Some of the early devices had a screen that wrapped around the outside of the phone, making them quite impractical and very likely to get ruined, but samsung sought to do things a bit differently. With the flip series, it sought to bring us a device that you could use as a regular smartphone, but then fold it to make it more compact and more pocketable, its first galaxy, z, flip or zed flip and zed. Flip 5g werent perfect, but they were very promising and they were pretty expensive, but for 2021 samsung has taken a different approach: its redesigned, the zed flip and made it much more affordable, im cam bunton from pocketlint – and this is our review of the samsung galaxy zed. Flip 3 and while youre here, if you could tap the like button subscribe and the notification bell, that would be smashing whats most surprising about the zed flip 3 is how sturdy it feels with any device with moving parts bending elements or hinges. That sturdiness is crucial. After all, you dont want to have a product that feels like it might break apart. At any moment, the aluminium frame all the way around the outside of both the top and bottom halves of the phone gives a solid feel to the device, while the metal spine over the hinge is similarly strong. When you open it up, the aluminium frame ensures you cant, bend it back on itself, unless you really really try to do it on purpose too, add that to a phone that has an ipx8 rating against water ingress and you dont just have a phone capable of Lasting the daily rigors of life, but also one that would survive just fine if you dropped it in water.

Even the hinge when its in motion has a smooth, purposeful, feel to it, it doesnt feel loose or wobbly and doesnt make any grinding noises. In fact, its a pleasure to open and close just like any flip phone should be that tactile feedback you get from snapping it shut is far more enjoyable than just pressing a button on the side of a regular phone. It makes it more of an event, an experience. We get the feeling that the appearance was a big part of the focus for samsung with the flip 3, as well, like any classic popular flip phone, its as much a personal fashion accessory as it is a phone. So its available in seven different colors and there are a handful of different cases, including models with rings and straps attached for holding them onto the only design choice that could end up being problematic. For some people is the gap. When you shut the phone fold, the phone to close it and theres a gap between the top and bottom halves of the screen near the hinge, if it spends most of its time on your desk thats, not an issue but keep it in a pocket and youll Find it collecting particles of dust and fluff are needing to be cleaned regularly, to keep it dust free and when you do open it theres that crease in the display to contend with most of the time when swiping through the phones interface, you dont feel it because Most of those interactions are in the bottom half of the screen.

However, we often find we would feel it when scrolling through apps like twitter. There was one specific instance where we really didnt enjoy it at all, and that was with mario kart tour thats, a racing game which uses swipe gestures by default for turning and in landscape mode. You have to swipe across the middle of the screen, to take some of those turns and when pressing towards the middle of the screen, its hinge design means it starts to fold somewhat now like the design. The cover display on the front of the phone is another area, thats seen a major improvement for the flip 3., its now a full color amoled screen and its a touch screen too double tap it and it becomes active and shows the graphic youve chosen. Then you swipe across to view your notifications, and this in our experience, is one of its most useful features. There are a host of widgets available to load on the cover screen too, and you get to them by swiping right to left, and they include things like a weather, widget, music controls, your next alarm voice, recorder and a timer. More handy, however, is the selfie camera monitor by double pressing the lock sleep button. You launch straight into the main cameras built into the phones cover the screen. Next, to those two cameras, then becomes your monitor, so you can shoot photos or videos of yourself without opening the phone, and that has the benefit of using the main cameras too, rather than the poor quality selfie camera inside now, spec wise, the amoled main panel on The flip 3 is up there with some of the top screens on the market, its capable of reaching high refresh rates up to 120 frames per second and up to 1200 nits peak brightness.

It even has support for hdr 10 plus so well. Show you your netflix hdr content too, in terms of colors and brightness and dynamic range, its hard to fault its a fantastic display, especially when you use it to watch a modern hdr series on your favorite streaming platform. Colors are rich lighting is even at the times when you need that peak brightness to kick in like dark scenes with bright areas like fires or lamps. It handles the contrast very well. There is, of course, the crease combined with the plasticky pre applied screen protector, which youre encouraged not to remove. It, can catch reflections in the middle of the screen, and that means often youll be unable to avoid the crease if theres a light source shining on it. From somewhere nearby still it doesnt overly warp the content, and, if youre looking at it head on, you wont notice it. There is a very minor curving in the center, but unless youre looking very closely, you probably wouldnt even spot that, especially not when immersed in your favorite series or game title. The only other problem with the screen is because its quite a long aspect ratio. It will sometimes crop your content or it will stick quite large pillar boxes on either side to keep the video at the right ratio now onto performance and battery and as far as speed and fluidity goes, the z flip 3 is up there with the top phones.

Theres good reason for that it uses the snapdragon 8 processor, which is the same platform most high end. Android phones are built on with that raw power, combined with the screen that refreshes up to 120 times a second. The feeling is one of responsiveness and fluidity interface. Animations are smooth, plus games and apps all load quickly without much in the way of stuttering, its in battery life, where we found it was lacking a little in comparison to some of the bigger candy bar style flagships. Look at the specs and youll know why it only has a 3 300 milliamp hour battery thats about three quarters of what most standard android phones hold on like days with little main screen time. We had no issue at all getting to bedtime after taking it off charge in the morning. So light users likely wont find this a problem at all. Still on those days, wed often have less than 25 remaining at the end of the day, making it last a full day with heavier use and more screen. Time was much more of a challenge, and the battery drain is a lot more noticeable, especially when you kick it into its highest refresh rates put in an hour or two of gaming or group chatting for a couple of hours and the battery will empty fairly quickly. So if you are a heavy user – and you really like this phone or really want one, its probably best to carry a battery pack around with you just in case now, moving on to cameras and the zed flip 3 does keep things quite solid here as well, Because it hasnt gone crazy with additional lenses, samsung opted for a pair of 12 megapixel sensors, one primary and one ultra white theres, no telephoto or periscope zoom, almost certainly to keep the size compact and the price point down.

Well, that means you dont get the wide array of optical focal lengths that youd get from an s21 ultra. It does mean you have pretty much all you need to take decent photos day in and day out. Results from both cameras are good, too pictures taken are sharp and color rich, and sometimes the ai boosts the colors a tiny bit too much, but its rarely to the point that colours look, hyper, real or completely unnatural. More impressive, though, is that, for the most part, the two cameras keep it consistent with each other in terms of color and dynamic range. There are some subtle differences, like the ultra wide being tiny bit darker at times, but for the most part, the two take photos that look like they came from the same device now being critical. We did find the ultra wide would sometimes distort towards the edges. It wasnt all that noticeable on landscape shots, but you could definitely see it in images where youre closer to a subject. It has that almost fisheye like quality to it when youre taking those and while the phone doesnt have a dedicated, telephoto, zoom camera. You do still get the option to zoom digitally all the way up to 10 times as youd suspect, though the results when you do that arent great the further you push the focal length the more it starts to look like an oil painting completely lacking in any Real detail or sharpness, you notice it as soon as you hit the two times zoom and it just gets worse from there now every once in a while, a phone comes along that changes, everything or, at the very least, makes you excited about technology.

Again. The galaxy said: flip 3 is that phone are there compromises versus choosing one of the top tier flagships, of course, but with the latest flip phone from samsung those compromises arent as jarring or upsetting as they were in older generations, its water resistant to high levels has Two decent cameras and the performance of a proper flagship when it comes to speed and it falls into a compact shape, thats, so much easier to carry around than a big flagship is more importantly, though, this year, the technology doesnt come with a flexible phone tax. Itll cost you about the same amount as any normal top tier phone will, if not less in some instances. Let me know what you think of the galaxy zed flip 3 in the comments down below. Are you going to get one? Are you excited about this latest crop of foldable phones, or will you be sticking to the more powerful candy bar style? If you did like this video, it would mean a lot to us if you hit that thumbs up and subscribe and tap the notification bell to make sure you dont miss any more of our uploads ive, been cam im at kambunton on social media and ill see.