Regular viewers and listeners might appreciate just why. Ive switched over to the diminutive and slender sony xperia 5 mark ii here as a primary phone, its just that so much else arriving for review is well on the large side. For starters, my trusty and huge iphone 12 pro max shooting this show and the previous phone show had me reviewing the positively enormous nokia xr20, the one before that had the sony xperia one mark three, which isnt exactly small and here here we have the latest from Xiaomi, the me 11 ultra a couple of months ago, but ive got my hands in it now its taller and heavier even than the 12 pro max, plus its thicker too and thats without the enormous camera island, which almost doubles the thickness of the phone again. Why? So large? Because this is a spec monster – ill, come to whats in the camera island shortly, but for the main body we have a 6.8 inch qhd amoled hdr 10 plus display a few 12 gigabytes of ram two five: six gig of storage theres. Also, a half terabyte option and now add in everything else you might imagine in a genuine flagship, snapdragon treble 8 5g stereo speakers loud and tuned by harman. Kardon, apparently lets give you a demo so full volume, joe bonamassa and john hyatt Applause Music. Its very loud, very clear, maybe not so much bass as the iphone, which i tend to do its own software tricks, but pretty darn, decent ip water and dust resistant of course, 67 watt wide and 67 watt.

Wireless charging. Of course, youd need a cheap pad capable of supplying the umph for that, and i dont have one just yet, but you can get close with the 65 watt type c charges that are available now, so talk about future proofing. In short, its an awful lot of tech and the size of the camera island, including this secondary amoled display of its own, should give you a clue that this is something special in the camera department. Central to this is a giant one. Over 1.2 inch optical format sensor larger, even than 2012s mighty nokia, 808 pureview, which is one over 1.2 inch and this time with even more megapixels, 50 of them, pixel binned, ois, goodness knows how they do it on such a large lens, dual pixel autofocus and immense Processing power for stacking frames and exposures, where needed this is state of the art in phone, imaging, specs and xiaomi knows it allowing its excellent image, processing algorithms to keep as much detail as possible with low jpeg compression. Who cares if snaps are eight megabytes each? When you have so much storage in the phone theres, a periscope telephoto at five times also stabilize also quad bayer, and this does well perfect for reaching out optically to wildlife in the world generally see the samples here. 10 times is still super quality in good light and even 20 times, isnt too terrible. If you dont, look too closely really impressive, even topping the mighty galaxy s21 ultra for zoom.

I reckon, though, for most daily purposes two times and three times is the sweet spot for subjects in your life, which is where things get interesting. Since digital zoom from most quad bear systems is normally complete trash and here its well its not whats happening from. What i can tell is that, just like google does, with zoom on its pixels, multiple exposures are taken, and then, when zooming, the tiny differences in framing due to your hand, not being completely still are used to infer data between physical quad, bayer super pixels, effectively giving What google calls super res zoom and what xiaomi doesnt actually mention, but i think its doing it. What all this means is that zoomed shots on the main sensor are halfway decent right up to four times surprisingly theres a small drop off in quality. Up to four point: nine times until the five times periscope kicks in so not quite a zoom continuum, but not far off. This super resume system works best in daylight. As you might imagine, doesnt cope well with moving subjects, so you do have to be aware of a few limitations compared to a physical three times, say: telephoto plus another quad bay, yet another one 48 megapixels in the ultra wide, with focusing down to about an inch. So almost a macro camera if needed, but what about that second screen on the back? In truth, its main use is as a clock when the me11 ultra is placed face down on a surface.

This is its default behavior, though you can also toggle it on manually, as here when the camera is open to act as a viewfinder of sorts that whoevers been shot, can see how theyre being framed. So perhaps, if youve asked a friend to snap you – and you want to just check they got it right, but would you trust them with your 1 200 pounds xiaomi super phone in the first place in terms of software, its me ui 12.5 on android, 11 and Lightning fast, as youd expect, the review device had the eu rom from xiaomi loaded, and this is fully play store compatible. It doesnt come pre loaded with any other google applications, so you kind of have to dive and install gmail. Google drive google maps and so on its not an issue, though miui does look a little strange at first, but you can add an app draw and tame most oddities to look and feel like your normal android home screen, loadout its android. After all, so you can do whatever you want with it, including changing the launcher as to updates its an official xiaomi rom, so well get them, but if youre after really long term support, i think you should look at the upcoming google pixel 6 range, the 6 Pro will be similar to the mi 11 ultra in ambition. I think, if not in absolute in your imaging zoom reach access is via an optical under screen fingerprint sensor and it works well.

Ninety percent of the time, not as forget about it, intuitive as the iphones face id, but then this finger system doesnt get full when youre going to a shop and wearing a covered mask and trying to pay for something so pros and cons either way trying to Decide which is better the xiaomi mi 11 ultra here or the iphone 12 pro max very similar prices, similar ambitions, its an unfair question, though its like trying to decide your favorite superhero iron man or spider man, wonder woman or captain marvel insert your own cultural debating Point here, theyre, both stunning bits of hardware which, in the right hands, can do everything you need. Personally, i place my bets on the iphone for really long term software support, but the fact that both 1200 pounds means you are getting top quality components right throughout top notch and no compromises, no compromises. Well. Okay, neither have card expansion or a 3.5 mil audio jack, but dont get me started on modern trends there. I love my time with the cme m11 ultra and only really had one complaint and its the exact same complaint as with the nokia xr20. This is a monster physical monster, so can we please have a mini version? Ditch the second screen shrink. The body by 20 then knock out the results at 800 900 pounds in the uk. Yes, theres the me 11, but the same size cut down imaging at 700 pounds, or so i reviewed this back in phone show 418 and the mi 11 light at under 300 pounds slightly smaller and cut down everything.

But im asking for a me, 11, ultra 5g mini, which is a crazy long name, so perhaps the naming police would block it anyway anyway.