The galaxy z43 is a companys flagship, foldable offering, but as flagships go, this one also comes at a premium price. Luckily, weve had the z43 with us for a few days now giving us enough time to figure out if its worth the price tag that samsung has slapped on the device, but before we get to our in depth review of the galaxy z43. Let me remind you to subscribe to our channel if youre new and hit the like button. If you find this video, any good, also dont forget to share this and other videos with your friends and family now, with that out of the way lets get to the stuff that matters make no mistakes about it. The most important aspect about the galaxy z43 is definitely its design. Much like the previous generation foldables from samsung. It is the one aspect on which the success of the galaxy z43 hinges and, from the looks of it, samsung appears to have done a good job. The galaxy z4 follows the same design language that weve seen on previous generation flagship foldables from samsung. As such, we have a book like design with a hinge at the center, facilitating the opening and closing of the phones, large foldable display for anyone who has laid hands on the z fold, two or even the first generation galaxy fold. This particular design would be very familiar. However, what they will also realize is that galaxys effort 3 differs subtly from the previous generation in design.

This is because, with the galaxys e fold, 3 samsung has introduced a number of incremental upgrades. For example, the latest foldable feels lighter in the hand than the fold 2 and is also thinner in comparison while its folded. The phone also feels more durable in the hand with samsung using armor aluminium for the hinge of the device and also cornings gorilla glass vectors to protect the cover display of the device for the foldable screen. Samsung is now using an improved ultra thin glass, which the company claims increases the durability of the foldable display by 80. In a first for the series, the galaxy z43 also comes with an ipx rating, which makes it safe to submerge in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. Like we said, most of the improvements are incremental in nature, but then again it is a step in the right direction. All of these elements come together to create a sturdy phone that still looks awkward when closed and is almost impossible to use with a single hand. Once unfolded, in fact, even before you get to use the phone, the process of opening its display can be a complicated task if you have slippery hands or for the matter, if youre looking to open the phone in a hurry, thankfully, because of the presence of the Fully functional outer display, we did not have to open and close the foldable display too often, as the outer display itself made it easy enough to use the phone close at most times.

For example, apps of daily use such as whatsapp facebook and twitter were all easily accessible using the outer display talking about the display department, as we mentioned earlier, there are two panels here. The first is a 6.2 inch tall but narrow, dynamic, amoled display running at a resolution of 2268 by 832 pixels. This supports a fast 120 hertz refresh rate and hdr 10 plus standard, while the front display still uses an awkward aspect ratio. The upgrades to the front panel mean its more usable than ever. This is very crucial, as it not only makes using the galaxy z43 more convenient, but also helps improve the battery life of the device. Calmans display analysis showed the front display to be color accurate across both srgb and hdr color profiles for the former, the phone managed to keep the color accuracy error low with an average delta e of 1.7 and a maximum delta e of 3.3. The results of the tricky dci p3 color profile were also acceptable, as the average delta e remained at 4.8 and went up to a maximum 7.6. The primary display on the galaxy z43 is a bigger, dynamic amoled panel, which can be unfolded to be used as a 7.6 inch display. This again is a 120 hertz refresh rate panel that runs at a resolution of 2208 by 1768 pixels. This screen offers the user. The chance to transform the phone into a productivity multimedia centric device that offers an unparalleled immersive experience that, frankly, cannot be had on a normal glass lap design phone.

The display does have a slight trees running vertically through the middle, but unlike the previous generation, z4 phones. This one is not too noticeable when not viewed from an odd angle. Samsung has also used an under display camera, which does a decent job of hiding behind the pixel when youre, watching a movie or playing a game on the device. All of these elements come together to create an experience on the device thats equally immersive for watching movies and playing games or for carrying out productivity tasks on the galaxys e43 again calvins display analysis backed our findings of the panel as we found the foldable screen. Achieving good results in the display test so for the srgb color profile, the display threw up a very good average delta e error of 1.9 and a maximum delta e error of 5.4. As for the coverage of the color space, the color volume test revealed, the phones panel covers around 100 percent of the bt 709 color space in the srgb profile for agr content in the vivid profile we found the color accuracy still remained well within acceptable levels. Proof of this are readings from color checker test, which showed the display throwing up average delta error of 2.9 and a maximum delta e error of 6.2. As for coverage of the color space in this profile, the panel managed a high gamut coverage of 119 percent. Overall, both the testing results and our personal experience with the galaxy z43 prove that galaxy z43 is made for producing experiences that, frankly, cannot be rivaled by the general glass lab phones existing in the market right now.

Yes, there is still a lot of scope for improvement and scaling as well as aspect ratio issues for some apps still hold the galaxy default 3 pack. Yet its big vibrant screen ensures these issues. Do not count for much and the z fold 3 ends up feeling like something thats a mile ahead, yet its big vibrant stream ensures these issues do not count for much, and the z43 ends up feeling like something thats miles ahead of the competition Music. Now lets get to the performance under the hood. The galaxy z43 brings powerful hardware that we previously have seen on a number of flagship phones in the past. At the heart of the device is a qualcomm snapdragon, triple eight chipset, which is snappy as ever and appears to have been used well on the galaxys e43, the chip has been paired to 12 gb of ram and up to 256gb of storage, depending on your variant Of choice, the hardware comes together to make multitasking on the phone a breeze. The galaxy z43 comes running, android 11, with one ui 3.11. On top. This brings with it a number of exclusive features, such as split view and multi window mode. That can only be experienced to the fullest on a foldable phone while its not advertised as a gaming first phone. We did find the galaxy default 3 to perform quite well when, in this department, the experience of playing games with the screen unfolded was great.

With the devices powerful performance only enhancing the immersive experience provided by the galaxy z4 series, big display, but if youre looking for numbers, both call of duty, mobile and asphalt 9 legends ran at max out settings and, as you can see on your screens right now, this Was without compromising on the median fps or stability, although weve seen higher scores on other snapdragon 888 devices in the past, this still is among the best using geekbench. The scores were again good, as the device ended up scoring 593 points in the single core and 1877 points in the multi core test. But honestly, the galaxy z43 is a device thats not about numbers and benchmarks, rather its about real world experiences and thats, where the phone excels. Coming to the cameras. There are a lot of cameras on the galaxy z43, including an under display selfie lens, while not the most impressive. The latter is definitely the most interesting one. It is the first time we are seeing an under display lens on a samsung phone that promises to be invisible when youre not using it to take photos. While it does manage to live up to the billing to an extent, it does lose out a bit when it comes to the performance. The 4 megapixel under display sensor captures pictures that lack detail and sharpness images clicked using this lens in well lit situations looked washed out and generally lacking vibrancy. Its frailties become even more exposed.

The moment you start comparing the results to selfies taken using the 10 megapixel selfie camera available on the front display of the phone, while the presence of this more powerful selfie lens, as well as the ability to click selfies using the phones. Primary lens does help save the galaxy folds 3 selfie game. The failings of the under display camera stop the galaxy z43 from becoming a great tool for taking video calls. As for the other lenses, all of them provide standard, flagship, great camera experiences. The primary lens here is a 12 megapixel lens with ois sat next to a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera and 12 megapixel 2x telephoto camera, as you can see, theres no 100x space zoom here, but minus that the galaxy z43s cameras provide good performance by clicking. Well detailed shot both in daytime and low light conditions, photos clicked using the galaxy default series. Main camera generally come out sharp and vibrant with slightly saturated colors, something that weve actually come to expect from samsung flagships in the past, as we mentioned before, the camera performance is flagship, light and thats, not only for daytime photography in low light conditions. The phone clicks highly detailed shots which are further supplemented using galaxys effort iiis night mode. The device also provides good ultra wide performance, with the results deteriorating slightly in low light conditions. The same is the case for the 12 megapixel telephoto lens, which also throws up good shots in well lit situation, but suffers a little in low light scenarios: Music Applause, Music Applause.

The battery department is a bit of a mixed bag for the galaxys e43. The phone brings with it a 4400 mah battery pack, which is a 100 mah downgrade on the galaxy z4 2 from last year. While this shouldnt be an issue for moderate users, the galaxy z4s battery may end up proving inadequate for heavy users, but talking about our experiences with the device, we usually got a days worth of use from the device on a single child. Long gaming sessions did deplete the battery faster, but generally the phone managed to get through the day without much trouble. The galaxy z43 also gets support for 25 watt fast charging, which honestly is a great help when the device finally runs out of charge. This can help charge the phone to the brim in about 1 hour 25 minutes with 50 charge. Taking about 35 minutes Music, the galaxy z43 is an expensive device, one that sits right at the top of the ultra premium price segment. Yet judging it based on its price tag, will possibly be a mistake. This is simply because the galaxys default 3 is not just any other smartphone. It is a device that bundles some interesting features like water resistance and support for an under display camera in a package. Thats already full to the brim with innovation, the galaxy z43 successfully manages to be a phone and a tablet all at the same time. It delivers a premium experience and also promises powerful performance.

The galaxy z43 is bogged down by its own unique set of issues. However, as we have alluded to in the review, these are issues that do not in any way weaken the whole package. That is the galaxy default three. So if youve got money to spend on an ultra premium device, then go ahead and get yourself the galaxy z43. The phones, big foldable display and its all round innovation will not let you down, but if you still remain confused, itll probably be worth checking the samsung galaxy z, flip 3 out, while its more compact form factor may not enable similar expansive experiences as the galaxy z4. 3, it will still act as a good entry point into the world of foldable phones and that too, at a more affordable price point well be publishing our review of the galaxy flip 3 soon, so stay tuned to our youtube channel and the digit.n website. For all the latest updates till then keep liking. Our videos and sharing them with your friends and family also hit the bell icon to make sure you dont miss out on any of our videos.