Today, i am going to tell you about a very powerful mobile device, my zoo m5, which has several features as well, as has a very low price for you. My zoo m5 includes all the latest features which a smartphone lover wants. It has network support for gsm as well as for lte. Similarly, it supports for 2g 3g and 4g network supports which make you able to use this mobile device in very low or no coverage areas. Maizu m5 first announced on october 1st 2016 and it released worldwide on november 1st 2016, including india, pakistan, bangladesh and other asian regions market. My zoo m5 has a unique and stylish design with the dimensions of 147.3 by 72.8 x, with only 8.2 millimeters slim shape, which make it a perfect mobile device for everyone. My zoo m5 mobile has a very low weight of 138 grams. Moreover, the device has aluminium frame for the device body, structure and glass protect front screen which add an extra protection to the mobile phone. My zoo m5 is equipped with hybrid dual sim and nano sim with dual standby feature. The device runs smoothly while it use android v 6.0 marshmallow version, which is very lightweight, and when it comes to its colors, you can buy my zoo m5 mobile phone in a vast variety of different colors of view liking, which includes mint green glacier, white champagnage, gold. Sapphire blue matte black, my zoo m5 features the ips lcd display screen with a size of 5.

2 inches. It provide the high resolution of 720 by 1280 megapixels visual quality. On the other hand, the screen features the 16 to 9 ratio for the users. Chipset gpu and cpu plays a very important part in any mobile device performance and its speed. My zoo m5 now has the mediatek mt 6750 28 nanometers a very powerful chipset, along with octa core 4×1 5 gigahertz cortex a53 processor speed. Another important thing which every one of us want to know before buying any mobile set, is its built in memory. My zoo m5 offers its users with 16 gb and 32 gb built in memory, along with the micro sd card support to increase the memory. If you want my zoo m5 has the single main back camera of 13 megapixel, which also equipped with dual tone flashlight to use for image or video capturing. Meanwhile, it supports the video quality of 1080 pixel at 30 frames per. Second. If you want to shoot your videos, my zoo m5 also take care of the fact that every one of us want to make selfies with good quality of front image camera. It offers 5 megapixel front selfie camera, which also has the support for 1080 pixel video capturing support at 30 frames per second, my zoo m5 also has the loudspeaker support for the calling or to listen music cloud. On the other hand, the device is also equipped with 3.5 millimeters jack, which helps the users to attach the additional sound devices to listen more louder.

My zoo m5 also has the support of wi fi to run the fast internet connections on your mobile device. Similarly, it also has the hotspot support, which helps you in sharing new internet connection to other nearby devices. It also has the bluetooth 4.0 version support which allow the users to safely attach your devices with any other mobile device and share or transfer data. You want my zoom 5 also has the support of glonass gps. Meanwhile, there is no fm radio available in this mobile phone, but it has the support for usb 2.0. My zoo m5 has the supported features of all the sensors, like accelerometer compass, fingerprint proximity. It also supports the html5 browser to browse through the internet freely. On the other hand, it also has full support for sms mms email push mail and m. When we talk about the extra available features in mizo m5, the list might get very long. However, it has built in downloadable games for entertainment purpose. Torchlight is also a very useful feature which is available on this smartphone. On the other hand, you can view all the document files using the built in document reader. My zoo m5 has passed all the quality tests. Very comprehensively for its performance battery life, camera display screen quality and its audio quality between calls or listening music. My zoo m5 has a non removable li ion 3070 meters h battery, which provide nearly 76 hours of battery timing for its users.

On the other hand, it also supports the 15 watt fast charging support which get your phone fully charged in nearly one hour when it comes that how much it cost for you when you think to buy my zoo m5 mobile phone. I am sure that will be the best low budget. Smartphone you ever listen about its price is only 87 for the smartphone lovers, with all the previously told features.