact that we dont have wireless charging here now this isnt going to matter to some of you, but to some of You it might im kind of one foot in and one for out when it comes to wireless charges. I have them around, but i tend to use a wire whenever possible, if im sitting at the desk here, i can throw the phone on the wireless charger, but i wouldnt miss it if it wasnt here so once again, heres another question for you: where do you Stand on wireless charges so heres a big upside.

In my opinion and its the camera configuration weve got a massive 108 megapixel primary shooter. It does use pixel building as standard, but you can also shoot in ultra mode as well, so you can get the full 108 megapixels and this primary camera can even shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second and even 8k at 24 frames per second, so weve Got good video functionality, then weve also got a 16 megapixel ultra wide shooter and on top of all of this formidable firepower. Weve then got an 8 megapixel sensor with a 5x optical zoom and its in that periscope format that weve seen before on samsung and huawei and xiaomi phones. This can go up to 50x zoom and theres. Also, an impressive 32 megapixel selfie camera on board as well and in terms of how good are the cameras on this and are there any downsides? The best way to find out is to compare this to another phone in the same price range. I do have the mi 11 here and the poco f3. If you want to see that video, let me know in the comments below and i will do my best to make it for you guys and while were on that topic, if youre not subscribed and you just subscribe now, not only are you supporting the channel, but You will be one of the finest subscribers known to me. Okay, last couple of positives, the productivity feature i mentioned earlier: theres a cable in the box which motorola called the ready for cable, and it allows you to plug your phone into any tv and it will essentially replicate a desktop computer.

So, like i said before, if productivity is important to you, you can use this cable with this phone usb to hdmi, so you can get busy and the last thing i really love about the motorola edge 20. Pro is the finish on the back. There is a vegan option: vegan leather seems like vegans are everywhere nowadays, but its good to know that no cows were killed in the making of the edge 20 pro. But what i really like about this one is the frosted matte finish its not much of a fingerprint magnet and below that surface. Is this really cool dot pattern when the light hits it? It just looks so awesome and you know what else its smooth like butter. So let me know what you thought of the format of this video positives versus negatives. If you like this style, then maybe ill keep making videos like this. So let me know in the comments below id, appreciate your feedback and ill see you guys in the next one.