This is the clip, so you can pretty much connect it with it and then connect it to the smartphone, and i have right now redmi note 3 to my right, which ill be showing you how you can connect it to so this is uh the lens, and This is redmi note 3 and my oneplus 5 is with my cousin, so ill have to test it on this, only right now and also on iphone for sure so uh you can pretty much uh connect it like this, and you will have to look at the Lens so that you can balance it properly, so it should be fit uh i mean in the middle accurately so that theres no distortion, and this is how you can connect it. It took like 10 seconds and its done and other things you will find in the box will be this cleaning case this kit, so that you can carry it easily and these led lights. These are amazing because these are going to enable you to shoot some bright photos in darkness and you can even vlog in darkness, using these lights, so these are pretty convenient and handy and they even included a charger to charge these led lights and thats amazing. I i dont know which company else, which else company will do it because at this price, youre getting a lot of things and thats around forty dollars. Amazing! So huge shout out to zenvo for that now before getting into the great videos and photos taken by these.

Two lenses i want to let you guys know how this lens works. So the wide angle lens is 0.45 x. So just imagine the videos that you will be taking with your smartphone will be 1x, so this is the screen or this is the screen. You will see with 1x and with 0.45 x you are widening it by 55, so it becomes 0.45 x and on the other hand, this macro lens is 15x. So just imagine your screen is 1x and you will be zooming into 15x. I mean you can go as close as 15 times to the object with this micro macro lens and shoot some really close photos just like these and now lets get into the videos taken by these lenses. So you will notice that, after drawing a straight line on that bar, you will notice a little bit of distortion, but those are very bare minimum. So that means these videos look amazing. Just like a professional camera, you will definitely not be able to get that good quality, but the videos and photos are very vibrant and they are amazing and thats. Why i love it and now, using this lens, i will pretty much be able to fit my friends in the frame, because this lens is wide enough, and this will be very helpful and also the micro lens will be helpful. But it is going to be useful. Only in bare cases when i need to shoot videos or photos of the objects that are very close to me, and i am saying that these are one of the best lenses, not because these are competitors of sand mark or movement lenses which are around 100, but Also because this lens is one of the highest reviewed on amazon and you can see 1600 plus reviews – and this has a rating of 4.

5 out of 5.. So this is the best lens for any smartphone and it works for majority of the smartphone cameras. So definitely worth it and also, if you guys want to test it again, so this video is currently being recorded with zenvo lens on iphone 10r, so the moment ill remove it. This is going to be the video and theres one more disadvantage that the movement you connect this lens with the iphone or any other phone it its going to cover the microphone so thats. Why? I will recommend using an additional microphone that will be maybe boya thats. The one im using and that will be in the description below so that thats very cheap thats only 20 dollars. So now i will say that it is definitely worth it and you can buy it from india and it will be around 8 000 rupees and the usa is 40. So if youre coming to us, then it is definitely worth it buying from the us. So thats pretty much it for today.