Well, today, we have got ev von from klgadgetguy here to talk about the samsung galaxy z53 and show us some of her. Favorite features: hey yvonne. How are you doing hi im doing great im glad to be here, and i will be sharing my experience with the z flip tree because ive been using it for a while right before we go into details right? Maybe you can just share us like how do you feel about the samsung galaxy z5 so far and share us your personal review of the phone okay? So i really like this new design right. So the two tone design is very eye catching and the bigger cover screen with support for new widgets. It makes it really convenient to use the phone even in its folded state. So i think samsung did a really good job here and we know all samsungs flagship phones. Their displays are quite on point its the same with the z flip tree. You get really brilliant colors and sharp details also and now that it supports 120hz refresh rate. The overall experience is much smoother im. Sure a lot of girls are wondering how many color options are there for this phone. So there are four theres green lavender phantom black and my personal favorite cream. So i really like this color its like a fashion statement of a phone. You know its very cool, very trendy yeah. I think people would love it to be part of their otd as a service right.

Exactly yes and speaking of old tvs, everyone loves like a good otd photo and the camera features of this phone right are amazing. I personally, i especially love the hands free flex mode. How do you think this can help content creators like care, gadget guy to create more content and more easily? So i really like the um hands free flex mode, also but uh when it comes to this. I really like that how you can use it like flip, you know, so you just have to fold it halfway right and you can just pop it on any surface and start recording and personally, i think what is most useful is when you use voice command or The hand gestures, so you dont actually have to be next to your phone. You can be very far away and you know what let me just show you right turn on this cover screen preview. Basically, this is how it looks like you can just see whatever it is, so this is really convenient and im gon na put it back here and then youre gon na see, with my palms up its gon na start, recording just like that yep okay, so we Know right: the screen is actually 6.7 inches, but it doesnt really feel like a large phone in your pocket right yeah. So i think i i really love this because its been so long since weve had a phone, this small, but the best part is that it can go both ways right.

So if you want to fit it in your tiny size pocket, you can just fold it and chuck it in, but when it comes to you know watching videos or playing games, you flip it open and you get a huge 6.7 inch. Amoled screen. So thats really great so yvonne. Maybe we can show the viewers right, how cool is it without having to unfold the phone right? You can actually do a lot of things with the cover screen already yeah. So with a larger cover screen. You know you can just switch it on you get your time. You can control your music playback. We can see the weather set your alarm, timers theres, just a bunch of features, which is why its so convenient. Even when its folded, you can even take pictures and video, you just have to double tap on the button and its switched right. Can we can we also use the palm shot for this? One see how yes, so how much does like a durability of a phone matter to you right and why, since you so care about safety, so um personally, im a very clumsy person. So obviously i need a very durable phone so that it doesnt break easily and because phones are so important to us now, right its like part of our daily lives, thats, why? I think uh nobody will want a phone that cannot survive a few minor accidental falls. You know and um i also like that now this phone is water resistant.

I think its a big deal for a foldable phone because its much more complicated to achieve that compared to your usual smartphones. You know because theres a lot of moving parts around the hinge and samsung also added this thing called armor aluminium, so its more durable it doesnt dent as easily when you accidentally drop your phone, who wouldnt want a stronger phone right right, but but how? Okay – maybe just just to know you better right, how do you normally use your phone? Like? Are you a very, like you know, very, very rough kind of girl? I am im, not particularly careful, so i often drop my phone thats. Why? I always need something more durable. You know thats why i always have like a screen protector phone case, because without data im always very worried that my phone screen will just crack. You know yeah right, but with this one right, i think we also. We have double protection because right we have this samsung cab plus you can actually get if lets say youre, so clumsy right, you accidentally drop. It ill fly out right. If we accidentally break it, it is okay because we send it to samsung. Plus you can get it repaired at very low cost. So do we have like double protection? We have the very strong frame. Then we have samsung plus, yes, yeah yeah. That is why you know this is a good phone. If you are like as clumsy as me.

So yvonne we have talked about so many amazing features of the samsung galaxy z3 right but which one uh is your favorite feature that you look forward to utilize it every day in your daily life. You can share more if you have a lot of favorite features. Okay, so one of my favorite, i think most girls will agree with me – is obviously the cover screen preview, because i can finally shoot myself right and i dont have to like ask someone to do it for me, because i think um, some of us will find It very awkward to ask people to take pictures for us, especially if its like um for a longer time right and then its just like someone is always watching you. You know so, with the z flip trick, you can finally just put it there. You shoot yourself, you can be as streamless as you want, so i think thats one of my favorite and i also really like the flex mode right so um im excited to see how this will benefit me when it comes to multitasking. So you know if im working, i can be reading my email at the top part of the screen and at the bottom i can be writing my stuff or when its break time, i can be watching netflix on the top of the screen and at the bottom. I can be scrolling on shopping. I agree with you. The part where you dont have to ask anybody to shoot your photo for you and i think right.

My favorite would be you know when you have to take photo in the public area right, but you price it to show in front of everybody. You just put your phone there. Just pretend like casual. Like you know just like that, then you can take a photo. Yes, yes, so yvonne! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your review of the samsung galaxy with us. Is there like any last tip or advice that you would like to share with our viewers before we go? I think if you are already um set on getting this phone or you are already thinking – oh, whether i should get this one, i will say: go for it because its such a trendy phone, its so compact, its so cool its so fashionable. You know, i think it will be a great purchase. You know and um its definitely something that will stand out like you wont, see everyone around with a foldable phone, except for you right. Okay, thank you once again, yvonne for being here today. I think uh, what you share with us right, its really something that people who are already thinking of buying the device right will. Definitely you know after your explanation, they will just go and buy it from samsung religious website. Really. Thank you so much for being here today. Thank you for having me okay, goodbye. I will see you next time. Okay, bye, bye, bye, so that was yvonne from kl gadget guy, giving us a closer look at the samsung galaxy z.

Flip 3., like she said, if you are thinking of getting the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, think no more because you can order it now on samsung malaysias website and do follow samsung malaysias socials. So you can stay updated at all times and thats all for now ill see you next time.