I get a lot of people. Ive had several comments where people are like. I like the phone, but the cameras are trash. I like the phone, but the cameras didnt get upgraded. I like the phone, but the cameras just arent that good and thats not the case. The cameras actually take some pretty good pictures. You also get 4k 60 video on the front. The back you get portrait video on the front and back as well its a pretty well built out set of cameras on here and people say theyre bad because its the same ones that moved over from the z flip 5g, but the ones on the z flip 5G were perfectly capable ive even had people say that this phone is not a flagship, caliber phone look, its got a snapdragon 820 hertz refresh rate eight gigs of ram its got 5g, its got water resistance, its got all sorts of great flagship level features. The only thing thats really missing is quad, hd plus screen, which would completely destroy the battery in here, but the cameras theyre actually pretty decent and were going to go in now and take a look at them. So i can show you some of the camera samples that ive taken with it just so you can see exactly how good the camera is so lets go ahead and dive in and do that before we get into that, though i do want to say this. Is your first time stopping by the channel? Thank you for being here.

If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates when new videos come out now lets talk about the cameras on the z. Flip 3., Music Applause, so the first thing i want to show off here is actually portrait video. Now this is not something thats new to the z flip, three, its been on actually its on the last z flip and its something i really like. I dont like the locus in the background making noises, but when it comes to this its one thing that really is kind of a leg up on some other phone companies and brands and their devices, because the samsung ones at least the flagship series will do this. So you get this nice blurred out, bokeh effect in the background, and it still focuses on the subject up front and also you can hear what the audio sounds like as well. So this is cool. You can do this on the selfie camera and also you can do it on the primary shooter, so lets go and check that out too. So this is a little bit more difficult. I cant actually see my face in the video right now, but im using the primary shooter for the portrait style, video you have to have a face. You cant just use it with like lets, say a flower or an object. It has to be an actual person.

Otherwise, it wont kick in and it wont let you do it, but this is what the portrait video looks like on the primary camera kind of comparison to what we just tested out with the selfie camera. You should get a little bit better quality here, just because it is a better overall sensor and camera more megapixels, all that jazz. So some people might find this helpful. Some people might not its really nice whenever you want to use this, if you like to do tick tock, if you like to do youtube shorts, all that good stuff, because you have a basically built in tripod and you can adjust the screen angle as well. So ive got this on the dash right now: hands free, well, hands free from the wheel right now too, but its a great thing that you can do so. A lot of people need to have an additional tripod and all sorts of other stuff, and one great thing about samsung is: is they actually have pretty darn good built in microphones? So you dont even need to worry about an external microphone in a lot of situations, but i thought id show this off, because its a really nice benefit that you get that you dont get with other phones. I mean house youre gon na you have to have a tripod to mount and all sorts of crazy stuff, especially in your car, but this works anywhere anytime, anyplace, just like that.

So, on the z flip three, you get some really cool things going on here, because not only do you get the regular cameras on the outside, you can also use them as a selfie camera. So you get this big viewfinder out here now, which is a huge upgrade over the z flip 5g, but it also works as a viewfinder. So if you set it up, you can double click the power button. You got to turn that feature on in the setting and it turns this into a viewfinder which you can do for shooting video or you can shoot photos, and then you can swipe up or swipe down to switch between the primary and the wide angle. Thats. Really nice, its great for portrait, style, video and pictures which are perfect for tick, tock and theyre, also great for instagram and theyre great for youtube shorts. So what we can do here is put it on video and you get this nice portrait setup where you get the full exposure on the screen, but also you can use it as a tripod, so you can set the base down and then you can adjust it. This way you can adjust it this way you can set it up. So, if its you, if its your friends, if you want to put it up on the dash your car, theres, so many different applications, because you basically have a built in tripod anywhere, you go and it works for photos too.

So if you want to take some photos, you can set it up and then you can put your hand up so itll identify and bam, itll go ahead and snap the shot or start recording so really versatile great to go there, and then you also get the 10 megapixel selfie, so you have the 10 megapixel selfie its okay, its not as good as the primary ones on the outside, which are both 12 megapixel. You can take pictures that way. You can shoot video that way like we talked about a second ago overall, the camera quality, i think, is good. It even has a night mode, the night mode i went out – and i took some pictures that way and i was actually surprised there is a difference between the auto picture mode and then being able to use night mode on night mode. There is definitely a difference between the quality of the images, so, if you go outside at night or low light, definitely use night mode, but as far as primary camera taking capabilities its okay inside but outside its really good. As long as you have plenty of natural light exposure and thats a lot of cameras really thats how they work, you get more light, you get a better picture, but when you look at what you get with the z, flip 3 ive been really impressed with it. It captures the colors really well, nice contrast good hdr exposure, it has auto hdr, which you can turn on and off or on full time its good and, like i said i, it was so frustrating when i would see people and theyre, like oh its the cameras Suck the cameras are trash, no theyre, not the greatest in the world when you compare them to an s21 ultra.

When you compare them to an iphone, there are areas where those will still excel but thats what their real primary focus is. I mean if you look at the s21 ultra right here and see all this level of complexity and these cameras that are built out in here that right. There should tell you that its a lot better than this right here. These two guys, these two cameras right here are fine but theyre a little dated by now i mean we would like to see newer ones, but also its really nice, that the price drop from 1449 to 9.99. So i can see why they didnt, especially when theyre very capable this isnt, something that people are going to go out and theyre just going to use it all the time for shooting a bunch of camera stuff, a lot of videography things yeah. If you want to do some high quality, like actual pro kind of production level, camera work, then you want to get something like an s21 ultra or a note, 20 ultra, whereas or even an iphone 12 12 pro max. The iphone 13 is right around the corner. So its a pixel six, but this right here is very handy and i think people are just spoiled like i really do. I think people are spoiled with the idea of what youre supposed to get with the flagship phone in the camera department and they think something like this is bad, its, not bad.

The two 12 megapixel cameras on here perfectly capable you see a lot of these photo samples and ive taken a lot, and i did this purposefully so that i could show this off to you. So you can see, look heres, a lot of different objects and a lot of different settings with some different light exposures, and then you get single take mode which is in all the other flagship samsungs to help you get the best shot possible when it comes to The things that youre shooting so theres just a lot of complexity to this, but its very simple to use, and you get a lot of high quality images that i think youre going to be happy with its not something where its like lets. Compare it to a fourteen hundred dollar phone, a twelve hundred dollar phone at a thousand dollars. I think it holds its own, so thats all i got in my review and this demonstration showing you the different capabilities of the camera on the phone, very, very good, its something that will get you really good shots in most instances. Now is there an occasion where you might have to take an extra picture just to make sure it shows up right sure but thats a lot of cameras, and that happens even with the s21 ultra, and it happens with the iphones as well. Cameras are a finicky thing, mostly theyre, good, mostly theyre, reliable, especially with the technology we get in our phones.

This is not something that i would really complain about, takes high quality photos, i enjoy it, and i think they did a perfectly good job there. So i dont think youre going to be disappointed if you think youre going to get the same quality as an s21 ultra, probably not in some areas. You dont have the telephoto. You dont have the 8k video you dont have certain other aspects of it, but at the end of the day, a 12 megapixel primary shooter inside the z, flip 3 is going to get you really good shots day or night in most settings. So thats all ive got in this video. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave those down in the comment section ill get back with you. If you enjoy the video please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell.