Many of the best android features available. All with that nice clean stock software. From google to give the purest possible experience, hey hows it going im josh from 91 tech and today were taking a look at the google nexus 6p. What made this phone so popular and how does it hold up today? Why exactly is the nexus 6p, the 6p? Well, apparently, the p stands for premium. The truth, however, is more likely that google couldnt call it the nexus 7., as that name belonged to their line of 7 inch tablets, not exactly a move with a ton of foresight, but it is just a name. The 6p launched in the september of 2015 and came out alongside the nexus 5x, which also had a weird name and was meant to be the cheaper option to the 6p and a successor to the nexus 5, a phone that had come out two years prior. It was similar to the 6p in that it had the same camera and software, but it was plastic instead of aluminum at a lower quality lcd display and across the board, slower tech specs. The nexus 6p was the cream of the crop as it were, and one of the best androids money could buy in 2015, coming with android 6 marshmallow right out of the box completely stock with no bloat whatsoever. Ah, the google nexus line, saying the name, may bring up a whole multitude of feelings for those familiar with the devices from nostalgia to frustration with a number of hardware issues.

The nexus line of smartphones has always been one of my favorites because of the really interesting idea behind them to have each phone be made by a different manufacturer but designed by google. So the nexus one was htc the nexus s and the galaxy nexus were samsung. The nexus 4 and 5 was lg, the nexus 6 was motorola and then the 5x lg and 6p huawei its just really cool. And while i understand why google wanted to be the soul brand represented in their newer pixel line, theres a definite enticement and following a line of smartphones that all differ from each other, so prominently, regardless of being under the same umbrella and designed by one company. If you have a bad phone one year, theres a real chance, the next one will be completely different because itll be made by someone completely different, and so, if you have a bad experience with a google pixel which lets be real theres a decent chance with that. Considering the many issues theyve had over the years the next year, having just another google pixel with another number attached to, it, might not be as appealing as if it was a completely different company like lg versus huawei, vs, motorola, etc, its not as possible to just Shift the blame onto someone else, youre gon na remember that problem was with the google pixel, not just an lg phone of course. Ideally, you just dont have problems in the first place, but um yeah, thats, uh thats, not gon na be the case.

I mentioned frustrations and one of the most common issues was boot looping, especially nlg phones. The nexus 5x is known for boot, looping its a horrible oversight, so that didnt really have any easy fix, but hey the nexus 6p, luckily was made by huawei right. So owners shouldnt have to worry about boot, looping well, uh. No, apparently they should. There was actually a number of reported hardware issues from the phone bending easier than the iphone 6 plus to microphone problems to the device, locking itself in landscape mode and a strange issue where the battery would suddenly drop the zero percent to life. And, of course, even some boot looping its difficult to gauge just how widespread these problems were, but there was a class action lawsuit that resulted in google and huawei compensating owners of faulty phones with up to four hundred dollars. So at least there was some kind of resolution, but in my time with the 6b i havent had any of these issues. In fact, ive been quite impressed with the device and im happy to report that it feels quite snappy and pleasant to use. In spite of the age, with top of the line 2015 specs easily able to handle the old android 8 software yeah android 8., like many androids, the nexus 6b only got two major software iterations past marshmallow and android 7 nougat and then in 2017, android, 8 oreo. Its a pity to be sure – and i feel, like google really should have done better given these were supposed to be their phones, developed and optimized by the maker of android themselves.

And i guess in all fairness, the 2016 pixel would get further updates than just the normal 2.. The design of the nexus 6p is really unique and might look a little familiar to a certain brand new phone yeah thats right. The 6p has an uncanny resemblance to the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro with that flat rectangular camera bump near the top of the device, the similarities kind of end there, but its still very much a standout aesthetic choice that really cant be seen in any other Smartphone and ill be honest, i kind of dig it yeah. It looks weird especially on the pixel 6 and the camera bump is a lot less subtle on that phone, but its unique and id prefer google do their own thing rather than copying the square camera bump off. The iphone like theyve been doing in the last couple years: oh and one major benefit to the nexus 6p – that didnt carry over to the pixel 6 theres, a headphone jack, truly spectacular innovation right there. One thing newer, pixels do have, however, is usbc, which is indeed on the 6p, something that was just starting to become more and more prevalent in 2015, and so its really nice to see it here, its such a small factor, but it really helps the phone feel. A lot more modern, the body of the nexus 6p beyond the glass camera bump, is made up of smooth curved aluminum with flat edges a textured power button that i absolutely love and should have been on the 5x and some busy branding with the large nexus word Mark scrawled horizontally across the center and the huawei logo, underneath it near the bottom of the device theres a nice looking fingerprint sensor right above the nexus branding and it works really well.

It feels natural to use with my finger automatically resting on it when holding the phone, and that sensor reads my print quickly and consistently bringing me straight to the home screen pretty darn solid for 2015. for colors. There were four options, all being very: very standard for a 2015 phone and silver black white and gold, and of course i have the black model here. I got this phone off ebay a couple months back for about 75 american, a fair enough price, given it was top of the line six years ago, and i could honestly see this working really well as a more budget oriented smartphone for certain users. All in all, though, this phone is in nice condition, and i quite appreciate the design in the very least just for how different it is, even from the 2014 nexus 6 by motorola. Turning to the front of the device, we get an absolutely gorgeous and huge 5.7 inch, oled display boasting a resolution of 1440 by 2560 and pixel density of 518 pixels per inch. This is a very crispy screen with all colors and everything looking really fantastic. It might not beat out modern screens, especially on newer, samsungs or iphones, but it still looks really nice and i cant see anyone having issues with it, even if they had to use it today, except for maybe those bezel sizes. Again, this is a 2015 phone and thus to keep to the trends from the era.

It has thick bezels that at least host dual speakers, as opposed to putting absolutely nothing on there like the next years, pixel seriously. Why get rid of the front speaker if youre gon na waste all that space down there? You might as well slap on a home button, at least, but i digress, and all this was very standard for a 2015 smartphone from the colors to the design to the aluminum it all screams of around 2014 2015 2016.. This is a large phone significantly larger than the nexus 5x, which is still a decent 5.2 inches. The phones, a bit big for me and i do have fairly small hands but its not uncomfortable to use per se, and i found myself getting used to it pretty quickly. The oled is nice to have providing much richer, colors and truer blacks in comparison to the lcd 5x, and this is a feature that definitely would have been worth the money back in 2015., although nowadays, if you ever for some reason, find yourself in the position of Buying a 6p or any used, oled smartphone, just make sure you watch out for burn in this happens when an image is left on screen too long causing remnants of said image to remain permanently. But my nexus 6b seems to be okay, and even for phones that do have burn in typically, it doesnt affect the user experience. Unless its really bad battery life on the nexus 6p should be pretty decent.

Assuming you dont suffer from the battery issues. That, apparently, are not uncommon, although my phone seems fine and i dont think you would see it in too many phones that are still floating around today. The size of the battery is solid at 3 450 milliamp hours and at launch this phone would have more than lasted you the day, and even now. It very well could be good enough, though, because the phones are six years old, that battery has likely degraded, especially if the phone was well used over the years and so thats. Something to watch out for these batteries are a hassle to replace you, cant just pull off the back so for most situations, youre, probably just stuck with what you get. Why dont? We take a closer look at that unique camera setup on the rear, which provides us with a 12.3 megapixel sensor capable of filming video in 4k at 30 frames per. Second. This is an impressively decent camera, especially given the age and thats. Something google has always seemed to do well, plus, do a search for the google pixel camera app apk and install that to get access to a number of newer features, such as portrait mode and night shots that you would find on a pixel massively improving the overall Experience these are darn decent photos even six years later and id say this is likely better than most current budget android phones that are probably double or triple the price of the 6p you use, and as long as youre taking photos in areas with generous lighting, you Can really get some nice shots? Lighting is key and outdoors is best but focused on naturally, photogenic subjects like flowers and the 6p really shines go indoors or try to take photos at night, even with the night mode from the google pixel camera app, and that camera takes a nosedive real, quick grainy.

Blurry images are all too common and are to be expected, thats just kind of how it is with any smartphone camera from 2015 and even in recent years, camera sensors on smartphones are just so small, its really difficult to take in enough light to produce a crisp Or even usable image, even so, i found myself continually impressed with the camera, just like i did with the 5x, which makes sense, given they share the same hardware for photography. The selfie camera, on the other hand, is actually improved over the 5x with 8 megapixels. Instead of 5 – and this is a pretty good selfie given the age of the phone, but enough of my face there, all in all – i have to say the nexus 6p really has managed to survive the test of time and stay more than usable six years later. Something that cant be said for most phones from the same year. I wouldnt want to use the 6p for photos anymore, especially with how good smartphone cameras have gotten nowadays, but if i had to, i could make it work and thats really. All you can ask for at this point you can make it work funny. I think, thats a phrase that applies to the technical specifications as well. The 6b carries the snapdragon 810 processor, which was top of line. You know in 2015 and three gigabytes of ram providing an overall adequate user experience. Thats helped massively by not needing to run any particularly impressive software.

Android 8.1 oreo is all youll be able to use here without the typical custom rom magic. You can do with many androids and thats something that id certainly suggest looking into if youre interested today im taking the phone at face value as it was left by google and am not planning on hacking, the mainframe, but if youre stuck on a nexus 6p. I highly encourage you to explore all your options, but on oreo youre missing some new features from android such as proper system wide dark mode, but you can still, of course, install the vast vast majority of apps off the play store and with the openness of android. Its not difficult to customize the experience to your liking, android 8 doesnt feel too out of date and, while its been a while, since the last security update, the phone is still more than usable performance is mostly smooth and the basics from social media. To some lighter gaming to video streaming on the big lovely display, it all works fine here and if need be, this phone really could do the job even six years later, not that you should try to use one six years later as again, it is quite out Of date, which means youre lacking newer features as well as potentially, more importantly, security improvements, but if you had to you, could if youve got one lying around, it absolutely still will work great as a backup phone or perhaps a starter phone for someone younger.

It certainly left me feeling impressed, but as with most used smartphones dont buy one, i mean this should go without saying, but im gon na say it anyway. Yes, i got mine for 75 dollars and that was a pretty good deal for a phone that i really think could work in todays world, especially if you did some custom rom stuff, but because battery life is so sketchy and its not easily user replaceable its just A very high risk to buy a phone like this used and its only going to get older from here, its already out of date and every month, every year, its just more and more falling behind, and what current software can do. Security updates and slowly. But surely you will be able to feel the age if you need a cheap smartphone? I suggest trying to up your budget and going for like a pixel, 4a or a 5a. The 5a is only sold in the us and japan right now, which kind of sucks, but those phones are brand new brand new battery. You get those awesome cameras that are in the best pixels for most people buying a six year old phone thats outdated and has potential for bad battery shouldnt be an appealing option. That being said, all in all, i am impressed with the google nexus 6p. If you did buy one, i think you could make it work as a budget device. Its held up really well like many of the nexus devices and its truly a unique smartphone among the landscape.

As a huawei phone developed by google, the kind of collaboration we dont really see anymore to the same extent, the nexus phones just had that magic and charm to them, i really feel is missing from the pixel. There was a novelty in having every phone made by somebody else and perhaps thats simply nostalgic speaking, but regardless i do like the nexus 6p and im happy to say it holds up about as well as one could hope. Six years after it launched in 2015, it might not be fast or have a great camera by todays standards, and it is on older software. But the phone is usable in every category, with a big screen, good enough photography and the ability to do the vast majority of things a brand new google pixel could do and honestly theres not much more. I can ask for than that. So i think this is a good time to end the video any of you ever use the nexus 6p. Any of you still using it somehow make sure you, let me know in the comments down below if you found this video interesting, maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content. Just like this, you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91. Underscore tech, if youd like to for some reason and we do have a discord, server link, as always in the description.