, But we got the package a little late, so I thought wed make a quick unboxing. Weve used it for 2 3 days. This video is based on my impressions in the form of a quick review. Lets quickly look into the box.. This box is a media kit When youll be buying it youll get the normal box, but the contents will be nearly similar.. Its a thick wooden box lets open it. Its a little damaged as it was on the way here.. Alright, it says, Grab your tools, make your way to the revolutionary realme laptops., Designed To Empower Ok, alright, its a plastic sheet.. This is the laptop. Its interesting. Oh, you get a 65W charger in the box. And it looks more like a smartphone charger. Look at it. Its a little heavy. Theres, a USB to USB Type C cable.. It feels as if Im unboxing a huge smartphone Looking at the accessories. Theres a power bank in here as well., And its only going to be in the media kit as youll be able to charge the laptop.. Oh, you also get stickers skins. Omg. Look at these theyre so unique, But youll only find these in the media kit.. This one looks nice. It has a little less design.. It says Created The Hype Mission. Accomplished. Ok. Lets keep this all aside, including this box. Now its time to look at the realme Book Slim. I must tell you that it feels slim when you pick it up by hand.

Design. Oooh. Look at that color, Its blue in colour.. You also get a grey colour variant., But I saw an apricot colour variant in the ad.. I wish that was available., But only 2 colors are available for now.. One is blue. To talk about slim. Yes, it is absolutely slim, Its so thin that they had to put the USB port on the thickest side of the laptop., Or else there wouldnt have been space for the USB port as well., So thats nice. Its light. It must be about 1.35 1.4 kgs lets test. You must be thinking about a drop test, but no, I cant do that. Like smartphones. Yeah, its 1.340 kgs, which is a little less than 1.35 kg., I wont call it completely light as Ive seen, laptops of 1 1.1 kg as well as 1.7 1.8 kg in size., So its right in the middle a little towards the lighter side.. Yes, its thin light. Build Quality Wow. The quality is excellent as its a full aluminium chassis, body., So thats, very nice., And when you hold it in your hand, you know that its well built. And another good thing is that theres, no big Dare To Leap type. Branding theres a small understated realme that I liked. So thats good.. You can also put on a skin if you want. Well show you how to put on a skin on our Trakin Shorts channel. Itll, look very interesting with the skin for sure Below you get a long grill, which is for air intake, so thats nice.

And you get speaker grills on both sides, which are usually small, but these have 6 slit grills. And the rubber padslegs are of good quality.. Its more raised at the back for it to sit at a slanting position. Ports Buttons On the left. There are 2 USB Type C ports both have data transfer charging options. Theres 1, USB port, a 3.5mm jack. Its so slim that they couldnt accommodate any more ports.. Friends, this is an i3 variant, theres, also an i5 variant where you also get 2 USB Type C ports, but 1 is a thunderbolt port. Its time to open the lid Lets see if we can open the lid with 1 hand.. No As its light, it doesnt sit down. You have to hold it down, pull the lid up. Wow. Those bezels are definitely slim. Well, show it after turning it on., But lets talk about its keyboard., Its a backlit keyboard. And the travel distance is ok. The keys are good, very clicky, The distance between the 2 keys isnt that much. And its a 3 level backlit keyboard. So you can adjust the light. Accordingly. Many laptops can open up to a certain level., But this one can go all the way down.. I wouldnt call it an exact 180 degrees, but its near the 170 degree tilt So thats good. Theres a power button that doubles up as a fingerprint sensor, so you can unlock it with it. Friends. The tracking pad is huge Because its a compact, laptop theyve provided a big trackpad accordingly.

. The upper bezel is thin theres, an HD webcam along with 2 microphones. And theres, also an LED indicator.. Oh Look at that Display. The screen to body ratio is more than 90. It looks like a good smartphone.. The side bezels are generally 7 8mm.. This one has 5.3mm bezels, So its very thin. To talk about the display, its a 14 display compact laptop. And looks more compact, with the thin bezels., Its a 14 QHD 2K screen. If you compare it with FHD 1080p, you get 1.5 times more pixels.. You get a 400 Nits brightness, which is sufficient for outdoors. You wont, have any problems. Weve tested it.. There might be some problems with direct sunlight., But its great under general lighting conditions., The 400 Nits brightness on a laptop is good Ive been using it for 2 3 days. The color accuracy is good. It supports 100 sRGB. Specifications. You get 2 realme Book, Slim variants, Theres i311th Gen an i511th Gen.. You get 8GB of RAM in both variants, but you get 256GB of SSD storage with the i3 variant. And 512GB of SSD storage with the i5 variant.. It has a 54Whr battery in it. And realme claims that it has a playback time of 11 hours. Weve been using it for 1 2 days. Youll get 8 9 definite hours of battery under normal usage., Meaning the battery will be still alive even after you get back home from college, So thats, good.

Friends. It also has fast charging support. And it charges from 0 50 in 30 minutes To talk about the graphics card. Youll get an integrated GPUeGPU., Remember its for day to day work like college, kids or working professionals where you watch videoscreate documents. And do some small other things.. This is perfect for that. You dont need a dedicated, graphics card.. If you want to edit videos this isnt, the one for you. Multimedia, Its a beautiful bright screen with accurate colors. – And it also has good audio thats tuned by Harman. And its sufficiently loud as well., We played songs, YouTube videos on it. I loved the experience. Multimedia experience is good OS UI. You get Windows 10 Home Edition, which is upgradable to Windows 11, which is launching on 5th October., So you can just upgrade it free of cost.. You get pre installed Microsoft Office, which is quite good, And you also get the PC Connect feature for seamless connectivity between your smartphone and the realme Book Slim.. It gets connected to the recently launched realme GT series, but itll roll out for other realme phones as well. Connectivity. You get Bluetooth, 5.1, dual band WiFi in the i3 variant. And with the upperi5 variant you get WiFi. 6, Bluetooth, 5.2 thats, another difference.. So what was my experience in the past 2 3 days? We used it for a long time. Like I said, the battery is really good.. Its charger can charge the laptop as well as phones, so thats, a good thing.

. You dont have to carry both chargers.. The laptop charger is generally big, has a thick cable., But its not with this one. Just carry 1 adapter to charge your smartphone as well as your laptop., Its a huge convenience, especially when youre traveling. The good part is that the color doesnt attract too many fingerprints.. You wouldnt have to clean the laptop.. Many laptops show fingerprints after holding it 2 3 times., But the colour materials finish. Theyve used doesnt attract fingerprints., Like I said, even if you carry it in your hand, the whole day., You wouldnt feel it much its not that heavy, So thats good., But most importantly, whats the price. All things are good, but at what price does it come? Its priced at Rs, 46999Rs. 47K.. If you look at the competition, the base, specificationsi3 8GB comes at Rs. 42. 43K., So definitely giving Rs 4 5K as premium., But that premium is for a reason. You get a 2K display, which I really liked. The build quality colors are good. The convenient charging factor is good. 1 2 things like an extra USB port couldve made it better., But its not there, because its slim light., So yes, theres a trade off., But at this price, with the features display it offers, I think its definitely a good one. The realme Book Slim is a nice laptop. If you have any questions about the realme Book, Slim then COMMENT below. If you enjoyed the video, then do hit LIKE SUBSCRIBE.