Can you see the change in resolution? If you havent changed the settings on the video, i recommend changing the setting to 720p or 1080p as long as youve got good reception. So here we are were doing a little review. Today i had another company reach out to me by topple, to ask me to review the tc3 uh universal, portable teleprompter, vm splitter for smartphone tablet and dslr camera. I dont know if you can tell but im actually reading off of a teleprompter right now. This is the teleprompter that they sent to me. So thank you very much by topo for doing that and lets continue to dive into the review ill. Show you a little bit about it. Let you know if its rugged, let you know what you can expect for 60 bucks and thats. What im talking about, because i used to have a teleprompter i made myself. I tried to jerry rig a teleprompter together one day when i had my early youtube days like five years ago, and i totally did a terrible job and it was a failure, but i learned a lot about teleprompters. So this is the first time ive had a working teleprompter and the app works so thumbs up to them lets dive into it. What do you say? Dont forget to leave a like subscribe hit that subscribe button for future videos and leave a comment down below. We can make some fun stories with this.

It doesnt need to be news media, but just like brian does, with world vegan news. If you havent checked out world vegan news recommend check it out all right. So here we are with the remote. As you can see, it looks like a gaming controller uh. You can hit this button to get it to start scrolling. You can use this as kind of like a a way to go up and down to change the area where the text is showing up on the display, and you can also use this as a mouse cursor. If you flip the switch, you can actually get it to work as a mouse, and generally these buttons are only really good for one or two operations. This turns it on and off, and this lets you open up the triple bar. So you click on that to change the settings pretty straightforward, you got ta, throw some aaa batteries inside, but its thats useful. I, like it its nice if youre going through and youre, showing your friends or family members, some photos, and you want to go back and forth so its util, its got some good utility outside of just using it for the teleprompter. So i just detached the camera from this mounting point right here. This is detachable and you got another quarter. A quarter inch thread that you can stick things on too. I put one of my vigem lights right here: uh, because the lighting is nice to be able to have an option here.

You can see the teleprompter so check this out, well use the remote and click, and now you can see what im seeing isnt that pretty cool im here today to share with you this portable teleprompter, so whats nice is, you can click on here? You can go into the settings and you can actually change the settings with the remote and you can change the color. You can change the font size, you can go back and so thats all nice. So, as you can see, the display is super sharp. I really like the reflectivity of it youre going to be able to easily read whatever it is youre looking at here in terms of text and then, if and then, if youre on this side. That way, you can see it. My phone is actually the thing thats covered in fingerprints. Not the unit lets take a look at the app. As you can see here, youve got some different settings that you can work with. If you go back twice. Actually, you can go here to where you can set up different texts for different videos, so that makes it pretty easy to work with and you can even use the search bar and then, if you need to delete them, you can click here and you can actually Delete the script and youve got a blank slate, so that works out nicely here. You can see that this is actually expandable, so you can put something like an ipad in there or a larger phone.

What did end up happening to me is when i was assembling this and using it. One of those springs actually popped, a little nut loose or whatever. That is so in terms of durability, not really all that so moving on top weve got a slider here. You can put a microphone or a light over here. Ive got a light installed. This is nice. I like that its got it on both sides for better lighting, and you can put a good microphone in right on top here. You can also attach this unit, so you can put a phone up here or you can put the phone here and this clamp will hold it so thats pretty nice. It makes it easy that you can attach it to either side the or the top or that side you can change these rings out. So these pop out and pop in this keeps the display dark on the other side, so that you can actually read the text. Youre, looking at not very much light bleeds through so im pretty happy about that and the back side. I mean its not really aesthetically pleasing, but it is really affordable piece here on the bottom. You will want to screw this in so that it can mount properly onto the stand. Now. I i have this 20 dollar stand im using. I just went ahead and mounted this on here, but this actually does pop off right here and then what you can see is this is a spring loaded unit that can hold an ipad.

If you just flip it over, you can use the larger one im using the smaller one, so i decided to use the one on the top thats holding the phone in at the moment, uh and then lets take a look here. Lets come with this. Pretty fat sack um, it is definitely a lint grabber, so this dark black is going to pop up all that kind of stuff. Its got a pretty decent app instructions set up here for best view. You can download the best view app from the app store im. Pretty sure the google play store has it in the apple app store and it kind of walks you through what to do pretty simple customer service has been pretty good in terms of installation. Now, since i didnt have a dslr camera, i reached out to them for using the phone instead and then, if you look here, this is how you link it up with bluetooth, with the remote gives you some pretty basic instructions on how to use the device. So im not a pro at it. I didnt read the instructions too much if you couldnt tell but im happy that they did include the instruction manual over here inside the bay here are the adapter rings for the dslr camera, and these rings right here are the rings. These are the rings that stick into the back there, so you saw where my phone went in, but you can use the larger camera setup.

You can use the larger ring square ring. You got another o, usually for things like iphone, you could even use samsung. You got a fully blacked out one and youve got this shape, whatever that is so uh. This little thing right here. This popped out of one of the springs early on. I dont know why that popped out, but it did pop out on me, so im gon na say that they need to make sure that they keep a check on their build quality well to quickly summarize what ive seen here on this unit. It is definitely one of the most affordable ones on the market right now, especially for being able to do both a dslr camera and a smartphone. The fact that the app works is big thumbs up its not too difficult to learn to use. I feel like you, can pick it up in one day and get the hang of it relatively easily and for around 60 bucks pretty hard to beat that as long as that price doesnt jump up, this is a winner. Now it might not be that aesthetically pleasing, but it looks like their customer service is prominent. They do respond quickly in less than 24 hours. Of course, this is a chinese based unit, so you might have to wait till late evening or night to get a response or the warning, but you should hear back from them. It does come with a lot of nice parts and adjustable settings, and i know they do warranty the product.

I mean overall im happy with it. I think the glass quality is good. I think the app is worth it. I think the remote makes this a lot of fun to play with and at first i was gon na give up on it because i was like how am i gon na set this up, and then they sent me a video on how to set it up And i was like thats good service right there theyre they they care, they do care. So if you got an ipad, if you got an iphone, if you have a samsung, if you got a a system where you want to set up a decent working teleprompter on a really low budget, this has got to be the one for you. I think this is the way to go theres more expensive units out there for sure, but im happy with it. I think that it would have been something i would have bought, probably four or five years ago had i known about it and um yeah. I think its, i think its worth the money i think its worth the 60 it it takes the the pain away from trying to figure out how to do it all yourself, so its worth the small investment. I think the reward of being able to um read off documents or pages out of a book, or just you, maybe youre, making your own little media show or youre trying to create some content for people that you want to read a little text off and instead Of being a little, i dont know i would call it less original or on the spot.

It does give you the freedom to be flexible to go between the two, especially if youre transitioning from going from just reading off of a script to the phone. I think it might even help you get a little more comfortable in front of the camera to where then you can say. Okay, i dont need the teleprompter. Now i can read off of my own mind, and so i want to share something cool with you. I have not used a teleprompter on any of my videos, not one of them. One time i used a note from a notepad on one of my videos, but other than that thats been it its all just been off the top of my head. So i hope you enjoyed todays video well, see you again in the next one.