Your device is so its like a full review from my side: uh samsung galaxy. F22. The first thing i have changed my mic is, and after this i will be trying to monitor within the samsung ford user raccoon, so its a really interesting device, above them its going to be down there about them on someone else so stay tuned for that subscribe. My channel so speaker, headphone jack, primary microphone or top mother secondary microphone right now. Its a really power packed samsung device about decent about performance, camera setup, score, ambrosia plus at least 6000. Ms battery power samsung go software, its my android 11, with one ui 3.1 core. I could select, they were if you are in a source of a samsung device under 25k. These might be a really good choice for you because of its battery life. This, which is called 9 years, display, though its a 70 panel 90 hertz.