Xiaomi with your mi 11 series have proved themselves to be worthy of competing for flagship killer tag, while oneplus released their not range of smartphones, oppo and vivo have their range of smartphones like reno series and the iko series in the mid range flagship killer. Category realme have been silent killers, releasing a plus tier smartphones, like the realme x series having the best resources in the market. Realme has managed to outshine most of the brands today, with their latest mid range smartphones, which is the realme gt series. A brand like realme has been learning from the best, especially from their competition like xiaomi, who recently topped the smartphone sales in the last quarter. Selling budget end smartphones has been the strategy. Narso and realme 8 are best examples of their business plan, but with gt we see a shift. A huge step into the mid range category of smartphones, the under 50 000 rupees price bracket. The throne is up for grabs and realme leaves no stones unturned. Here realme gt has the best chipset currently out in the market, the snapdragon triple eight processor prioritizing gaming over everything else. Their latest stainless steel cooling system is highly effective and impressive, to say the least, a gaming experience with close to no heating of the device reported. So far, it leaves the best of the critics perplexed as to how a mid ranger manages to pull this off, while the best brands and their flagships do come with bells and whistles yet takes a back seat when it comes to the cooling system of the device.

The camera is offered does a really good job. The 64 megapixel camera, which is sony imx 682 sensor, can handle quite a bit of heavy duty tasks. Yes, there is, of course, the 8 megapixel ultra wide and the macro lens, which does the job just fine, while every other smartphone brand has been taking away their headphone jack. Here we have headphone jack with a solid preamp for high fidelity experience. If youre someone who likes to enjoy music with lossless audio formats, there are three color variants to the real me gt and the one we are excited about is the yellow, vegan leather back with the black streak design, which truly gives you, the grand tourism feel which Reminds me, the biggest sell of the gt series happens to be the gt mode. Gt is a terminology used for cars, especially the kind that can handle long distance rides comfortably with a powerful engine. These are engines and cars that are best fit for some street racing fast and furious style, and that is exactly what real me gt offers. A fast, comfortable and powerful experience. An engine that can handle the heat of the streets. Peak performance is achieved on this mode with the 120 hertz refresh rate, high graphics and sound quality, which blows every competition in the market with its power efficiency. One of the best gaming experiences weve had hands down all this effectively because of the lpddr5 12 gb ram, which can again be expanded using the virtual ram feature by up to 5 gb to support this powerhouse realme ends up cramming a 4500 mah battery and a 65 watt super dart charge that can charge the device in approximately 35 minutes.

Realme could have been happy with this kind of disruption they already created in the market with gt. Well, they could have, but they didnt in comes the realme gt master edition designed by naoto fukusava, which is the bluish gray vegan leatherback suitcase designed smartphone. That clearly shows why realme is a great competition to brands like oneplus and xiaomi. Just like oneplus had the sandstone finish, which was their signature design. We have realme retracing the same oneplus steps with the signature, vegan leather back designs. The gt master edition is on the affordable end compared to the elder brother, the gt – and this comes with lesser ram and the snapdragon 778 processor, which hits the benchmark score close to snapdragon 855 or the 855 plus, but dont. Let the numbers get in the way. The real world experience has been equally mind, blowing as the gt gt series by realme truly is the modern flagship killer that we have all been awaiting. If you are someone who is interested in purchasing the real me gt or the real me gt, master edition, just click on the link given below to our purvika website, where we have several discounts, payment options and easy email options to ensure your experience. Shopping with us is very comfortable, not just that we have a two hour fast delivery to your doorstep, so get on it right away.