This is the latest phone from nubia, and this has some pretty impressive. Specs. Well, go over that in a moment, but you can see it says: red magic, 6s pro and this sticker is actually underneath the wrapper. So i couldnt remove that so lets go ahead and remove the wrapper. Let me get my unboxing knife here and well remove the wrapper itself. There we go lets, remove this well remove the sticker im, not sure what it says, but well remove that and lets take a closer look at the phone itself. Now the overall price has yet to be announced, ill link it in the description once i find out, but there are three different models: theyre called cyborg 12 and it has 128 gigabytes of storage with 12 gigs of ram, then theres cyborg, 16, 256 and ghost 16 256., so a couple different models there, but lets go ahead and open it up. Well remove the top. Here there we go and thats a pretty big phone, so it has the typical nubia layout well take a closer look in just a moment, but lets see what we get in the box and its a pretty thick box. So hopefully we get a charger and more and we do get a charger so lets open up this weve got a sim card. Removal tool looks like we get a case with it too. Its a tpu case, so a clear case with a cut out back.

Well. Take a closer look at that in just a moment and then weve got a quick start guide, so nothing more than that as far as paperwork and then inside we have a red usbc to usbc, cable and then also a charger, and this charger says: nubia quick, Adapter see if we can see that here and youll see, it is doesnt really say the wattage unless im missing it there, but this phone can fast charge up to 66 watts. So they give you this adapter in the box, though, lets see if we have anything else in here, it doesnt look like theres anything else, so no headphones or anything like that. This phone does have a headphone jack, so thats something thats a little bit different than others lets take a closer look at it, so well remove the wrapper here. The outside, covering there we go, lets remove this sticker. This is a glossy back. Its glass set. This aside – and you can see it says, red magic 6s, so this is their latest phone and its pretty big. This is a large phone just for a size, comparison heres an s21 ultra next to it so its a little bit taller than an s21 ultra and a little bit wider. You can see it sticks out the side a little bit and then thickness wise. Its pretty similar just to give you a general size wise if were not, including the camera bump on the s21 ultra its very similar.

Now, as you can see already at the top, we have a headphone jack and a microphone around the right side of the phone. We have a vent, this is for the turbo fan inside. We have a power, sleep, awake button and another microphone here. So when youre gaming, we also have triggers on each side and theyve, been upgraded this year as well, 450 hertz gaming shoulder buttons here on the bottom. We have another speaker, it looks like with a usbc jack and then also a microphone. Weve also got a sim card here, so our sim card tray so lets go ahead and remove that and see what weve got. So if we pop out the sim card tray, this should support dual sim cards, so no expandable storage, but it should support dual sim cards, so weve got a little gasket there and then a sim card on each side. If you want to put those in there, so you do have dual sim card support in the phone. On the left hand, side we have just some antenna lines: weve got our volume button here up down and then also another vent for the fan and a switch to turn it into gaming mode. So its pretty feature packed as far as that goes lets. Look at the case quick, just to see what this looks like. So i think this is designed to give you access to the back, because this has something a little bit different.

I havent seen before theres a third touch button on the back theres a pro programmable touch strip right here. So when youre gaming, you not only have access to the triggers here, but you also have access to another programmable button, whether that be maybe to spin around quickly or whatever you can program. Youll have access to that so thats something a little bit different. Now the fan internally has been upgraded again. It has 59 fan blades and can spin up to 20 000 rpm according to nubia. So its pretty impressive internally lets go over the specs quickly. It has a qualcomm snapdragon, 888 plus with 12 gigabytes of lpddr5 memory, plus ufs 3.1 storage. The display lets go ahead and turn it on wait for it to boot. Up here, the display is a 6.8 inch, 165 hertz amoled display. It goes up to 700 nits of brightness and is 1080 by 2400 pixels 387.5 pixels per inch. It supports dc dimming to help minimize pwm. So if it bothers your eyes, it minimizes that and also has an under the display fingerprint sensor. Now. The forward facing camera is 8 megapixels, so nothing phenomenal there, but thats fine and the rear facing cameras. We have three of them. We have a 64 megapixel, eight megapixel and two megapixel with a 78.3 degree field of view, 120 degree ultra wide and 78 degree, and that should be a macro camera. The phone has a gigantic 5050 milliamp hour battery, so that should help you with gaming.

The faster display rate the 165 hertz display and it can charge up to 66 watts with fast charging. It also has 5g and then wi, fi 802.11, a b g n, ac, 6 and 6e as well as bluetooth, 5.1. So its a pretty fully loaded phone so lets go ahead and set this up says: ive read the policy well hit continue, and now you sign in with google, so you go ahead and hit start and you have to connect to a mobile network, whether that be Your sim card or wi fi so well, give it just a moment. Well skip this find wi fi. Here now it says getting your phone ready. This may take a few minutes and i do expect an update, as this was sent to me by nubia, to take a look at its, not a sponsored video or anything, but they did send me the phone and you can see already in the upper left. It says its running at 90 hertz now its asking. If i want to copy apps and data well hit dont copy, we just want to set it up and get to the main screen here. It says checking info and now we can sign in with google. So well go ahead and try that so once youre signed in with google now it wants me to set up a pin for the phone itself, so ill go ahead and do that and ill just pick a simple one right now: ill change it a little bit Later ill hit confirm, and now it wants me to set up the fingerprint sensor so well go ahead and hit next, and you can see its right there, so we should be able to set it up quickly and youll, see it lights up every time since its An optical scanner instead of sonic like an s21 ultra, for example, so well continue to set this up.

There we go. The fingerprint has been set up well hit next and now its going to set up google assistant. Well, do this later well skip setting up. Google pay and its asking me if i want to set up anything else, so ill skip all of that to get to the main screen so heres the home screen of the red magic 6s pro it has a widget here for the game fan – and this is Just sort of a typical setup that they have for the main home screen. If we press on the gaming fan or the game fan, we can turn the fan on. If the phones getting warm, it has a vapor chamber that connects to the fan inside and it draws air in through the left or bottom, if youre holding it with the triggers at the top and then pushes air out of the right side or the top. If youre holding it in landscape, you can also speed the fan up. So if we press on the button here, its not terribly loud, youll probably hear the game over. The top of that now lets take a look at some of the display options and the gaming modes after that so well go to display and you can see it says, show screen refresh rate and its at 165 hertz. So we have the option to go from 60 to 165, so we can go down to maybe give us some better battery life, all the way up to 165 hertz to give us the best screen refresh rate, and then we have other options here as well.

Display preferences for normal vivid and you can even adjust it yourself for whatever youd, like so its very customizable. As far as that goes. If we go to about this phone, you can see that it runs red magic, os version 4.5 and if we scroll down its android 11 with the latest security update the august 1st 2021 update, i would imagine it will get the september update as well since theyre. Pretty good at updating the phone and again you can see it has 12 gigs of ram, so well go back home and lets take a look at the dedicated gaming mode. So on the side we have a switch for that flip. The switch up and we go into the gaming mode – well give it just a moment and were in the game lobby. So youll see ive installed a couple, so we have call of duty mobile pubg and real racing 3.. Real racing 3 can take advantage of that faster refresh rate. We have another option for the fan here in the bottom left. We can turn it on to just turn on immediately once we turn the game mode on, and then we have some other options as well. In the upper right here we have external devices, we can use such as game controllers or better coolers, and then each game has customization. So we have settings for each game. It will give us options for touch sampling rate up to 720 hertz ultra high sampling rate.

You can turn that up or turn it down, however youd like and then you can smooth it out or leave it the same. You have accidental edge protection and also performance here, so you can see the performance of balanced. You can bring it all the way up. If you want – and it will speed up the overall cpu and everything else, so you can have it manage everything itself or you can try and customize it as far as show you just have default effects, and then you have function allocation. You can actually video record the screen, so you want to record your game play on here. You can do that and then you have some plugin options as well for things such as macro or key position assist things like that, so each game is highly customizable. So you have those options, so you can see we can go into each game like i said and customize it. Let me go into real racing and show you what that looks like now, as this is downloading the rest of the game. If you swipe in from the edge you have all of your customization, so it shows additional customization here as far as the overall display rate, whether or not the fan is on or off, and then you also have your controller assignments. So your shoulder buttons, you can assign those and its showing you how to do that well, go ahead and set that up, and so if we want to use the shoulder buttons, maybe thats in a racing game for the accelerator, you can turn it on.

But you really want to wait until the game is running, so you can drag over the touch points. So youll see you have right here and left. You can drag these over where youd like to have them. So if you want the button here over the accelerator and then maybe this as the break the left shoulder button, you can do that so again. Well, wait to customize that a little bit later and it should make playing games much nicer. Ive used these in the past and also their speakers are quite good as well, but well give this a moment to finish so were in real racing, and you can see the smoothness of the game overall, of course, its kind of hard to do this, while filming, But you get the idea how smooth the display is its incredibly smooth, so it should really help with playing this game, but i just wanted to show you briefly what it looks like now, like i said before, you can assign buttons. So if you swipe in tap on the shoulder buttons turn it on now, we have the option to move the right button, which is marked with an r, maybe well put that here and then well drag the l over here, and that should allow us to use That theres also a button on the back. So if we tap the m, we now have a third button on the back that will activate that button.

So we can move that maybe to lets move it over here, maybe well move it to reload. So now we have all of those options and we can use them. So if i press the top left youll zoom in and you have that option, if i swipe the back, you have the option to reload, although i dont need to do that, and the game is just super smooth this with this 165 hertz display. So you have all of that customization built into every single game you play and i purposely turned the fan off. While i tried these to see if it got warm, so the back is getting a little bit warm, but i turn the fan off. You turn that on and it probably wont get warm at all, so you have that third button here, the top buttons. I think it gives you a huge advantage if thats something that you want to play regularly, whether that be pubg or real racing or anything else. Now, as far as the camera, it does have a pretty nice camera, although thats not the focus of this phone, you can see here if i switch to video modes and we bring in the s21 ultra well, just put it behind here. Theres, the video modes and you have hdr as far as video. You also have additional resolutions, so you have video resolutions up to 8k or 4k60, so pretty nice as far as that goes so its a pretty feature, packed phone and photo wise.

Like i said its, not the focus of this phone, but it takes pretty decent photos, although you would probably want to turn off the watermark, but it gives you that option its, not super detailed as you zoom in, but for general photo use using posting online. Maybe on any social media site its going to be fine, so it should be fine for that. The cameras are all right and the speakers sound pretty good as well. So i wanted to show you that briefly also so ive loaded, a video of mine, thats, the 12 pro max versus the note 20 ultra – and this is the camera comparison where i put some music. So let me move my microphone, so you can hear this a little bit: better Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, speaker wise. They sound pretty good, they have decent bass and they dont distort at the highest level, so theyre quite good. As far as that goes theyre. Not as clear as maybe the note 20 ultra or the s21 ultra, but they do have a nice sound to them and they dont go as loud as the new z, fold 3, but theyre plenty loud for most people, and you definitely wont hear the fan. If its running in the background and youve got music playing over the top of it and the nice thing is youve got this quick resume here, so you can go right into your games. Let me turn that down.

You can go right into your games and play whatever you left off playing and you get right into it pretty quickly, so its a pretty feature packed phone and they generally make the fastest phones out there for gaming. It seems like, as far as the display refresh rates they keep upping those to the next level, and the display itself does seem to look pretty good off axis and seems to be pretty good. As far as touch responsiveness. I havent seen a much faster, refresh rate on a mobile display before the displays on some. Other phones are probably a little bit nicer, but for gaming, and just using this for general use with the bumpers and everything else makes this a great value for what it is and again ill link the price of it in the description below. If youd like to get your hands on the wallpaper here ill try and link that in the description, if i can get my hands on it and of course, if you havent subscribed already please subscribe, and if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like.