5G. Sorry, i had to throw it in there again the z flip 3., what heck of a phone ive been using this sucker for a week now. Actually, today, the day this is coming out is day. Eight and wow time really does fly when youre having fun and youre gon na have a lot of fun with this phone theres only one or two things, maybe three that you could even i think, remotely criticize about it, but its mostly been a resounding success and It seems like pretty much everyone likes it, its selling it hot its selling. Like hotcakes, i mean these things are flying off the shelf everywhere. The price is good, its competitive with other flagship phones at the thousand dollar or less price point and theres tons of good trade in deals and its just fun. This phone has made phones fun again. I mean this one didnt i mean this. One did right here, the z, flip and z flip 5g, but this one right here took it. It grabbed the torch and it just ran off with it and gave us so much more excitement. So much more to be happy about this year. With this one – and i want to talk about all that in this video, but before we get into that – i do want to say this is your first time stopping by the channel. Thank you for being here. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell if you want updates when new videos come out now lets talk about the z, flip, 3.

Applause, Music. Okay, i feel like i have to repeat myself so many times that i make these videos because well theres a lot of information i got to cover, especially for the new folks. This is the third generation of this phone. I absolutely loved last years, z, flip 5g. I have it right here: there have been so many tremendous improvements over the z flip 5g here on the z flip 3, and you can see one of them right here is the major major change on the outside with the screen. This is actually a screen, its not like a camera, its not a sensor. This is actually a little touch screen and now youve got this one over here, which is much much bigger. I mean just take a look at this, its huge, its a tremendous tremendous update. Let me look at that night and day difference. So samsung really did a good job with that and i made another video i was criticizing because i thought that it really should have had a more functional screen, and i stand by that. I mean on the motorola razer 5g and the motorola razer you can actually type on the outside screen its more functional its bigger. If they at least gave us smart replies like you even get with like a watch or something. I think that would have gone a long way but thats my biggest criticism other than the battery the battery life im going to give it to you straight actually, theres, two ways to look at this.

There are a lot of people who seem to really be standing by the battery life, and i think there are two different camps of people here: theres the people who are just normal, everyday, joes and janes, who like to show up and use their phone just like Normal people do theyre not using it, where theyre using four hours of screen on time, five hours of screen on time, six hours of screen on time. There are people like me who are on their phone constantly, whether its for work, whether its for because i just like to use my phone because im addicted to twitter, because i am or im a reviewer im, a tech guy. I can kill this phone twice in a day like that. I can have to fully recharge this phone two times in one day i get about three and a half hours of screen on time with about 10 percent battery left, but i havent implemented any sort of battery control measures and i actually made a video about that. So for people who are trying to get better battery life on this phone, it is possible. There are a lot of things you can do. I made a video about it so check that out as well theres its right here but yeah i like to use the phone as it was made. I like light mode. Actually i use dark mode on here, just thats. The only thing i really do is dark mode normally on samsung phones, i use light mode, but this one, the dark mode, does help and it doesnt alter the actual performance of the phone.

I use the 120hz refresh rate all that jazz. If you want to turn some things off but use adaptive brightness, then yeah you can get much much better battery life out of it. So i dont want to complain too hard for hardcore users like me, who want to use it with everything: maxed out, yeah youre, going to see diminished battery life and its not going to be that great its going to get you. I call it the sunrise, the sunset battery, its going to get you through a business day, but its not going to get you much further without a top off. If you just use this phone casually and you use some of those settings, itll get you until you go to bed and then youre going to be sitting here, wondering why im sitting here complaining about the battery. So maybe i sound like im in an echo chamber. I am aware of that, so i dont want to come off too harshly on the battery. Yes, for somebody like me, its not good, but i love the phone so much i enjoy using it that im willing to make that sacrifice and to charge it once or twice a day, and that should be the biggest. I think stamp of approval for this phone. That, despite that, i still love using it and its my favorite and last year the z flip 5g was my absolute favorite phone, so im pretty sure this year, the z flip 3 is going to be my favorite phone too, and i highly recommend it 9.

99. Really good price point, like 1449, just last year for the 5g i mean it was the second generation. It was really just a top up of the first generation with 5g and some extra power in it. I thought it was way too much 9.99 for this one is great and there have been so many key improvements now the cameras are not a key improvement. Those are the exact same cameras as last year, but everything else you got a better screen on the outside. You got a better screen on the inside its brighter its more durable. It has a different screen protector on it than the last one. The one on the z, flip 5g is just its just terrible like this. This is disgusting, and i only use this one for a few weeks. The screen protector this one over here actually is is much much better, not only because yeah, it is a little better at picking its not as bad at picking up fingerprints and oils its. So much smoother, it has a better, more smoother texture and appearance to it. This one right here not only looks grimy, but it feels grimy like its gross. It picks up everything, so the pet style screen protector on here way better its got the always on display, which is nice right here you can see the stuff on the outside. I have mine set where it goes off after 10 seconds, and i just tap it.

It comes back on, but you can have it where its on all the time or you can have it where its off thats nice. I like that. That way, i can just tap it see what time it is. It didnt really work out so well with this one i mean you could press the button and you could see what the clock said right there, but it wasnt the greatest. So i like the enhancements there, the whole body is made out of a different aluminum. Its about 30 percent, more durable, at least, if i remember that from memory, the screen is about 80, more durable, its brighter and thats important, because whenever you go out in the sun shiny outside lots of lots of light everywhere, its more difficult to see the screen At least on the older one, they fix that on this one it is more bright now. One thing thats, also a big change here is the updated flex mode. So flex mode is with this screen. Basically, what happens is it cuts the screen in half and when you go like this, itll automatically shift what youre watching or what youre interacting with to the top screen, but you can force it to do it with other apps on here, which is nice. It even works with the calculator so watch this ill fire up the calculator right and there we go calculator, so you see how it scratches stretches the whole screen and then you go like this: it bounces it up to the top pretty cool huh.

So you get that and then another thing is it likes to do it with like ive, even got it set up with amazon prime video now so on here, if youre watching a movie youre doing something itll pop up to the top screen, so that way you Can get the entire picture everything thats going on on one screen up at the top? It basically turns into like a small little entertainment center and its got stereo speakers. The stereo speakers is one of the things im most happy about the speaker, the one that was on the z. Flip 5g was a very adequate speaker. It sounded good if it was closed. It was fine because you got the sound coming out down here, its basically. What you get now, but now weve got the addition of the second stereo speaker, which is in here thats, where you talk on the phone. It also doubles as a speaker, something very popular, that a lot of phones do its got really good sound im. Happy about that good volume, good quality, sound some other things, its actually got, really good haptic feedback. I enjoy typing on this phone quite a bit its very responsive, its got. Nice sharp accurate feedback, so it makes it a pleasure to type on thats something thats important to me. I like to type on my phone a lot, and it was something that was a worry with me when, especially when it came to these folding phones, because you got these novel displays, these foldable kind of plastic displays the haptic feedback is actually really good.

Its not too strong its, not too light its, not plasticky and cheap feeling its a very enjoyable experience. So the screen on here very nice and vibrant its got the new ultra thin glass on it. So it is more durable. It works out better im, hoping that next year, theyll give us s pen support that. Would that would really like seal the deal for me when it comes to this phone? I wish that this had s pen support, maybe well get a better battery. Well, get s pen well get a more interactive screen on the front. Well, get new cameras! Those are kind of my wish list for next year, but this one right here, its just a great overall experience and it it gives you something else with your phone that you dont get with normal design. Phones like this, you get your iphone. You get your samsungs! This is what weve been living with for so many years and the last year or two everyones, like oh, its two thousand dollars its fourteen hundred dollars. It was just way too far outside the reach of normal people. It was too experimental. It was kind of a beta thing, it was it yeah, it was a full production phone, but it just didnt feel classy and refined. Sophisticated and didnt give you that feeling that it was like really going to hold up well, because we were worried and now with this one i dont worry about it all after i had the z flip 5g all last year.

It kind of took away a lot of my concerns after using the phone for basically a year and now getting this one thats, not what im worried about anymore, i use it. I just pick it up im not worried about the hinge im, not worried about the screen im not worried about how well it holds up, and in addition to that, you get the ipx8 water resistance, so you can drop it in up to a meter and a Half of water for up to half an hour and itll still be fine, because it has this mythical mystical coating on the inside that coats, the hinge so that we dont have to worry about. You know getting messed up and damaging the parts and getting into the phone so its one of those things. This phone is so greatly improved over the last one and ive kind of made the analogy in the comparison between the z fold, the z fold 2 was such a huge advancement over the original z fold whenever it came out, and now the z flip 3 is That just that big jump, that big next step over the z flip 2., it more power more sophistication, better, brighter screen, more durable water resistant, stereo speakers, 120, hertz refresh rate all of that stuff, and they made it 450 cheaper. So using it on a day to day basis, i love it its fun. If i didnt have to charge it as much that would make it like, basically the perfect phone.

I i like doing this pulling the phone out opening it closing it answering the phone like this. You can go like this and flip it out. It just gives you an extra element on top of the normal experience, so for people who have been tired of the same old same old for such a long time, you can finally try something different yeah. There are compromises. It doesnt have like a ultra high definition, display it. Doesnt have the quad hd, plus it doesnt have the best battery life. It doesnt have three cameras on it, but i dont think thats what people who are drawn to this phone are looking for. They look at it, they see it. It looks sharp. It looks cool its got all the power that you would expect out of a flagship phone and thats a really big thing: its not like the motorola razer 5g, where its got a snapdragon 765 in it, which gives you great performance but snapdragon, 8 processor. The best. Basically, its out on the market right now, the same thats in the fold, the same thats in the s21 ultra the same thats in all these other flagship, android phones that came out this year – and it just looks sharp. This is the cream color one theres, seven different colors that you can choose from. There have been so many advancements over last year and people they walk into the store. They see this and finally, at 9.

99, its been around a couple of years. There have been a lot of refinements and people are generally saying lots of positive things about it. If you look at the media, you look at the tech sector over the last year or two, its like yeah, its a tech, reviewers phone yeah, its a tech enthusiast phone yeah, its a rich persons, phone yeah, its all these different asterisks that were next to the Phone and now you can look at this and you go yeah. This is up there on the same levels when you walk in as the iphone the s21 plus, and i think its something thats more widely acceptable. The form factors been around and people are more comfortable with it and i think its going to meet your expectations. I think, if youre interested in it – and you pick it up other than the battery life, i think that youre absolutely going to love it, and i i recommend it two thumbs up yeah. I have some criticisms about it, but im a tech, reviewer thats. What i do like ive, not hidden the fact at all that, how much i like this phone im, not trying to say im, biased one way or the other, its just an exciting or in a fun phone and yeah. I look at it and i appreciate it for what it is i enjoy it and i enjoy using it every day and its been my daily driver.

Ever since i picked it up, ive even got the fold three its got my secondary sim in it. This is the one that i use all day long and i use my fold as well, but this is it. This is the one that i kill. First i kill the battery. Then i move over to the next one, but its a good phone samsung nailed it. They did a good job. Price point is good. Everything under the hood is good, beautiful, bright screen, stereo speakers, its got everything you can ask for other than just for people like me, who would like additional battery in there anyway. So thats all ive got in this video solid phone, great job by samsung ive got more content coming out on it, so stay tuned for that, but yeah. If youve got any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section ill get back with you. If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell.