I wanted to know about this phone so lets get right into it. Dont forget to like subscribe hit that bell button and lets do it here. We go okay, guys so right here i picked up this tcl 20s from amazon for 249 and i got to say you know i was very you know suspicious about this phone. Why not in a bad way, but just because i am i wanted to go from my google 3xl, which i liked very much, but the battery life on that phone was really draining like a lot like. I was charging that phone up two to three times a day and i wasnt even using it like that and didnt even have like apps on there, like that, like like crazy. So i looked this up and i was gon na go with the motorola edge uh. I saw seeing that that phone had major screen issues, so i end up settling on this and im still suspicious on. You know all about this phone. I heard different people talk about different things about this phone, but they were all great things, but people were missing out key details, like some people were saying like this thing: didnt have dual stereos when they obviously do some people say that it had well. The company said had a curved display or ultra 3d curve display, so just really want to get on to that. So this phone comes in this box and it gives you a back look of the box of the back of the phone and you got the tcl 20s right there and it says high rise, audio, okay and then on the other side.

It gives you tcl 20s with nothing like that. Then it says great display, okay, which is really cool, and then just getting into this right here it tells you that it has a six point: uh the 64 megapixel camera has a 6.6 full hd screen. It has sdr 2 hdr uh display, which is really cool, has a 16 selfie and it has 5 000 milliamp battery. So enough, on that being said, were about to cut this phone open crack this phone open and just do this review so ill, be right! Back! Okay, so i am back right now guys and im about to open up this phone right here and uh slip it out so inside the phone were going to leave that tilt it up right there and inside the phone we have, which is a booklet right there And a pen injection tool right there so lets open up that right there. So there is, there is a pan injection tool here were open, were greeted by some pamphlets by tcl 20s and there you get a case right there, but i already have another case coming, but its nice, if you dont, have a case already ordered so that is Nice that they included that um there is the phone right there. So dont put that to the side right there. Inside of the box, we get c type charging right there and i believe this is fast charging and you can we get a tcl brick, which is really nice.

I think this is a fast charging, brick, so thats pretty cool. Now, taking now uh, you see flipping off the cover of this phone. Okay, nice. I, like that shimmery its like a little sparkle, shimmery, look to it, which is really nice, and you got this nice little layout of a camera and its letting you know what i cant see really, but it says a 48 megapixel camera to it. Uh to the side of it, you got a power button volume rocker, you got uh stereo headsets at the bottom and you got a uh c type charging on on the top of it. You got a microphone and a audio jack and you got a dedicated google key. I think thats right there and then in here you just pop the injection tool out right there and um theres, a 16 megapixel punch hole right there, and here is the 48 megapixel camera right here, followed by eight megapixel and two depth cameras and uh. This is a um. The fingerprint sensor right here so were gon na power. This up see if this see, if i can sort this out: okay, heres, the buzzing okay, so first impressions the screen looks nice. The screen is looking nice, even with the black on it. Its looking really really nice um really awesome the screen. Let me see its not a 3d screen, but it isnt. It says its a 91 to screen body ratio on there, so its its its pretty pretty nice right.

There uh, i guess, thats what they mean by its an ultra 3d, like if you see right there and how it the depths of it comes in right. There like this is what they mean. Ultra 3d, with the back is so its for comfort right here. So um, let me see it does support sd card on here, which is really awesome and um yeah were about to about to take a good look at this trying to see trying to get this thing. Loaded up um see how long thats going to take and then uh yeah like i just will just talk a little bit about it. Yes, this is on amazon for 2, 49 and uh. Pretty awesome right here. So im gon na finish setting this up and i will be back okay guys. So we are back right now and i got to say the screen like when i was filming the phone im not gon na lie the phone felt heavy because the 5000 i mean not too heavy, but it felt kind of heavy a little bit light in some Areas but thats because of the 5 000 milliamp battery, but you know just looking at the screen guys i got to say the screen is beautiful, like literally its not a curved display, but looking at here it looks like it is a curved display which is crazy And um, i i got ta say im just very, very happy with the display, like i mean look at that i mean its just its very glossy.

You know what im saying with the screen. I mean i very very nice um im liking. The one thing i didnt like about the google phone that when i had it, is it it didnt have like video gallery and music. So i had to download third party, which i didnt really like i mean the gallery was, like you know the google gallery, but i really didnt like it, because i it was just like its all google basic. I have an iphone to remind me of like you know: you got to pay for subscription. If you get too many pictures, you know so on and so on about that, but any phone anyway, the this phone – i you know it its its nice it. It feels nice im just i want to know about, like the key points of of everything that it like it has. So i just really want to get into all this stuff, so lets lets get all into it. So i dont want to show personal information on here. So if i take the phone away its not to be rude, its just just protect my that right there so anyway, so on so lets say: okay, it has display size, display, im, sorry and uh. You have dark mode, so lets see if we hit the more uh the more um dark mode on okay, so theres right there uh. Let me see search for notification. Folder! Okay, you have percentages, you can hook up the battery and inside okay.

So you put up there put the percentage of the battery which i like to know because i like to know what percentage i am on um. It says it has reverse charging on here. So im trying to see if i can find that uh. I, like my navigation, i dont like the buttons at the bottom anymore. I just i dont so im gon na change it to jesters only and um just have uh just have that. So let me see the three screenshot split screen. Okay, so let me see how i do that so lets see thats how you do that? Okay, im, trying to see how you get rid of that okay right there tap to wake up. Okay, okay, power, button power button ends calls what okay navigation system! Okay! Okay! Here we go here, we go okay, so i dont want all right there you go. I think i said hide. Okay, there. It is okay, so there we go how to hide that. Okay, so yeah, okay, so yeah, i didnt want no. I dont like the buttons at the bottom right there um. It does have fingerprint sensor on here. So let me see it has that on there so lets hook up the fingerprint sensor lets see how long that takes right there. Let me okay, so lets add a finger. Okay lets see how long this takes Music, pretty fast, okay, its done okay, so lets one two: three okay, im trying to see if its just updating.

Why so now one two three: okay, okay, you got it on that side right there, just one, two, three wow, barely barely had pressed my finger on to it, thats its pretty fast right there. Okay, so uh lets check out this camera on here. Okay, so we got more right there when we open it right there. So lets look at that. Okay, so we have um, stop motion which is pretty cool, light tray, slow motion, high pixel, short video, okay, and we have portrait mode. We have super night shot and we got pro, which is really awesome right there, and one thing i like to do with my uh thing: is i like to make this thing a full screen, so i go to, let me see dang it there. It go make it all full screen. I let my camera be all full screen when i take pictures so thats pretty awesome right there, so guys. So here is gosh this this cameras really decent. You even got the even it shows the sunlight inside the inside of the boxes. I mean some. Some will do that, but some wont like this. It gets really detailed with the 64 pixel so lets swipe it to the side. Okay, the google thing hasnt, i dont – think it loaded up yet so uh lets see. I want to see if this thing has always on display. Probably doesnt lets see. Okay, nothing came up. Lets see if it has an update available.

Lets, see here no updates available. It is rocking android lets see if i can show you guys: okay, so, okay, so here this is a look at the phone. It is a 1080 by 2400 16 front, megapixel, camera 64 back camera, eight megapixel, two depth and another two dap: four gigabytes of of um ram and 120 gigabytes of storage, snapdragon 665 and its android 11 5 000 milliamp battery, and the version is v3 v3.0.9 dh4, Which is really cool, okay, so um yeah, and then one thing i wanted to see too is guys. Give me one minute: hey guys, okay, so one thing i was trying to see is: if you could use the the sd card that you put in there of your choice, to set up like um. How should i say it like for it to to integrate itself into the internal memory all as one, but i see you can. This is for portable storage. That says, if you could do that, you have two different options and you dont have the two different options. So the only option i get is for transferring files and media between different devices. So oh well about that, but i was just curious about that. So anyway, um anyway, im gon na press later on that right there and um this and then leave that alone. Right there lets see about the stereo sound on here lets uh lets uh see how the serial sound sounds on here, instrumental i dont think so.

Verizon lets you trade in your broken phone for a shiny, new one. You break it, and here we see the angle. Does that stereo sound to it? Im gon na lie about that Music, okay and uh. The picture is nice. Im not gon na lie about that. Guys the picture looks really really nice. Okay yeah the picture. It looks really nice on here guys: im, not gon na lie. It looks really nice for unlimited 5g lets turn it off right there, but anyway guys. So this is my review and unboxing of the tcao 20s pro and im very happy about this phone. This phone is really really nice and um. I definitely um happy. I made this choice so anyway um. I hope you like this video.