For me, foldable devices are all about the experience or what you can actually do with them. This is not just another phone on the market, as it has quite a few unique features. Having said that, you have to know that the folder 3 is a thick and heavy device, especially if you compare it to the flip 3.. Obviously, that is because of two displays and all of the technology packed inside of the device. This year the vault 3 is said to be much sturdier than its predecessors, thanks to armor, aluminum and other materials used in the construction. In practice, the phone feels solid and super premium, a lovely metal frame. They hinge any matte finish on the backlight, even though im not a huge fan of this green color. It looks more like black, with a greenish tint after a few weeks of using the phone im, quite confident that its built to last it feels refined and sturdier than last years. Fault ii, ipx8 water resistance rating adds even more confidence, and i actually suggest you simply wash the phone from time to time, so the hinge and the main screen doesnt collect. Any particles now lets talk about those displays. Both of them have a 120 hertz refresh rate. They are bright for outer use and in general these are nice. Looking panels, the internal hinge is still visible on the big 7.6 inch screen, but thats the thing you need to get used to when using foldable phones, i wouldnt say its a big deal as you get used it in a day or so, but its definitely visible.

The cover screen allows you to use the device just as the regular, fully functional phone, albeit much thicker than usual. It has a rather unusual 25 by nine aspect ratio, meaning that it is a very long and narrow screen that is supposed to be convenient for social media and other everyday stuff. But once you have default three, you always want to unfold it. To be honest with you, ive never been a huge tablet fan because smartphone screens are getting bigger and bigger every year and you can do pretty much the same things but the z fold 3 gives you a tablet, experience that actually fits into your pocket watching online Content on this phone is just a better experience compared to the ordinary smartphone, also samsung upgraded the dual speaker system. That is very impressive, hear it yourself, Music. The gaming experience is incredible, too, its just much more fun to relax and spend some time gaming on a larger screen. As you expect, all of the 3d games run absolutely fine thanks to the flagship gray specifications that include a snapdragon 8 processor, 12 gigabytes of ram and up to gigabytes of storage same as last year. We need to thank samsung for using a snapdragon chipset in all regions. The multitasking experience has also been great thanks to a well thought out. Ui by samsung, you can run multiple apps at the same time, either using split screen or pop up view modes. For instance, you can use three apps at the same time and open three more in the pop up mode move or minimize the windows.

This is probably the best multitasking experience ive had on any android device. Also, the ui has been fast and smooth pretty much. All the time, for the first time in the fall series, the phone supports the s pen, which is sold separately. I have the one that comes in a case which doesnt have the best design, but it gets the job done. Protecting the phone and holding the s pen, samsungs stylus, is great for productivity or, if you simply love taking notes, i wouldnt say i use the s pen every day, but its definitely a great feature to have, especially on a larger screen. I use the flex mode to watch, youtube videos and read comments at the same time and use the phone as a stand for a selfie or the main camera, which is a very practical feature. If you dont have a tripod, Music samsung went with a rather conventional, triple camera setup. On this phone same as last year, we have three 12 megapixel shooters wide ultra wide and telephoto. While this camera system has started showing its age compared to samsung, galaxy s21, ultra or other high end phones, the image quality is still very good. There is no 8k video recording but thats fine, because 4k 60 and 30 fps video looks great just like on other samsung flagships. Same can be said about a selfie image and video quality, one of the highlights of the phone under the display camera, while the quality of it is decent.

I love using the main camera system for selfies. That means that i can get the best image quality and even use a wide angle, camera for vlog style videos. This is definitely one of the standout features of the default 3.. If you are a content creator or a vlogger, you may want to consider this phone over a budget mirrorless camera. If you prefer having all in one device. The battery life has been surprisingly good, considering a relatively low capacity. In fact, the phone uses two cells that combined have forty four hundred million hours. I used the phone at about fifty percent screen brightness setting with a 120 hertz refresh rate, and i could get over seven hours of screen on time. That is really impressive. Thanks to no small part of the power efficiency of the snapdragon chipset, however, charging speeds could be faster. 25 watts is still quite fast yet far behind the industry. Leaders as a full charge takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Other test notes, both fingerprint scanner and face unlock features, have been fast and reliable and all of the connectivity options have been working. Fine, so here is my conclusion that the samsung galaxy z, fault 3 – is the best foldable smartphone the money can buy, even though there is some competition in the foldables market. I think that samsung has the most polished and well thought out product that shows great interplay between hardware and software. The default 3 has subtle, yet important upgrades over the last years model, better, build quality, water resistance rating and the s pen support.

Is this a phone for everyone? No, if you just want an ordinary device that we are all used to, but its the phone any tablet in the same device for those who want something different, not only just to be able to stand out from the crowd or just to show off, but also To enjoy the interplay between hardware and software of this premium, two in one device, and that is the beauty of the galaxy z volt 3.. Well, i wont say that you will use all of the software features of this device, but if you do pretty much, all of them have been polished really well. All of the big features translate into carrying a double slab device, though that requires deep pockets, both literally and figuratively. That is because the z volt 3 is one of the most expensive phones on the market. Well, thats, the price that you have to pay for two screens, all of the technology and software solutions. This device is packed with now. A quick word from the channel sponsor video proc is a one. Stop video processing software that allows you to edit convert resize and adjust large 4k or hdr videos, audio and dvds easily at a fully accelerated speed. Video proc comes as number one fast: video processing software that peaks level 3 hardware, acceleration fully powered by intel amd and nvidia gpus, delivering buttery, smooth 4k or even 8k, video editing and transcoding. Without compromising the quality you can stabilize the video.

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