You heard it right free as in libre, so if youre interested keep on watching ta da lets go Music and yeah guys. I know its been a while its been over a month or three weeks. Now, since i last, i last uploaded a video and sorry guys. Theres been some things that are going on and the bc language is just a busy schedule and ill be sharing you guys that in the next vlog or the next vlog or the later vlog in this week or next week, so make sure to give this video A like subscribe down below turn on notification bell, so you dont miss the latest updates my channel, as well as like my facebook page and also all my socials will be in the link in the description box down below so follow them guys and yeah. So lets get straight to the video, so you might be interested how i got this phone so first of all shout out and thank you so much to unbox diaries and oppo philippines, sir vince mishang and team asia for the smartphone. For giving this to me and the opportunity to have it so yeah shout out to you guys, how do i get this for free as in libra and yet its not a paid promotion? So i just got this so a while back early june unboxed diaries uploaded a video on their youtube on how they lost their editors, which ill leave the link description box down below well theyre showcasing the camera capabilities of the oppo a94.

This smartphone again so i watched the video until the end and i saw that they were doing a giveaway to the smartphone teaming teaming up with oppo philippines, with the mechanics being all you need to do is follow these mechanics number one create a max of one Minute, video answering: how do you live life at full speed with the people? You love the most number two use the hashtag livelive at full speed at hashtag, oppo a94 number three make sure your post is made public and that we are tagged in the post calendar taxi unboxed number: four: the post can be posted on instagram and facebook. Number five lucky winner of a brand new oppo a94, will be announced on may 30., so as a casual viewer and supporter of their channel. So who knows if i win, so i decided to join, expecting not to win just like a casual viewer and yeah. I followed the mechanics created the video answer. The question and ill leave a link in the description box where you can watch it on my facebook page where i uploaded it and you can tag unbox diary. So yeah again shout outs and you know: unbox diaries, opal. Philippines, team h and yeah, sir vince contacted me, and i got an email from team asia and opposed philippines, that i got this phone and they asked for my details and yeah. So she nicknamed phone two weeks later and i got the first, this smartphone.

So tara thing the new clip on how were going to get the smartphone yo. What is up guys so tristan here, uh its already morning until its 10 am 10 a.m and lbc just called this package that ive been waiting to get and waiting to. Tell you guys and announce you guys, so, if youre interested by the way, when i first won the smartphone, i couldnt believe it, i couldnt believe they bring smartphone. Can you believe it guys free, free free so always be thankful, guys and random talking blessings you unexpected? That you, you get the things unexpectedly and yeah. You just cant, believe it so grubby smartphone from opal, philippines and unbox diaries, one of the biggest tech community youtube channels here in the philippines as well. The faker page so ill leave a link to their socials in the description box down below so following you guys and shout out to lithuania. So thank you so much flip. So we got the package and i did the initial unboxing, because cinema i couldnt resist getting the smartphone first and yeah excuse my messy hair, so its a new video. So but in your device and yeah, my brother was recording me helping this so yeah, Music, Music, oppo, a94 right here, sorry for the bad lighting, Music sealed and the color we got is fantastic purple. Oh yeah get the mark the best part Music so fast forward. I now have the phone right here, so they can get that new.

I already installed a case and a temp for glass or screen protector to protect this and parametric and yeah. So, thank you guys in case go nike Music, oh yeah, so lets do a quick review and unboxing of the smartphone. So, as you guys can see, it came in this black blue box, which is blue sleeve, and if we remove the sleeve here, it says here on the sleeve oppo a94 on the back has the highlight specs switches, dual view: video 30 watts loop, flash charge 4.0. Ai color portrait, video, 4, 310 milliampere large battery and the color i have here, which is the fantastic purple. So, underneath that we get this very black plain box which has oppo and if we lift up the lid which so if we lift up the box, we get this very small package and a small box here and underneath the box. You usually get the jelly case and the sim ejector pen, user guide and quick user guide and the manuals and and underneath that is voila young smartphone, because some smartphone and it needs smartphone. So i got it here, so you guys and underneath this underneath the phone we get this very big 33 watt charging brick. So thank you guys. So that is one big power, brick and underneath that we get this usb c cable, which is capable of 33 watt. Flash charge 4.0 and underneath that which is we see, we dont typically see on other smartphone branches, this headphones or this earphones, which is branded by oppo, so guys, headphone, jack and beer, and you land on someones smartphone, so yeah kudos opal for the a94 southern oppo A94 main event, which is the oppo a94, so thankfully not a new case, so we can appreciate the color of this.

So seeing you guys all fantastic purple, i dont the camera so ill. Show you an overlay. So this is the fantastic purple color, so it changes. Color, depending where light hits – or this is called the gradient colors – and this is the fantastic purple, so you guys can see right off the bat. This has a big camera module here, and this looks like from the samsung galaxy s20. S20. So it has four cameras: ai, with the dual led flash right here on the back, so yeah guys, oh well, when it comes to oppo the design and the build of the smartphone, so yeah glacia. This is already gorilla glass on the back and yeah. This is very prone to fingerprint, so i suggest using the case or clear case, to appreciate this beautiful design of this smartphone on the front of the phone. We get. This very awesome, amoled punch hole display that is very vibrant and colors pop compared to regular ips display. So in your gesso, and we have the front facing camera here on the upper left, which is a good placement. So if youre using your phone like this matata boom and shower it will cover its like a full view display, i wont, go too technical of the smartphone review. But what i can say is this: smartphone is leaning towards content creators and social media heavy users. So, just in my opinion, so yeah with the eight gigabyte of ram paired with the 128 internal storage, you can run and download all your favorite apps smoothly without any delays, plus the ammo display makes watching videos even more awesome, something you guys know im playing a Video of myself, while im reviewing it on this video that im shooting that you will be watching on your smartphone or whatever device.

So i guess viewing angles are awesome, so not alone display no 0.94. Speaking of awesome, the oppo a94 camera packs a ton of feature that you can utilize if you want to take great photos record videos, especially with the dual video recording both front and back yo. What is up guys im currently using the oppo 894 dual video. So, as you guys can see, you can see my face here: ai scene enhancement, slo mo hd and more and also record of 1080p and up up to 4k of 30 fps great for vlogging and shooting videos. The photo quality of the oppo a94 is also great for a mid range smartphone. The quad camera, especially the main shooter, which is 48 megapixel shooter, captures well detailed, vibrant images that dont look pale in tagalog. So then you guys here are some sample shots Music. So the wide angle camera also does the job. Well, if you go on to capture buildings, sceneries and beautiful landscape, it does the job well, as well as the macro lens, which you can capture very detailed, close up shot with this smartphone, the oppo 894 front. Camera is also great. It captures selfies very good that will make you look like a celebrity but kidding aside opel a94 front cameras captures well great selfies, coming from oppo, so yeah its great for, and you can adjust the beautification level depending on your style. On your face or coming from oppo panalion front camera and its great, so you can directly about it, upload it facebook or instagram.

So you can get the guests many likes or comments from your crush or whatever so young opening for front camera panel for selfies and groovies. If people are still using that word not to mention. You also get this in display fingerprint scanner here. So thank you guys. So so young its not the fastest, but it still gets the job done. You can also play some games with the oppo a94, as it is powered by the media tech helio p35 that can handle light to medium gaming at best its just recommended paired with the eight gigabytes of ram and the apple display that takes gaming. To owe a little bit higher level battery is also not a problem, since the oppo a94 is capable of the super book flash charging 4.0. That will charge your phone in the nick of time by the way, the sound quality is also decent. The down firing. Bottom speaker is very loud, especially when youre listening to music, Music ive just got air green one highs, which ill leave a picture here, so you guys can see, and but for me this is a great speaker on its own and i can see why some people Are really the oppo 894 is already running on android 11, which is androids latest and on top of that is color os 11, so you guys can see, which is very user friendly and easy to use the oppo a94 retailed for 13 990 pesos here in the Philippines, but now you can get one for you for just eleven thousand nine hundred.

Ninety five almost two thousand passes off here in the philippines, where you can check out in shoppi and lazada, and you can also use vouchers even get the price way less for the smartphone a gorgeous backbone, a premium design, great display, great cameras, awesome charging, a decent Processor for light and heavy game light and medium gaming. So what are you waiting for? Hashtag live, live at full speed with the oppo a 94, so so lead so yeah guys that wraps up our video for today. Damn i love, i miss making videos and i love it so yeah. Let me guys in comment section down below what you think of the oppa 84 enter todays, video and im back tristan is back so yeah sneak trekker uses black so yeah again. Thank you to unbox diaries, oppo philippines, miss shang team asia, sir vince, for everything for this smart front, so panallo and finally go guys. Also yeah. If you want this, leave a link down below yeah again. Follow them guys on facebook ill leave a link to the social down below so yeah make sure to give this video a like, subscribe down below turn on notification bell, so dont miss updates on my channel. I have more content in line waiting for you guys to watch so yeah. This is christmas.